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Zoom teeth whitening ‘on the rise’


More people are believed to be investing in Zoom teeth whitening.The popularity and success of Zoom teeth whitening is on the rise, as the dental treatment begins to win over even more patients.

World Dental reported that the process is being chosen by an increased number of people across the globe, many of whom desire the gleaming smile it can create.

Developed by Discuss Dental, the procedure is carried out by professional specialists and works to lighten the colour of digits within the mouth.

A frequent slot on TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, broadcast on US channel ABC, may also be working wonders when it comes to raising the profile of the treatment.

The powerful hydrogen peroxide-based tooth whitener used by experts during the method is the key to Zoom teeth whitening's success, the publication suggested.

Dr Anoop Maini, a member of the board of directors at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, recently said cosmetic dentistry is no longer reserved purely for the rich and famous and is now accessible to everybody.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800432653-ADNFCR

Cosmetic dentistry ‘is no longer just for celebrities’


Cosmetic dentistry: Not just for famous faces.Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more accepted as something that would be available to ordinary people rather than just celebrities.

This is according to Dr Anoop Maini, a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, who said that a number of recent technological developments have resulted in procedures coming down in price, making them much more accessible.

He added that this is a good thing, because teeth are the "second most important feature of a face" after the eyes and it means ordinary people can emulate their celebrity idols.

"[Cosmetic dentistry] can really rejuvenate a face – in patients who have very worn teeth it can provide a lot support to the lips and therefore give a more youthful look," the expert remarked.

According to a recent poll carried out by YouGov, 33 per cent of people would have teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry to have their smile straightened if they could have any surgical procedure at all.


Brits ‘having cosmetic dentistry treatments’


Britons are undergoing cosmetic dentistry treatments throughout their lives to keep their smiles in the best possible shape, it has been claimed.

Dr Anoop Maini of Aqua Dental Spa said people can undergo many cosmetic dentistry treatments nowadays to keep their teeth looking young and healthy.

He noted that staining in particular can be easily treated with an air spray.

Dr Maini commented: "You can also get porcelain veneers which are used in situations where the teeth themselves are worn out structurally, to give the teeth a more youthful shape."

According to the British Orthodontic Society, with longer life expectancies than previous generations – and a greater awareness that teeth can last a lifetime – today’s adults are taking better care of their teeth and are prepared to invest in the long-term appearance of their mouths.

The organisation concluded that orthodontic treatment is no long the preserve of the young, with people being treated well into their 60s.

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