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Dental horror stories highlight importance of seeking professionals


Would you try your own root canal treatment with power tools?Dentists have spoken out about some of the more unusual cases they have come across in a bid to remind people that emergency dentistry is not something that should be attempted by the unqualified.

A survey carried out ahead of last month's Chicago Dental Society annual Midwinter Meeting found that some 70 per cent of healthcare practitioners have had to repair damage done by people who try to perform their own treatment.

The most common DIY attempts involved super-glue on crowns and dentures, while filing broken teeth with emery boards featured in several other respondents' reports.

However, others said they had even had to pick up the pieces after patients tried their own root canal treatments with power tools.

The professionals said the poll should encourage people with problems to see a dentist and added that even root canal procedures are not as painful as many expect.

Journalist Nate Delesline of the may be one person who would agree – he recently wrote an article saying that he wished he had not put off his own root canal for so long, as it was not as bad as he feared.

Teenagers ‘should stay away from home teeth whitening products’


Household items should not be used as teeth whitening products. A dentist has warned young people to avoid home teeth whitening products after hearing than some people are using dangerous substances to achieve Hollywood smiles.

Yusuf Kaderbhai, who owns a practice in the Midlands, told Cosmetic Dentistry Guide that he has heard of teenagers using ash, baking soda and even bleach to copy celebrities such as Cheryl Cole.

He explained that these substances can cause permanent damage to the teeth by stripping the enamel away, making them vulnerable to decay and acid erosion.

Instead of doing DIY, Dr Kaderbhai said it is better to seek professional teeth whitening treatments, which are more affordable now than ever.

Miriam Stoppard also recently told the Mirror that DIY kits are not a good idea, as the sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide could damage the gums when not being used by professionals.

This could lead to long-term health problems such as heart issues if they enter the bloodstream.

Proper teeth whitening ‘could have prevented root canal treatment’


A root canal was the result of not having professional teeth whitening for one woman.A woman from New Zealand has been speaking of how she could have avoided root canal treatment by having professional teeth whitening.

Jennifer Lunt, 22, told the New Zealand Herald she wanted a Hollywood smile ahead of her wedding and decided to buy an over-the-counter kit to do it herself.

However, what she did not know was that the slightly darkened tooth was actually infected, something a dentist would have spotted straight away if she had opted for teeth whitening in a surgery.

"I needed a root canal and a white composite filling to cover the discoloured tooth," Ms Lunt revealed.

She urged other people to beware and warned that the packaging on DIY kits is no substitute for proper dental advice.

Last month, Miriam Stoppard pointed out to the Mirror that even though teeth whitening kits used by professionals do contain sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide, dentists know what they are doing with the substances.

Teeth whitening treatment ‘may result in better confidence’


Your self-esteem may be boosted by teeth whitening treatment.Having teeth whitening treatment could result in patients developing better self-confidence, it has been claimed.

An article in the Paducha Sun stated that whiter teeth are often associated with youth and beauty.

Consequently, people who have them are more likely to smile often and get a good response from both people they know and strangers.

This should lead to better self-esteem, the piece said.

However, it advised against opting for teeth whitening products seen on TV or the internet, as some can contain harmful levels of acid and bleach.

"Have a dentist check over your teeth prior to starting," the news provider recommended.

Last month, Miriam Stoppard told the Mirror that DIY kits could "permanently damage your teeth and even harm your long-term health" and also said it is wise to seek a professional to perform the procedure instead.

She pointed out that not only may they be dangerous, but they could even result in stains that are more serious than was the case before.

Teeth whitening ‘should always be done by dentists’


Dentists beat DIY when it comes to teeth whitening. Teeth whitening should always be carried out by a trained dentist in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

This is the recommendation of Dr Keith Cohen, an oral health expert who said it is the best way to ensure safe, effective results.

Indeed, the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry recently found that some DIY kits do not just lighten the teeth but erode them, while others have moulds that cause bleaching agents to leak out and affect the gums.

"If you want to white your teeth, get a dentist to do it, as they will use a made-to-measure tray around the teeth that will reduce the risk of leakage," Dr Cohen commented.

He also advised against shopping for teeth whitening kits on unknown internet sites, as these too may be dangerous.

This echoes a recent article by Miriam Stoppard, who told the Mirror that it is worth saving up for professional teeth whitening rather than trying to do it yourself.


‘See a dentist’ to discuss options such as teeth whitening


Thinking of having teeth whitening treatment? See an expert! Patients considering teeth whitening treatment and other cosmetic dentistry options have been advised to always see a dentist.

Jane Feinmann of the Independent said it is not wise to use DIY bleaching kits to get a brighter smile, or to rub salt into the teeth as has been suggested by some websites.

Instead, she pointed out that dental professionals will be able to give advice and recommendations when it comes to the best forms of treatment.

Ms Feinmann also suggested taking time when thinking about having dental veneers.

"Find a dentist who is not going to rush you and who is ready to try non-invasive methods such as white fillings, tooth whitening or braces," the writer said.

Earlier this month, dentist Dr John Simmons from the US recommended cosmetic dentistry as a great way of getting a younger-looking smile, suggesting it could knock as much as a decade off patients.

Be wary of teeth whitening kits, expert advises


Some DIY teeth whitening kits could be downright dangerous.People in the UK have been advised to be wary of teeth whitening kits by one expert in the field.

Martin Fallowfield from the British Dental Association told the Sun that some DIY products may not be very good for the teeth at all.

"Only dentists and dental hygienists can legally sell professional strength whitening kits in the UK," he pointed out.

Consequently, kits bought elsewhere such as on the internet or from salons can be either "useless or dangerous", Mr Freeman said.

To help get smiles looking really white, he recommended brushing twice daily and flossing as much as possible, as well as seeing a dentist if considering cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Earlier this month, Dr James Goolnik told the Cosmetic Dentistry Guide that professional teeth whitening does not cost as much as many people think.

He also said it is more effective in the long run than home-based products.


Teeth whitening ‘is usually effective because of hydrogen peroxide’


Teeth whitening is usually effective due to a particular chemical, an expert has said.The process of teeth whitening is usually effective because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide within the formulas used.

This according to Dr Thomas P Connelly, a cosmetic dentist who told the Huffington Post that the bleaching agent can "absolutely" help when it comes to brightening smiles.

He explained that professionals who use them will carry out a test on patients first to make sure they are not intolerant of hydrogen peroxide, in the same way a hairdresser would do a strand test on hair before colouring it.

"If you experience no side effects, then using hydrogen peroxide (in moderation) to help whiten teeth is probably OK," Dr Connelly commented.

The expert added that as hydrogen peroxide uses its effectiveness when stored, it is a good idea to visit a professional when having teeth whitened rather than a practice where the substance has been sitting on a shelf for two years.

Earlier this month, New York-based orthodontist Dr Jacqueline Fulop Goodling told that professional teeth whitening treatments are regulated and safe, as well as being more high-quality than DIY kits.

DIY teeth whitening kits ‘should not be overused’


Professional teeth whitening is best, a dental expert has said.Anyone hoping to get brighter teeth should visit a dental professional instead of continually relying on at-home teeth whitening kits.

This is the advice of New York-based orthodontist Dr Jacqueline Fulop Goodling, who told that DIY kits can be useful when people are in a rush or for special occasions.

However, she pointed out that professional treatments are regulated and so safer, as well as being more high-quality.

"The results don't last as long as professional treatments and what we don't like to see is patients over-using them," she commented.

Instead, Dr Goodling recommended visiting a professional to get a proper teeth whitening session like those provided by Zoom.

Last month, an unnamed expert writing for The Paper magazine pointed out that dentists will have access to better teeth whitening solutions than those available over the counter, as well as being able to apply them more safely and effectively.

Teeth whitening ‘could help with career success’


Teeth whitening could affect career prospects.Teeth whitening treatment could help a person’s career prospects, according to a new survey.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) carried out a poll and found that 99.7 per cent of adults think a smile is a vital social asset.

While 96 per cent said they believe it can make a person more appealing to the opposite sex, 74 per cent opined that an imperfect smile could hinder someone’s chances of landing a good job.

When asked what they would most like to improve about their own smile, the majority of respondents said they would like whiter teeth.

The AACD said that although many DIY teeth whitening kits are available, treatments administered by a proper dentist remain the safest and most effective.

This follows a number of warnings about teeth whitening kits, with consumer organisation Which? recently saying they can cause burns to the mouth and damage to tooth enamel.

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