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American man posed as a dentist to perform illegal tooth extractions


An American man posing as a dentist has been performing illegal tooth extractions, sometimes without the use of anaesthetic. Robert Rheinlander, better known as Robbie, claimed that he had practiced dentistry in his previous home of South Carolina before relocating to Florida. Investigators have since revealed that he has never been qualified to carry out such procedures.

After moving to Florida, the rogue dentist performed dental work on a number of people, which included a couple who were introduced through a mutual friend. The husband and wife came forward after receiving ‘treatment’ from Rheinlander, due to his botched efforts to remove the woman’s tooth. Rheinlander was deceptive by asking patients to visit his home to keep costs low. Unfortunately for the woman, the extraction was not successful, and part of the tooth remained lodged in her gum causing complications. The pair paid cash up front for the procedure and were quite rightly unhappy with the service they had received.

Following the ordeal, the pair sought advice from the Sheriff’s office. Further investigation revealed that another man had suffered at the hands of Rheinlander, after having ten teeth extracted without the use of anaesthetic. Rheinlander was arrested last week and charged with offenses relating to illegal dental practices. He has currently been released on bail.




Tesco customer loses part of her tooth after biting into metal found in food


A woman who bought her dinner from Tesco has lost part of her tooth after biting into the food; Caroline Wilson, 44, bought the portion of gammon, pancetta, and roast potatoes from her local store last week and suffered a dental injury after biting into a section of rusty metal blade that was found in the food.

Ms Wilson was left with a broken molar and had to undergo dental treatment to repair the damage; she said that she instantly realised that something was wrong when she took a bite of her meal and found that there was a rusty shard of metal in her mouth – she believes it came from the factory that produced the food. Ms Wilson told Mailonline that she could have ‘eviscerated’ her insides if she did not chew the food properly and had instead swallowed the metal blade.

A spokesman for Tesco said that safety is of the utmost importance to them and the factories that produce their products ‘operate the most rigorous checks’ to make sure that this kind of thing does not happen. He added ‘We would like to assure our customers we have had no similar complaints for any of the products Miss Wilson purchased.’

Although she was provided with a refund and a £10 gift voucher, Ms Wilson was not happy with this as compensation and wants the supermarket chain to pay for her dental work, saying that she has now been put off shopping at the store following the incident.

Former child star asks fans to help fund her dental treatment


A former child pop star has taken to social media to ask fans and followers to help her pay for further dental work, after she realised she was low on funds. Debra Byrne, a former child actor and singer on Young Talent  Time, posted a request for funding as she needs to return to Thailand to complete dental work on a bridge.

Although the post has since been deleted, Debra, 58, initially asked her Facebook friends if they would help raise some money for her to travel back to Thailand in order to finish her treatment. Using the hashtag #paybackalegend, Debra posted ‘Challenge friends… need to return to Bangkok to have bridge work finalised.’ The singers dental treatment began prior to her recent work on a TV show and she added that due to ‘limited time’ she was unable to finish the treatment and undergo a root canal.

As well as paying for her to travel, the actress was asking for money for her three children to accompany her, saying ‘I can manage the accom side of things… but it’s the flight guys… it’s killing me… so if anyone is up for the challenge I need flights for two adults… and two children… flying from Melbourne to Phuket, June 2.’

Jeremy Kyle guest gets £10,000 of dental treatment


A woman who garnered a lot of attention on social media site Twitter for her unique dental condition has reportedly been given dental work amounting to £10,000 thanks to The Jeremy Kyle Show, the TV programme that exposed her to a lot of cruel taunts about her teeth.  The woman in question told papers that she suffered dental trauma when she was younger and could do nothing about the way her teeth looked, but producers of the ITV show have supposedly stepped in to help after Twitter went wild with jokes and comments about the guest’s appearance.

A source at Mirror Online has said that a camera crew visited the woman at her home and the whole treatment was filmed, with the patient remaining awake throughout. According to the insider, the guest will reappear on The Jeremy Kyle Show later in the week, to show off the results of her free treatment.

A picture has also been posted online supposedly showing the woman after her dental work has been completed – the difference is clear to see; her front two teeth are no longer protruding from her mouth and they do not look noticeably larger than her other teeth any more.

Reading woman breaks her tooth after biting into pizza


A Whitley woman spoke to about her ordeal after biting into a Domino’s pizza and breaking a tooth on a metal nut.

Bella Peppiatt ordered a takeaway pizza from her local Domino’s and was tucking into a vegetarian pizza when she realised something was not right. Bella said ‘I started eating the pizza and there was a funny taste in my mouth. I bit into it and I could taste metal.’

The 28-year-old took another bite and found that there was a metal nut in her mouth from the pizza; she described the experience as ‘horrible’. Bella’s tooth was chipped after the accident and she reported the incident to the takeaway shop where the pizza was purchased; staff members were ordered to send out replacement pizzas right away. However, Bella was not satisfied with this solution and emailed Domino’s headquarters to ask what they would do about her dental damage.

A spokeswoman for Domino’s said that the metal nut had come loose from one of the pizza cutters; it was described as ‘a very rare and isolated incident’. The company have taken measures to ensure that this problem does not occur again. The spokeswoman added ‘We’d like to send heartfelt and sincere apologies to our customer for this experience. We have offered to reimburse them for any dental work that may result, provided a full refund and vouchers.’

Big Brother contestant gets her smile whitened in Thailand


Former Big Brother contestant Skye Wheatley is currently visiting Thailand to get surgical treatment on her breasts, but the 20-year-old has decided to make the most of her time in Bangkok by getting her teeth whitened as well.

After her stint in the famous house in 2014, Skye organised her cosmetic treatment and she was happy to show off the results of her dental work on Tuesday this week. Skye posted a photograph of herself sitting in the dentist’s chair with a huge grin on her face; she is joined by the dentist that performed her treatment. The Aussie reality star added the caption ‘Got my teeth whitened today by this babe! Such an amazing dentist.’ She also added that she would be happy to come back to the clinic to have her teeth whitened again, saying ‘Want to come back to him every time.’

Skye seems to be on the road to recovery after undergoing her cosmetic treatment and she has her smile back, thanks to her Bangkok dentist; although it wasn’t always smooth sailing as she complained of a lot of pain following her breast surgery, saying that it was the worst pain she has ever had.

Miley Cyrus teams up with joke company to launch brand of fake teeth


Singer and Instagram favourite Miley Cyrus is apparently broadening her business horizons as she has teamed up with a company that creates plastic joke props to launch her own brand of fake teeth. The 21-year-old modelled the bizarre new denture, created in collaboration with Billy-Bob Products; the new joke teeth have been dubbed Miley-Bob teeth.

According to the company’s website, Miley herself selected the designs from her favourite samples and each set of plastic teeth is ‘officially licensed’ and comes ‘with a special Miley-Bob insert card to prove its authenticity.’ Miley has modelled the dentures herself on her Instagram account on several occasions in an effort to advertise the new line.

The former Disney star has just finished touring in support of her fourth album Bangerz and she showed off her real teeth as she attended the amFAR Inspiration Gala in Hollywood last week; her racy outfit was far more likely to draw attention than any kind of dental work. Miley wore a sheer dress with straps to cover her modesty and she generously donated $200,000 to the event, also bidding $300,000 for a photograph by Ryan McGinley.

Made in Chelsea beats TOWIE for best dental work


They might both be reality TV regulars but Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead and Joey Essex could not be more different when it comes to dental health; the two have opted for dental treatment at opposite ends of the spectrum. Binky, who is a regular on Made in Chelsea, has a much more natural smile than her TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) counterpart Joey, who went for a bright white set of teeth that are hard to miss.

Dr Druian, of Mervyn Druian’s London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, treated Binky recently when she chipped her front tooth and he spoke to The Daily Mail about his views on veneers, saying that he prefers the natural look compared to the favoured ‘Essex’ veneers that are obviously fake. Dr Druian said that the people on TOWIE tend to choose teeth that mirror their ‘bigger, more brash personalities’, which means having ‘the whitest teeth possible.’

With regards to his own patients, Dr Druian said that he would never let a patient leave his clinic ‘looking foolish’ and added that the surgery has turned people away who want veneers for the wrong reasons. When it comes to appearances, Dr Druian says that natural is best; he explains that his ‘perfect veneers’ look just like the real thing and cannot be identified as synthetic just by looking. He added that ‘I want my patients to be told they look really well. I don’t want them to be asked what work they’ve had done.’

Mercury poisoning misdiagnosed as MS


A woman who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis has revealed that her health problems were actually the result of mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings. Only eighteen months after having her dental work carried out Maria Indermuhle was told by doctors that she was suffering from the lifelong illness, which would leave her in a wheelchair and having to take medication every day to control the symptoms.

The 29-year-old, who was born in Inverness but lives in Switzerland, was devastated by the diagnosis and was already trying to deal with the effect on her health; Maria said that she was experiencing pins and needles in her legs and hands, as well as panic attacks and blurred vision. Just eighteen months after her fillings were placed, Maria was suffering extreme symptoms and could hardly walk, she even began to have hallucinations at night.

Suspecting that there might be more to her condition, Maria spoke to a Swiss doctor who tested for metals in the body; it was revealed that she was suffering from mercury poisoning. As she had never been in contact with mercury before, Maria realised that her metal fillings must be to blame and had them removed. Her symptoms quickly improved and then disappeared altogether.

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said that ‘The Scottish Government believes that amalgam fillings are safe to use… [Allergic reaction] is quite rare and fewer than 0.04 per cent of the 1,007,169 fillings placed in 2012-2013 were removed on the recommendation of a consultant.’

Michael Buble undergoes emergency dental work before concert


Michael Buble has taken an emergency trip to the dentist to get his dental crown replaced just hours before he was due to take to the stage at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire. The concert was set to take place on July 11TH and the singer was rushed to the dentist to get some repair work done after dislodging a crown whilst trying to open a tomato ketchup packet with his teeth.

Buble was lucky enough to find a dentist in the area that could help and Dr David Bloom cleared his schedule to treat the singer at short notice. As a thank-you to Dr Bloom and his staff, Buble posed for pictures with the team and provided them with front row tickets to his concert that night.

Dr Bloom called the evening entertainment ‘interesting’ after Michael stopped singing and explained the situation to the fans, even pointing out the dental team that saved the day. Dr Bloom said the singer ‘stopped the show and he said ‘just want to tell you what happened today,’ and he told everybody what happened. He said ‘this guy right down here took care of me.’ He added ‘It made for a very interesting Friday.’

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