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Kerry Katona undergoes wisdom tooth removal


Reality star Kerry Katona has revealed she is in agony following dental surgery to remove several of her teeth; the former Atomic Kitten singer shared her experience with her Twitter followers and revealed that she was suffering a lot of pain after the wisdom teeth were removed.

The mother-of-five tweeted that she was ‘in soooo much pain’ after having her back teeth removed and added that her youngest child, DJ, was having trouble sleeping as well; she posted a picture of the pair, with little Dylan Jorge drinking milk from a bottle. She added some angry face emoji’s to demonstrate how she was feeling after the surgery.

Earlier in the day Kerry posted some cheerful pictures of herself having her hair done at the salon, including one of her stylist smiling broadly to show off her dental braces. The picture was captioned ‘Having my hair put back in…’ apparently showing Kerry getting extensions attached.

However, later on Kerry’s mood seemed to have taken a turn for the worse after her teeth were taken out and she described a sleepless night with her daughter, thanks to pain from her dental surgery.


Kirstie Alley decides against cosmetic treatment


‘Cheers’ star Kirstie Alley has decided against any sort of surgical treatment to fight the aging process, explaining to DJ Howard Stern that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to ‘be filling your face’, adding that she doesn’t ‘do any of it.’

The famous scientologist said ‘I don’t do Botox, because don’t you just think in the next 15 years, there’s gonna be a discovery that injecting botulism could have an effect? You don’t know what it is. And you don’t know what it’s going to do to you, or where it’s gonna migrate.’ Kirstie – who turns 63 in January – went on to discuss other famous women who decided to have cosmetic surgery on their faces, including Courtney Love and Janice Dickinson, saying ‘When you have facelifts, that’s major surgery! It’s not minor.’

Kirstie, who has always been outspoken, said that it was difficult to resist the temptation to go under the knife in Hollywood after insiders pressured her to get surgery, saying ‘I’ve debated… for 30 years! The first job I had, for Star Trek, the cinematographer said ‘You might want to do something about your eyes, because they’re a little bulgy. They’re a little baggy underneath.’ The mother-of-two decided to embrace her aging, explaining ‘I just started thinking, I’m gonna look at what youth looks like. And most of what youth looks like is happy! People are happy, and they have energy and they can move.’

Teeth whitening for Fearne


Fearne Cotton has had her teeth whitened.

Radio 1 presenter Fearne Cotton has undergone a teeth whitening procedure, carried out by her dentist in London.

The Daily Mail reported the radio DJ was involved in a photoshoot earlier this week where she was able to show off her new, brighter smile.

She tweeted: “After yesterday’s teeth whitening I can’t drink coffee. I’ve not gone a day without coffee for ten years, help.”

The Radio 1 star might also like to stay away from other foods and drinks like red wine, that can also stain the teeth if she is not careful.

Elsewhere, Karen Coates, a dental adviser for the British Dental Health Foundation, recently told the Express that dental professionals provide a better teeth whitening service than over-the-counter products.

She claimed only dentists are allowed to use stronger teeth whitening solutions and it is for this reason they can produce better results.

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