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Chloe Goodman gains qualifications in facial aesthetics


Celebrity Big Brother star, Chloe Goodman, has recently gained qualifications that will allow her to administer treatments using Botox and dermal fillers. In collaboration with Opiah Cosmetics, the celebrity will now be able to provide no surgical treatments to the public.

In an interview with Digital Spy, the star discussed her new career move, “Me being in the TV industry and breaking into aesthetics, it’s never been done before.People are obviously going to try to knock me down on the way but I’ve done everything to an excellent standard.” The star is well known for having procedures herself, which will give her an understanding from both perspectives.

The inspiration to expand her repertoire came from an appearance on the channel 5 show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, where she discussed her own dermal filler disaster. After having botched cheek fillers, the celebrity was left feeling self-conscious and not wanting to leave the house. She intends to continue to have facial fillers but is more clued up now about good practice. What’s more she is motivated to ensure that other people don’t suffer the same misfortune that she did by providing a high-quality service, using the training she has received.



Geordie Shore’s Nathan decides to document his own lip injections


It is becoming the trend to film surgical treatments and the latest reality star to jump on the bandwagon is Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry; the 25-year-old is joining fellow MTV reality stars Marnie Simpson and Charlotte Crosby by improving his pout with dermal filler injections.

Nathan took to Instagram to show off the procedure, posting pictures to document his filler injections and it seems that the reality regular was more than pleased with the results. The treatment, carried out by @macaesthetics, was apparently a complete success, as Nathan bemoaned how ‘unsymmetrical’ his lips were before getting the fillers injected.

Posting alongside a picture of himself post-surgery, Nathan raved about the results, saying that he had a ‘slightly wonky’ smile and now he was feeling much more confident with the way his lips look, adding ‘I haven’t stopped grinning.’ He thanked the surgery for his treatment, saying that the team keep him young.

However, fans online were unsure about the results, telling Nathan to avoid going down the route of the girls because he is already ‘very handsome’ and does not need any more work doing. Whilst another Twitter user quipped ‘Swear no one in Geordie Shore is natural anymore.’



Amy Childs regrets overdoing lip injections


Former TOWIE regular Amy Childs may be comfortable talking about her cosmetic surgery but she can admit when she’s overdone it; the reality-star-turned-businesswoman has spoken to Now magazine about getting dermal filler injections and becoming so ‘addicted’ to plastic surgery that she ‘looked like a freak.’

Despite the fact she offers the treatment to others at her Essex salon, Amy has said that she went too far with the procedure and became ‘totally obsessed’ with getting cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance. She told the magazine that she got over her addiction when she ‘woke up one day’ and questioned what she was trying to achieve; she asked herself ‘Amy, what are you doing…? Look at your lips!’ After getting multiple lip injection treatments, Amy felt that she ‘looked like a blow-up doll.’

After having the filler solution removed from her lips in 2014, Amy has been telling young women they should take surgical procedures seriously and really think about what they are doing before rushing into anything. Amy added that she is still getting work done but keeping it natural, to make sure that she doesn’t end up in the same position as before.


Michelle Heaton reveals her filler treatment to Mail on Sunday


Former Liberty X member Michelle Heaton has spoken to the Mail on Sunday about why she decided to get dermal filler treatment worth £2000 after she underwent the menopause early, something which was brought on by her surgical treatments to combat health issues. The 36-year old had a double mastectomy in 2013 and a hysterectomy last year to try and lower the risk of developing cancer.

After the hysterectomy triggered early menopause, Michelle lost a lot of weight and her skin aged; she told the publication she wanted to do something which would boost her self-esteem and dermal fillers were a simple way to rejuvenate her skin. She explained that, although she has had Botox injections in the past, she did feel nervous about getting filler treatment.

Before the procedure, Michelle did a lot of research about what type of filler might be used and how much should be injected, as well as what the possible side-effects could be. The mother-of-two also researched her surgeon, so she could be sure he was properly qualified and had good experience with filler injections. Despite her nerves, Michelle was happy with the results, saying that no one noticed a change, other than to mention how well she was looking. Her husband, Hugh, also admitted that there was some improvement.



Katie Price photographed after further filler treatment?


Loose Women’s latest addition to the panel, Katie Price, has made no secret of her cosmetic treatments in the past and the 37-year-old was pictured this week arriving for filming at ITV with evidence that she has had yet more filler injections into her lips.

The former glamour model arrived without make-up to record the talk show and there was clearly some puncture marks around the outside of her mouth, revealing that she may have had further filler injections to plump up her pout – which comes after she claimed to have ‘never been so happy’ with the way her lips look only last week.

However, Katie denied that she has had any more  treatment, saying that she burned her lips while using the sunbed and the make-up team managed to cover it up before filming for the show began.

Katie’s fellow presenter Janet Street Porter has made her opinions known about the mother-of-five’s regular cosmetic treatment, audibly groaning when she revealed she was going to continue with dermal filler injections. Not to be deterred, Katie went on to say that she was having some more filler put into her lips the following day.


yoga teacher warns others of dangers of unregulated filler treatment


Because dermal filler injections are not regulated in the same way as Botox injections are, it is important that the public take the time to find a licensed provider who can give them good results; one yoga teacher from London found this out the hard way and is now using his experience to warn others of the dangers unregulated dermal fillers pose.

David Sye, 52, spoke to MailOnline about the harrowing experience, which began when he noticed signs of aging and decided that fillers would be good to smooth out his skin. However, David was actually given silicone fillers into his cheek bones, forehead, and under his eyes; after spending five thousand pounds on the procedure he was left with lumps, ridges, ‘crevices and creases’ and a scarred appearance that David says aged him ‘by the day’.

David also developed an infection and had to undergo surgery to try and get rid of the terrible pain he was now suffering.

After visiting plastic surgeon Dr Dominic Bray, David had almost 100g of scar tissue and silicon removed from his face and had a face lift to smooth out the skin. Now David is returning to Dr Bray regularly to have dermal filler treatment and hopes that his experience will be a warning to others; he says that men need to ‘ensure they have all the right information and the right surgeon. Do your research… ask to see lots of the surgeon’s previous work and include examples that match the procedure you want.’



Khloe Kardashian talks surgery and dermal fillers



Since Khloe Kardashian started her own chat show the newly-blond host has not been shy about speaking her mind and talking about her private life with her guests – she has also been known to overshare with personal details as well. Now, the 31-year-old has been opening up about life following her split from basketball player Lamar Odom and how she is dealing with her new found freedom.

As well as discussing the single life, Khloe spoke candidly about the plastic surgery she has undergone and where she hopes to go next with cosmetic treatment.

After previously having dermal filler injections, the reality star decided to slow down and admitted that the treatment ‘did not work’ for her like she thought it would; she added that it made her look ‘crazy’ and she sometimes worries that the effects of overdoing it are still obvious in her face. She went for treatment to have the fillers removed as she did not like how her face looked following the procedure.

Although she might not have had the positive experience she was hoping for, it hasn’t put her off getting cosmetic treatment done, Khloe admitted that she would love to have a breast augmentation and thinks about the procedure ‘every day’.


Amanda Peet says she has never had Botox or dermal filler injections


Actress Amanda Peet has said that her appearance is all natural, as she has never had Botox or dermal filler injections done before.

Speaking on SiriusmXM’s ‘Conversations with Maria Menounos’, the 44-year-old film and TV star said that she has never done anything ‘invasive’ to her face, despite the pressure that many actresses and celebrities feel to maintain a youthful appearance in Hollywood.

Amanda is currently starring in TV show Togetherness and finds that she is not particularly self-conscious when it comes to stripping for the cameras either, as she adds that she is ‘not precious’ about showing off her body.

Amanda said that she has made the decision to avoid Botox treatment right now because she has two daughters and also because she feels ‘afraid’ about having the unfamiliar procedure. Although she has not turned to facial injections to fight off wrinkles, Amanda does admit to being vain and has ‘spent a lot of time and money doing other stuff’ to try and help her complexion to stay fresh and youthful.


Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan shocks fans after photograph of plumped up lips




Fans of MTV reality show Geordie Shore are used to seeing their favourite housemates overdoing it with makeup and hair extensions, but it seems that original member Holly Hagan may have taken things too far with cosmetic surgery, after she apparently had lip injections to plump up her pout. When the 23-year-old posted a picture of herself on Instagram, her 2.6million followers were shocked at the drastic change in her appearance.

Holly posted a close-up photograph of her face, showing heavy makeup, blue contact lenses, and dramatically plumped-up lips – a big change from her previous appearance. The reality star has previously shared her love of dermal filler injections and has not been shy about the Botox treatments she regularly gets to smooth her forehead.

Immediately after posting the picture, Holly’s followers started to ask what she had done to her lips and why she had decided to overdo it in such an obvious way. Holly declined to comment at the time but she spoke to The Daily Star about facial injections in January and said that she gets ‘a little bit of Botox’ in her forehead and explained that ‘as long as you’re just doing little bits’ it’s not a problem.


Fans question Tom Cruises changing appearance at BAFTA’s


With a surprise appearance at the BAFTA’s last weekend, Tom Cruise certainly likes to keep his fans guessing, and now the 53-year-old has viewers questioning whether he has decided to visit a cosmetic surgeon to try and hold back his advancing years. The actor was a surprise presenter at Sunday’s awards and his appearance instantly set tongues wagging.

Leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Ruth Davidson, was first to question the actor’s new look, saying ‘Tom Cruise’s face. I don’t know what he’s doing to it.’

Many Twitter users seemed to be of the opinion that the Mission: Impossible star had undergone some sort of surgery to reduce lines and wrinkles, possibly a series of dermal filler or Botox injections. He displayed some puffiness around the cheeks and an extremely smooth forehead for a middle-aged man. Furthermore, the lines around his mouth appeared to have been reduced substantially. His face shape looked to have been altered slightly, suggesting that some sort of anti-wrinkle treatment has taken place, although not necessarily a full face-lift or an actual surgical treatment.

In previous interviews, the father-of-three stated that he has never gone under-the-knife and would never touch cosmetic surgery, despite many rumours to the contrary in recent years.


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