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Jersey Shore’s ‘JWoww’ denies plastic surgery rumours


Reality regular Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley has responded to claims by gossip site Radar Online that she has undergone plastic surgery after giving birth to her first child in July this year; the new mother posted a picture of herself make-up free on Instagram, saying she is a ‘plain jane’ without her usual lashings of foundation and eyeliner.

The make-up free selfie was accompanied by the post ‘Very flattered radar online that u think I had all that work done but I’m just a plain jane mom with wrinkles without makeup… but kudos to u and ur site, awesome material… very riveting.’ The picture was posted in response to rumours circulated by the site that the former Jersey Shore housemate had received facial injections, namely dermal fillers, which have added more volume to her cheeks.

Dr Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, spoke to the site and said that he suspected Jenni ‘may have undergone injections of filler into her cheeks, making her look completely different than the JWoww we used to know.’ He also said that she might have had Botox injections too, leading to changes in her eyebrows and a smoother forehead.

As well as fending off rumours about her complexion, Jenni has been busy promoting her new film Jersey Shore Massacre, on which she is credited as an executive producer.

Andie MacDowell looks younger than ever at Cannes


Actress Andie MacDowell set tongues wagging when she posed on the red carpet with daughter Sarah, 17, this week, and showed off a complexion that looked considerably younger than her 54 years. Although Andie may have had some help with her youthful appearance, there’s no denying that she looks beautiful and still relatively natural under the spotlight – both ladies were stunning in floor length gowns as they strode onto the red carpet for photographs.

Plastic surgeon to celebrities, Dr Anthony Youn, has not treated Andie but he suggested that the Groundhog Day star has had some facial enhancement to reduce wrinkles and make her look younger. ‘It appears that she’s undergone significant plumping and softening of her cheeks, likely by injections of her own fat,’ Dr Youn said, adding that ‘Her forehead also looks relaxed, and appearance consistent with Botox injections. Her upper lip is also plump, causing her smile to look a bit Julia Roberts-esque.’

Although the actress has not commented on the rumours, she spoke to Hello! magazine back in November, saying that she didn’t judge anyone who felt the need for a little nip and tuck. ‘That said, I have also known people who have had it done expecting it to change them and make them happy.’ She commented, ‘Cutting a bit off this or that is not going to change the way you feel inside.’

Has Jada Pinkett Smith had facial injections?


It’s promotion time again for actress Jada Pinkett Smith as her new film Madagascar 3 hits cinemas this week and the mother of two surprised everyone on the red carpet by debuting a remarkably youthful face. The forty-year-old smiled for the crowds and showed off her cheeks that looked plump and sculpted – sparking rumours that she might have had a little bit of enhancement.

This is not the first time Jada has been at the centre of plastic surgery speculation; the actress is regularly on the front of magazines with a question mark over how she maintains her youthful complexion. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn has not treated Jada, but commented to RadarOnline that he suspects ‘she’s undergone injections of fat into her cheeks, possibly taken from her buttocks. It’s also possible that this dramatic change in her appearance is due to surgical augmentation with solid silicone cheek implants.’

Although it has been reported that she has had Botox and filler injections several times, Jada is keeping quiet about the rumours, and will only talk about her diet or exercise regime when questioned on the subject. When it comes to working hard to keep up with her Hollywood image, the glamorous mum says ‘I won’t sell my soul to the devil, but I do want success and I don’t think that’s bad.’

Ashley Judd hits back at filler claims


Representatives for Ashley Judd have come forward to shoot down claims that the actress has recently overdone it with a series of facial injections. In an interview with E! News, a spokesperson maintained that Judd has been ‘battling an on-going, serious sinus infection and flu,’ which is to blame for her puffy appearance.

Dr Vincent Chan, an ear, nose and throat specialist, joined in the debate, suggesting that the only thing that could cause such a drastic change was prolonged use of steroids to deal with sinus infection. Dr Chan said that it was not common practice for steroids to be prescribed for more than two weeks in such cases, and that use for flu-like diseases ‘[doesn’t] cause that sort of problem.’

Plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn was sceptical about the time frame, but admitted that her ‘pillowy’ complexion could be the result of steroid use, if she has been taking them for some time. ‘If she says she started taking [steroids] five days ago and that’s why she’s puffy, that doesn’t sound likely,’ he said, ‘My feeling is that obviously it looks like she has a pillow face, not a steroid face, but her story definitely has some potential credibility to it.’

Judd, however, is sticking to her story, tweeting followers that ‘Steroids r dramatic. My clothes don’t fit right, hard on a girl’s self esteem.’ She also went on to talk about her 2nd round of steroids, as she battles to overcome a three-week illness.

Botox ‘is natural-looking and not addictive’


Botox will not leave you looking surprised or feeling dependent, one source has said.Anyone who has been worried about having Botox in case they are left looking surprised and feeling as though they cannot do without it should not be concerned.

This is the advice of nurse Amanda Pierce, who told About My Area these are common misconceptions about the treatment.

Instead, the expert said Botox should smooth away any lines while still allowing people to express themselves.

"Botox gives very natural looking results, that's why it's so popular. If you can tell someone has had Botox … chances are they've had [it] done by someone inexperienced," Ms Pierce commented.

She also insisted it is not addictive, since the muscles get used to not working as hard and should therefore need less Botox to remain line-free.

Plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn recently told The Body Odd at that people should not have too much Botox around their mouths, as this can result in a waxlike look.

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