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Diane Keaton’s eating disorder almost destroyed her smile


Hollywood actress Diane Keaton has opened up about her battle with bulimia that almost led to her losing her teeth permanently. The 65-year-old star was living on an astonishing 20,000 calories a day, but was severely underweight for five years.

In her new memoir Then Again, Diane admits she spent a lot of her time consuming large amounts of food, then purging her stomach to prevent weight gain. The acid she also brought up damaged her teeth so badly that the front ones had to be capped, to stop them falling out completely. Although she suffers other health effects, such as heartburn and sore throat, Diane is proud that she was able to beat the disorder, saying that even though she enjoyed squeezing into tiny sizes for the red carpet, it was really just a ‘big lie’, she happily told The Sunday Times Magazine ‘I never get the urge to do it now.’

The First Wives Club actress, compared the problem to alcoholics, who also didn’t feel the desire to drink after they managed to stay clean for a period of time. ‘I remember thinking it’s not possible. But it is possible. It really does alter your life, being an addict, this is how people get reduced and your life implodes in on you.’

Diane has had a tough time of it in the past few months, having been diagnosed with a form of skin cancer in her cheek. She had the cells removed and seems to be in good spirits as she promotes her book, which was released on November 14th, let’s hope her new teeth can keep her smiling through.

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