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Oral hygiene is simpler than you think says leading dentist


A dental expert has claimed that mouthwash and expensive toothbrushes aren’t necessary in order to maintain a good level of dental health. Dentist Paul Batchelor, senior lecturer at University College London’s dental public health unit, said that brushing regularly with fluoride toothpaste should be enough to keep the teeth healthy.

Mr Batchelor told The Times that bleeding from the gums does not necessarily mean that the teeth are going to fall out and described the symptom as ‘an overstated problem’. He added ‘If you don’t brush your teeth you will tend to get some inflammation and bleeding, but that will not have the impact that has been suggested. To say it will end with all your teeth falling out if you don’t do something about it… you’re creating a problem and then people will buy something.’

He went on to say that only a small percentage of people with bleeding gums will actually need treatment for gum disease and suggested that dentists should be focusing more on smokers and people who have a poor diet. However, he added that bleeding gums should not be ignored because they could be an indication of poor oral hygiene which may lead to tooth decay.

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