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Effective toothbrushes ‘are essential for emergency dentistry prevention’


A toothbrush cannot help in the battle against emergency dentistry if it is in a bad state.  Making sure your toothbrush is working effectively is essential for emergency dentistry prevention, one expert has said.

Sebastiana Springmann, a dentist in Virginia, told the Detroit News that battered brushes with frayed bristles will not effectively remove plaque and are therefore not doing what they should to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

She advised replacing them at least every three or four months – or more if you have been ill recently – and offered some tips on how to keep them at their best.

Firstly, rinse your brush thoroughly after every use to wash away debris, then place it in an upright container to air it out.

In addition, Ms Springmann warned against sharing brushes to prevent germs spreading from mouth to mouth.

Last month, Dr Ogo Eze told the Guardian that electric toothbrushes could help children and those with manual dexterity problems in the battle against emergency dentistry.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800443706-ADNFCR

Relieve stress ‘to prevent tooth grinding’


Relieve stress 'to prevent tooth grinding'Stress can aggravate teeth grinding and result in jaw and tooth damage, according to one industry reporter, who recommends meditation to help.

Writing for the Detroit News, Alison Johnson claimed deep breathing and exercise can help to diffuse stress and reduce the likelihood of people grinding their teeth as they sleep.

Relaxing before bed by reading a book or listening to calming music and avoiding alcohol and caffeine were also recommended techniques.

Jaw pain, worn or chipped teeth, early morning headaches and gum tenderness are all signs of night time clenching and grinding, Ms Johnson explained and should be assessed by a dentist.

She also suggested that some people may find wearing a mouthguard protects their teeth by preventing them from rubbing together throughout the night.

The rise in the number of people seeking treatment for the condition is of concern, according to recent reports in Medical News Today, which said severe cases could result in tooth loss.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19842780-ADNFCR

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