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Possible breakthrough in enamel regeneration


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Possible breakthrough in enamel regenerationA possible breakthrough in enamel regeneration has been reported in the Shropshire Star. Enamel damage is responsible for around fifty percent of tooth loss cases worldwide. However, the study featured in the science journal Nature Communications shows promising results.

Due to the fact that enamel is unable to re-grow, it has always been of vital importance to preserve it as much as possible. However, for some people, they may still find themselves with weakened enamel. These new results could be a step towards regenerating lost or damaged enamel and restoring teeth back to health. Not only can this material restore enamel but it can also help to prevent tooth decay and sensitivity.

The researchers involved say that they have discovered a protein that can trigger a similar process to how enamel is initially developed as the body grows. This process is said to be able to fully re-grow hard tissues like enamel or bone. Such a breakthrough could not only be beneficial to dental practises, but also for medical procedures. The lead author of the paper, Professor Alvaro Mata, has referred to the finding as a ‘key discovery’.


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Compound found in red wine could help combat gum disease and tooth decay


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Compound found in red wine could help combat gum disease and tooth decay

          Compound found in red wine could help                          combat gum disease and tooth decay.

It has emerged that a compound found in red wine could help combat gum disease and tooth decay. Polyphenols, previously linked to good health, due to their antioxidant properties, were the focus of the research. The study concluded that the polyphenols did help to keep harmful bacteria at bay. The same bacteria that cause gum infections and tooth decay.

It is thought that red wine has many health benefits, with this being the latest claim to be made. However, experts fear that this may encourage people to drink more. Not only can too much alcohol be harmful to health but it can also be harmful to the teeth. The acidity of wine can cause enamel damage. Professor Damien Walmsley, scientific adviser to the BDA, spoke to the BBC. “The acidic nature of wine means that consuming a lot of these drinks will damage the enamel of the teeth. Therefore, until the benefits of this research are shown clinically, it is best to consume wine in moderation and with a meal to minimise the risk of tooth erosion.” Abiding by the recommended guidelines is key here for overall health.


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Dentists undertake pioneering research


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Dentists undertake pioneering researchA group of dentists undertake pioneering research that could expand the possibilities of modern medicine. The researchers from The UNLV are developing a method that allows them to extract tooth pulp in such a way that it garners four times the amount of stem cells than previous methods. These stem cells can then be replicated, and in turn, can be used to treat an array of medical issues.

Dr. James Mah, director of the university’s advanced orthodontics program spoke out about this potentially life-saving research. “Stem cells can be extracted from nearly any living tissue. In fact, stem cells can even be found in tissues of the deceased. The biggest challenges with stem cells are gathering enough of them to work with and keeping them viable until they are needed.”

This new research could help facilitate groundbreaking treatment by using stem cells to reproduce healthy cells in the body of the sufferer. Because of this, people with chronic or terminal illnesses could see their symptoms reduced, or vanish altogether. The research continues.


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