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Army veteran gets a new smile


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Army veteran gets a new smileA U.S. army veteran gets a new smile after years of discomfort and pain. Leah Townsend, a former helicopter mechanic, has struggled for many years due to her tooth loss. Sadly for Ms. Townsend dentures were not suitable because of extensive bone loss. In the end, this left her without any teeth at all. She was told that the only way this could be fixed was to have a set of dental implants. Unfortunately, she was not able to afford the treatment. This meant her daily diet consisted of blended foods and mashed up vegetables.

Luckily, world-renowned oral surgeon Dr. David Alfi, and the highly skilled prosthodontist Dr. Sergio Ortegon have come to Ms. Townsend’s rescue and agreed to do the implant surgery for free. This is all due to the Spencer Solves It program who offer help to a variety of people in need.

The introduction of dental implants has really changed the way teeth are restored. Instead of uncomfortable dentures or damaging dental bridges patients can have a fixed smile that functions exactly like natural teeth do.


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Pensioner gets her smile back after hospital blunder


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Pensioner gets her smile back after hospital blunderA pensioner gets her smile back after hospital blunder is reported. The eighty eight year old woman was admitted to Colchester General Hospital for an emergency hip operation. When she came out of anaesthesia it became apparent that the hospital staff had lost her dentures.

Unfortunately, these things happen, however, it left the elderly woman without any teeth for months. Jane Read, the pensioner’s daughter wrote to the local Gazette due to her mother being unable to eat or smile properly for over seven months. She was left like this because she was unable to leave the hospital to visit her dentist.

Janet Liao, a dentist at Clacton Dental Care read the story in her local paper. She decided that she wanted to help. Mrs. Liao was concerned that the elderly woman would not be recovering as well due to her not being able to eat properly. Mrs Liao provided the family with a new set of dentures. Mrs. Read was over the moon for the help they received. “Both my mum and I are grateful because had the story not featured in the newspaper, I wouldn’t have got that response. Without the dental clinic’s help, we might have still been in the same position.”


Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm. You can book an appointment by calling us on 0203 750 5303 or emailing us or booking an appointment online.

Woman to have her jaw rebuilt using cow bones


A 25-year-old woman who was involved in a bike accident is set to have her jaw rebuilt with cow bones. Zsuzsa Goodyer collided with her boyfriend during a bike ride in December last year and damaged her teeth and her jaw very badly; she is currently wearing dentures before she undergoes the operation to repair her jaw, followed by dental implants.

Zsuzsa said that the pair was cycling home and the front wheels struck each other, causing her to be thrown from the bike; she landed face first on the pavement and lost her teeth. She revealed that she doesn’t remember ‘a great deal’ but recalls holding her teeth after they were knocked out. She said to The Sun ‘I didn’t realise how bad it was at first. I think the adrenaline was just carrying me through.’

The treatment will involve placing cow bones into the jaw to rebuild it so that it is strong enough to hold the dental implants in place, Zsuzsa jokes that she will ‘be part cow’ after the operation to repair her jaw and give her back her smile. She even managed to raise most of the money to pay for her operation by setting up a GoFundMe page, where the public generously helped her out to get the treatment.


Comedienne takes her dentures out for leap into the jungle


High above the dense jungle in Western Australia, Liverpudlian comedienne Crissy Rock was preparing for the experience of a lifetime, a sky dive from a helicopter to join the rest of her teammates for this year’s I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! But the restaurateur-turned-comic made sure her denture teeth were safely stored on the ground before take-off, even kissing them goodbye.

Every year, at the start of the show, contestants are expected to make the terrifying leap into their new jungle home, but Crissy, like several celebrity participants in past shows, was too scared to do it – despite making it into her harness and thousands of feet into the air in a helicopter. Through a tooth-less grimace, she admitted her nerves had got the better of her and she couldn’t do it.

Back on the ground, the 53-year-old was ecstatic to be reunited with her false teeth, which were flown in by a second helicopter. Although she told the cameras she was disappointed that she couldn’t go through with the jump, Crissy announced that she was ‘a chicken, but a proud chicken’, and laughed that she had ‘My own personal chopper for my choppers’ as the helicopter landed with her dentures.

Crissy’s jungle-mates include; Coronation Street actor Anthony Cotton, Olympic athlete Fatima Whitbread, and Mcfly bassist Dougie Poynter.

Churchill’s dentures sold at auction


Winston Churchill's false teeth have been snapped up by a bidder at a Norfolk auction.Dental implants were not yet available in his day, but Winston Churchill’s false teeth have just been sold for over £15,000.

The cosmetic dentistry equipment, which had a guide price of £5,000, was one of the lots auctioned by Keys Fine Art Auctioneers, which listed it as a “partial upper denture, designed for Sir Winston Churchill”.

Dentist Wilfred Fish made the plate loose-fitting so that the prime minister could keep his distinctive lisp, which was well-known from his wartime radio broadcasts.

Churchill, who had lost teeth at an early age due to gum problems, was so pleased with the dental work that he nominated Fish for a knighthood.

The former leader had several sets made by the same dental technician, Derek Cudlipp, one of which is believed to have been buried with him when he died in 1965.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England describes the denture as “a crucial physical and psychological prop” for Churchill, whose public speaking ability was key to his premiership.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19914682-ADNFCR

Woman has same false teeth for 61 years


New false teeth for 85-year-old woman.

A woman in Scotland has had the same set of false teeth for 61 years and has finally had a set of replacements fitted.

The Sun reported Jessie Nicholson, 85, had her original dentures fitted in 1949 and at the time she was told they were just a temporary set and that she should return in six months to have them replaced; however, she never did.

Albany Dental Clinic spokeswoman Donna Deacon said: “Jessie has been very lucky to have been able to wear the temporary set of false teeth for so long. 

“The fact any set of dentures has lasted 61 years is amazing.” 

Nowadays, a viable alternative to false teeth for many is the use of dental implants and Vail Daily recently reported that the procedure to put these dentistry devices in place is now very straightforward and can be virtually painless for many patients.

Vail Dental Health claimed once a person has decided to have the procedure carried out, it is simply a matter of choosing the right sites for the implants and ensuring there is adequate bone strength and depth.

Dental implants ‘have advantages over dentures’


Dental implants can be a better solution than dentures.

Dental implants can be a better solution than dentures for people who may have lost their teeth but still want an appealing smile, it has been claimed.

WorlDental reported the device can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing result than dentures, as the implants will be permanently fitted into a patient’s mouth and are therefore less likely to be damaged or move around.

Furthermore, they can enable people to eat all the foods they used to before they lost their teeth, as dental implants can be more hardwearing and are fixed into the jaw, whereas dentures are not.

Elsewhere, Nobel Biocare recently published a study which showed that in 98 per cent of cases, dental implants will last longer then five years for patients.

It concluded that in the vast majority of cases, few problems were had with dental implants and that the devices helped maintain bone structure in the jaw and supported surrounding teeth in the process.

Emergency dentist work ‘could be result of enamel loss’


Enamel loss could result in emergency dentist workPeople may find they require emergency dentist work as they age, as a result of enamel loss.

Women’s health expert Donnica L Moore explained teeth are an area of the body that are often overlooked until they cause a problem.

Eating and drinking certain foods and drinks – such as fruit juice – can lead to the tooth’s surface weakening and eroding away, she added.

If left untreated, a visit to the emergency dentist may be required and individuals may want to act sooner rather than later to protect their smile.

"Our bodies’ health – particularly as we age – requires that we take precautionary measures to strengthen ourselves," asserted Ms Moore.

Individuals of a certain age who require dentures might like to consider teeth implants as an alternative.

This is because two dentists – Scott LeSueur and Charles Dodaro – discussed last week how they believed the procedure to be a better option.

Dentures, they noted, had a number of drawbacks – such as having to be regularly cleaned and moving around in the mouth.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19353398-ADNFCR

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