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Justin Bieber gets wisdom teeth taken out


His millions of fans worldwide are waiting on his every tweet and popstar Justin Bieber isn’t about to let them down; the Canadian singer has even been keeping his followers updated about his dental treatment, posting pictures before and tweeting afterwards about his wisdom tooth removal. The treatment can be slightly more difficult than a routine tooth extraction because of the size and position of wisdom teeth, so patients often have to be sedated or may be put under general anaesthetic in difficult cases.

Bieber was filmed at the dentists last week just before being put under anaesthetic for the procedure and he posted the video online for his fans to see. In the short film, the popstar is heard telling the cameraman, a dentist office documenter, that he is ‘about to go under’ to have his teeth extracted, adding ‘They’re giving me drugs. Probably gonna feel it.’ A short while later, the singer was filmed looking cheerful, if slightly dazed, just before the procedure is due to begin. He captioned the video ‘GOT MY WISDOM teeth out and haven’t slept!!’

After the anaesthetic apparently wore off, the popstar was feeling slightly less cheerful, stating on Twitter ‘Got the wisdom teeth pulled. No fun. Glad it’s over. Going back to sleep. Goodnight.’

Patients ‘anxious over anaesthesia’


Anaesthesia in the dentist’s office causes anxiety for many. Many cosmetic dentistry patients get anxious by the thought of anaesthesia, a new survey has shown. Up to 85 per cent of people feel worried about the use of anaesthesia, according to a poll carried out by the University of Salford.  It showed that the top concerns were waking up during surgery, not waking up after the treatment and simply the general feeling of unease in the run-up to the procedure. Mark Mitchell, senior lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at the University of Salford, said: “Our survey underlines the importance of patients receiving planned and timely information about anaesthesia, prior to the day of surgery, in order to limit their dental anxiety.” Elsewhere, research carried out by Dr William H Frey and his colleagues at Regions Hospital in St Paul, Minnesota and published in the American Chemical Society’s bi-monthly journal Molecular Pharmaceutics showed the use of a nasal spray or drops in place of injections could be equally effective for anaesthetising patients who are undergoing treatments.

Brits urged to visit dentists to check for mouth cancer


Mouth cancer check-ups recommended.

People across the UK have been urged to visit their dentist regularly in order to screen against mouth cancer.

The Hartlepool Mail reported that NHS Hartlepool is inviting individuals who are at a higher risk – men over 50 – to get free check-ups at the organisation’s mobile dentistry unit in April.

The publication stated: “Oral cancer kills more than 5,000 people annually. Smokers, drinkers and men over 50 are most at risk.”

Furthermore, NHS Hartlepool revealed that incident rates have been rising in recent years for mouth cancer sufferers.

Elsewhere, the Mal Hutton CHANCE (Campaign For Head and Neck Cancer Education) Fund recently echoed this sentiment and suggested Brits worried about their general health should head to their local dentist’s office to have a check-up.

Wigan Today reported that dental professionals will routinely check for this disease and it can be a good way to spot the early signs of cancer development.

Dentist’s solar-powered office unveiled


A US dentist has powered his office with solar panels.

A US dentist has opened a surgery which is powered completely by solar energy, it has been revealed.

The Press Enterprise has reported Riverside dentist Michael Boyko has transformed his practice to run solely on renewable energy.

It reportedly cost him $670,000 to install the 264 photovoltaic panels needed to power the office, but he is saving in excess of $1,200 per month now that it is up and running.

He commented: “Patients are so excited that we have done this … They’re also excited that we have covered parking now.”

Elsewhere, the Manila Bulletin recently reported patients are being urged to “rest and relax” at the dentist’s office rather than to feel nervous.

The publication claimed times are changing and people now expect more out of a visit to their dentist than just the medical expertise on offer – they want to be made to feel comfortable also.

Technology ‘could make dentistry less painful’


New imaging technology could make dentistry less painful.

New technology being trialled in the US could soon make the dentist’s office a less stressful environment, it has been claimed.

The Leaf Chronicle reported Clarksvill dentist Dr Bill Wall is using stereolithographic-imaging models to replace the old plaster of paris casts for making bridges and prosthetics and this is a less invasive and more accurate treatment, he claimed.

“This new technology, instead of going through making silicone impressions, makes a digital impression using a camera that makes 20 three-dimensional impressions per second. It’s much more accurate,” Dr Wall told the publication.

Elsewhere, recently reported improvements in technology in the dentist’s office are making the prospect of sitting in the chair less daunting.

It noted that patients are now able to relax while digital camera technology is used to take pictures with ease and these images are then sent via email to a lab where impressions of the mouth can be created and prosthetics made.

‘Rest and relax’ at the dentist’s office


The dentist’s office is to become more relaxing.

Patients are being urged to “rest and relax” at the dentist’s office rather than to feel nervous, it has been claimed. relax at the dental office

The Manila Bulletin reported times are changing and people now expect more out of a visit to their dentist than just the medical expertise on offer – they want to be made to feel comfortable and relaxed and this is a change now taking place across the industry.

Overall wellbeing is therefore now the order of the day and in order to facilitate this dentist’s are providing a more welcoming environment in which to wait, which are spacious and relaxing places to visit.

Elsewhere, recently reported improvements in technology in the dentists’ office are making the prospect of sitting in the chair less daunting.

The online publication claimed technological advances have led to the use of less-invasive procedures, especially in the field of diagnostics, where digital cameras can now be used instead of X rays.

Rochdale dentist to open


New surgery to open in Rochdale

New NHS dentistry services are to open in Rochdale, it has been revealed. rochdale dentist

Rochdale Online reported a new practice on Roch Valley Way has been created as part of £1.3 million investment from the NHS in improved dentistry provision in the area and will provide treatments for up to 9,500 patients.

John Pierce, chairman of NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale, commented at the opening of the surgery: “This new practice will help more people in Rochdale to see an NHS dentist and improve their oral health.”

Elsewhere, recently reported Dental Xpress has launched the UK’s first mobile dentist’s office.

It is presently offering emergency dentistry services in Syston, in Grantham, Lincolnshire, but will be moving to a new area in the near future.

Dental Xpress spokesman and non-executive director Amarjit Gill noted the four-chair mobile dentist’s office is fully stocked with emergency dentistry equipment, including teeth whitening treatments, dental veneers and dental implants.

Bright smile ‘an important part of attraction’


A bright smile is an important part of being attractive.

Having a bright smile has been ranked as more important to men than a woman’s figure, new research has revealed. bright smile

A recent report by Oral B has revealed bad teeth can age a person up to 13 years and that 82 per cent of men feel having a gorgeous smile is more important than other characteristics about a prospective partner.

Therefore, now could be a good time for Brits – both male and female – to book a dental check-up and to make sure they are maintaining a good oral health regime.

Elsewhere, Dental Office Magazine recently reported a new iPhone app that enables the user to see what they would look like if they carried out a teeth whitening treatment has been launched by Apple.

Available at the iTunes App Store, the Whitening Simulator lets people get a sneak peek of the results of teeth whitening without ever stepping foot in a dentist’s office.

Psychological issues ‘linked to dentistry fear’


Fear of dentist’s office linked to background.

A study has been carried out which has found a link between children who have psychological problems and fears over the dentist. dentistry fear

Cosmetic Dentistry Guide reported research from the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy revealed children from turbulent family backgrounds are more likely to have a fear of visiting the dentist.

Child dentistry specialist Annika Gustafsson said the impact of parental attitudes cannot be underestimated, as children will mimic their parents and if they have a negative view of dental health then their children are likely to as well.

Elsewhere, the St Louis Post-Dispatch recently reported research carried out by the US Centers for Disease Control showed a quarter of kids aged two to five and half of those aged 12 to 15 suffer from tooth decay.

The study noted parents should take the time to make sure children are comfortable with taking regular trips to the dentist in order to help improve these figures in the future.

Brits advised on avoiding dentist fears


Children can have their fears allayed about visiting the dentist.

People across the UK have been advised of three of the best ways to ensure children do not develop a fear of going to the dentist’s office by a national newspaper. fear of dentists

The Mirror reported that firstly, parents should tell children what to expect from a visit to the emergency dentist, as this will put them at ease and ensure nothing that happens which is a surprise to them.

Secondly, kids should be taken along when a parent goes for their check-up in order to see that it is not a scary experience.

And finally, allowing children to take along a favourite teddy or toy can help put them at ease and ensure they do not feel out of their comfort zone when having a check-up of their own.

Elsewhere, Big News recently reported that Brits looking to avoid bad dentistry should always ask to see a portfolio of a dentist’s work before signing on with them.

In this way, the news provider noted, people are able to gauge before and after shots of a dentist’s handiwork.

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