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Fans are wondering if One Direction member is wearing braces


Eagle-eyed fans of boyband One Direction don’t miss a thing, and rumours are flying around the internet that band member Louis Tomlinson has started orthodontic treatment, even though his teeth seem to be perfectly aligned. Fans inundated Twitter with posts attempting to find out the truth about the singers dental work.

The rumours started last week when Louis, 22, posted a picture on Twitter which appeared to show a piece of metal over his relatively straight teeth. Fans immediately began debating the image and several people took to the social networking site to try and find answers. One fan tweeted the singer directly, saying ‘do you wear braces or is that picture photoshopped? Please tell me it’s fake cause you’re perfect Louis.’ Whilst another seemed desperate for confirmation one way or the other, posting ‘CAN SOMEONE TELL ME THE TRUTH IF @Louis_Tomlinson REALLY GET SOME BRACES?!’

The general consensus among fans is that the photo has been doctored but there has been no word from the 22-year-olds representation as yet. Louis seems to be concentrating on more important things, such as encouraging his followers to donate to Teenage Cancer Trust.


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TOWIE regular splashes £19,000 on new veneers


It’s only been a few years since The Only Way Is Essex cast member Chloe Sims underwent dental treatment costing £19,000 but now the 31-year-old has been back to the dentist to have her veneers redone after giving in to some of the negative comments about her previous dental work. Some members of the TOWIE cast nicknamed her ‘horse-teeth’ and Chloe has decided to spend a further £19,000 getting the veneers replaced with ones that look more natural.

Chloe told The Sun newspaper that her fellow cast members said her teeth looked ‘ridiculous’ and she described her previous set of veneers as ‘absolutely awful’, saying ‘they were really big, all the same length and didn’t fit my mouth properly.’ After her dental treatment at Smile Studio Richmond, she seemed to be feeling more positive about her appearance, saying ‘Now I’ve got the perfect smile and I’m over the moon with them. Everybody loves them. I’ve had loads and loads of good feedback about them.’

The mother-of-one went on to describe the veneers in a bit more detail in the video interview, saying ‘As you can see, they’re all different shapes, they’ve even got ridges and they’re a little bit more see-through at the bottom so they look more natural.’

Chloe also added a personal message at the end of the clip, thanking the dentist for ‘rescuing’ her smile.

Patient undergoes treatment to fix failed dental work


A man who was left with rotting teeth and loose crowns after spending £8,000 on dental treatment has undergone restorative work to give him back his smile. Jonathon Anderson, 38, of Dorset, will appear on Channel 5’s documentary Botched Up Bodies to talk about how twenty years of bungled dentistry left him in constant pain and led to a fear of dental treatment. The dentist who treated him for the show described the damage as looking like ‘a bomb had gone off.’

Mr Anderson first started treatment at the age of 18 to remove his wisdom teeth but was left with an infection after the roots of the teeth were left in the socket. His front teeth where then knocked out in an accident but repairs left him with ‘tombstone-like teeth’ that were a different colour to his other teeth. Even after repair work was administered the crowns fell out and Mr Anderson was advised to stick them back in using superglue. According to the Daily Mail, he said ‘When you go to someone who’s a professional dentist, private, and they’re charging an awful lot of money for it, you don’t doubt them.’

In order to treat all the problems, Mr Anderson had to spend about twelve hours in the dentists’ chair and all his teeth were removed and replaced with implants. He is now relieved to finally have his smile back after twenty years and his wife is also happy that he is feeling more confident, he said ‘The confidence is back. Leanne loves how much I can now smile at her. It’s awesome, absolutely awesome!’

Online campaign raises money for patrol dog’s dental work


An injured Metro Transit patrol dog who could not undergo dental work due to lack of funding has been offered treatment thanks to the kindness of strangers; an online campaign to raise the money for 3-year-old Blu to have three root canals and four crowns has surpassed the goal by several thousand pounds.

D.C patrol dog Blue suffered the cracked teeth some time ago but the city’s public transportation authority refused to pay for his treatment, whilst also providing an ultimatum to his handler, Metro Transit Police veteran Steve Morrison, that the dog would need to have the problems repaired within a fortnight to keep his position. Morrison’s wife, Christine, spoke to My Fox DC, commenting that the authority were aware that Blu was suffering but were unwilling to do anything about it, she also praised the dog, saying ‘He’s one of the best tracking dogs the department has ever had… He fully understands what his job is and he will protect my husband, which is what their ultimate job is.’

Metro issues a statement to Fox at the time, stating that ‘The transit police department has a diminished need for patrol dogs. When an existing dog is no longer able to fulfil its duties, the dog is allowed to retire and the position is eliminated.’

However, thanks to Indiegogo, a campaign was launched last week to raise money to help Blue get the treatment he needs and the Morrison family are happy that Blu will be able to get back to work pain-free soon. They also added that any extra money raised would go to pay for other Metro K9 units that also require medical treatment, which the department may not be willing to pay for.

Knebworth woman is awarded compensation for poor dental work


A woman from Knebworth village has been awarded nearly £5,000 by a dental practice after poor treatment left her without one tooth. Carole Gavin took Dr Alykhan Dinani to court after a routine root canal treatment resulted in an infection that meant the tooth had to be removed.

46-year-old Gavin defended her choice to sue the clinic, saying ‘I’m not the sort of person who would just decide to take legal action. I wanted to make people aware of what happened and that there is a recourse.’ The mum-of-three first visited the practice in May 2008 and was given a badly-fitting crown that allowed food to become lodged under the tooth, leading to infection and an abscess. According to Mrs Gavin, ‘He did not remove the food residue that was causing the abscess’ and she was later rushed to the hospital to have it treated.

Carole then switched clinics and was informed that the tooth was not salvageable and the root canal had been carried out incorrectly, she told Hertfordshire Mercury ‘I was relieved to finally know the reason behind so many months of pain but absolutely furious I was put in that position in the first place. I trusted Dr Dinani completely but received extremely poor treatment.’

Mrs Gavin sued last year, with the help of dental negligence firm Dental Law Partnership; she was awarded £4,875. Dr Dinani did not admit liability and Stevenage Dental Practice did not wish to comment on the case.

Buxton woman gets £22,000 in compensation for poor dental work


A forty-year-old woman has been awarded £22,000 in compensation after eight of her teeth were removed and she suffered with painful dental infection;  Sarah Taylor sued Dr Allan Clark for the work carried out at Broadwalk Dental Practice in Buxton after she was left requiring expensive restorative care, including bridges, crowns, dentures, and repeated root canals.

Sarah told The Derbyshire Times ‘My treatment began in November 1993 when I went to see Dr Clark with bad toothache in two teeth on the left side of my mouth. He told me I needed two fillings. I returned in June with continued pain and had a further three fillings. Days later I made another appointment with toothache but more severe than before.’

Dr Clark went on to remove one of the teeth that had already been filled, which Sarah described as ‘mortifying’ as this treatment had not been discussed prior to the appointment. She added that ‘it was all downhill from there,’ as she visited the clinic 39 times over the next 16 years until her final treatment in December 2009. Sarah explained that Dr Clark ‘attempted to remove another two of my teeth in August 2007, and I also developed 12 teeth and gum infections during my time in his care.’

The Dental Law Partnership took on the case and found evidence that Sarah had suffered as a direct result of Dr Clark’s care. Sarah commented that the compensation meant that she could move on from her dental problems, saying ‘I’m glad this chapter of my life has been closed and this has now been settled.’

Harry Potter star was under contract not to have dental work


Actor Matthew Lewis, best known for playing teenage wizard Neville Longbottom, has explained that he was under contract not to fix his teeth while filming his part in the blockbuster film franchise Harry Potter. Matthew, now 24, was 11 when he first won the role and had to maintain his crooked smile for the duration of filming, in order to star completely in character.

Lewis told The Independent that he had to go for ten years without having anything done to fix his bad teeth and it hit his confidence hard. He explained that he had grown taller and thinner by the time they reached the third film and the producers decided that ‘they were uncomfortable with that, and thought, ‘No, we need to make him a bit geeky looking’, or geekier, I should say, so they put me in a fat suit and false teeth.’

As he got older, Matthew became so miserable with the costume that he asked the director of the last four films, David Yates, if he could get rid of the false teeth; he agreed but the young actor was still made to wear the fat suit. Lewis told the paper ‘Looking back on it, it doesn’t really bother me at all, but at the time, when you’re going through puberty and you’re on a film set with a lot attractive girls anyway, and then back at school as well, and you have to wear this fat suit, and have this long greasy hair – oh yeah, at the time, it was rubbish. It was really rubbish.’ He has since undergone orthodontic treatment to improve his teeth.

Patient is awarded £6,000 pay-out for botched dental work


A man from Grimsby has been awarded £6,000 in compensation after his dental work left him in pain for years and he had to undergo expensive restorative care. Dockworker Darren Aldous, of Immingham, first visited the Medimatch dental clinic in Grimsby back in 2008 and decided to sue Dr Ruben Martinez, Dr Guillermo Dominguez, and Dr Ignacio Puertas after they failed to diagnose severe tooth decay in several of his teeth. The dentists, who no longer work at the practice, agreed an out-of-court settlement.

Mr Aldous told the Grimsby Telegraph that he suffered badly with toothache and found it stressful trying to deal with the situation as a single parent. He said ‘I lost confidence because the first thing people see when you meet is a smile and when people don’t see a smile, you end up feeling isolated.’ Regarding his botched treatment, Darren explained ‘I went to Dr Martinez in June 2008 because I had really painful toothache. I was told I needed three fillings. With this being routine treatment I wasn’t worried at the time’.

Darren returned with more pain in October and Dr Dominguez took some x-rays that showed the decay had developed further and there was a root left in the socket from previous tooth extraction – the root was removed but it was claimed that Dr Dominguez failed to treat the tooth decay adequately with a single filling in March 2009.

Following months of on-going treatment, which included six fillings and two tooth restorations performed by Dr Puertas in early 2010, Darren decided to register with a different dentist and pursue legal action. His Lawyer from the DLP argued that ‘X-rays clearly showed several of Darren’s teeth were decaying. We would claim each dentist had the opportunity to diagnose and treat this but failed to do so. Darren now has to undergo several root canal treatments and have crowns fitted as a result of their treatment.’

None of the dentists admit liability.

Rylan Clark thinks his teeth are more famous than him


After he revealed his new dental work to the Big Brother audience last month, presenter Rylan Clark has commented that his teeth are becoming more famous than him, as they have been trending on Twitter recently. The blindingly white veneers gained so much attention that many viewers were distracted by them while watching the Big Brother spin-off show Bit On The Side.

Viewers and Twitter followers were quick to comment on the obvious changes, but Rylan did not seem too perturbed by public opinion, and now he is thrilled that his teeth have become a popular topic of conversation – mainly because it has drawn attention away from his presenting debut. The 24-year-old told new! magazine that his teeth were trending on Twitter for four hours after his first night presenting the show, and added ‘the best thing was that people were so worried about my teeth, not one person said I’m a s*** presenter, so I’m over the moon.’

Despite the new dental work, Rylan has admitted that he is still not happy with the way he looks and often becomes depressed over his appearance. He added ‘I’m going to be brutally honest, I’ve never been so depressed in my life. I don’t like the way I look. I’m not happy with a lot of stuff at the moment. I just look at myself and think ‘I’m not attractive,’ that’s why I’m changing everything now.’

Madonna shows off her golden grill


She’s always enjoyed creating controversy with her style and music, and now Madonna is getting her face in the papers again after posting some pictures of herself with a new set of golden caps, known as a grill, covering her teeth. The 54-year-old seems to have embraced her new ‘tough girl’ image by imitating rappers and she has recently come under some criticism after an ad campaign included a picture of the singer brandishing a gun.

Madonna posted some pictures of her new teeth on Instagram, displaying the gold grill and adding the caption ‘Don’t hate me. Hate my grilz’, later she thanked @capmaster for the dental work. The picture clearly showed a full set of gold teeth covering her natural ones, with around twenty diamonds added to it – which would make this a very expensive mouthpiece. The singer also added another picture featuring a knife between the gold teeth, with the comment ‘Live by the sword… For @harpersbazaarus.’

The pictures come after recent controversy surrounding a trailer for her new Secret Project that showed the singer straddling a dancer and pointing a gun at his head. Another scene showed Madonna being dragged down a corridor and thrown into a jail cell, although not much has actually been revealed about her latest venture and the trailer left many fans confused.

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