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Teeth grinding ‘could lead to emergency dentistry’


Teeth grinding 'could lead to emergency dentistry'People who grind their teeth during the night could be more likely to need emergency dentistry such as root canal treatment.

Although many may be unaware they are committing the act while they sleep, people who grind their teeth could face a number of oral health problems.

Experts have advised the public to be aware of telltale signs of teeth grinding in a bid to monitor the effects it could have on dental condition.

For instance, Dental Health Magazine says chipped front teeth, sore gums and the appearance of flattened teeth are all found to be symptoms of the problem.

People who grind their teeth are often found to suffer from a sore jaw in the morning due to clenching during the night.

Teeth Grinding Cure recommends that those who grind their teeth should seek help from a dental professional.

The website suggests people wear a personalised mouth guard during the night in a bid to combat the problem and prevent future health problems. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800531431-ADNFCR

Maintaining healthy gums ‘limits need for dental implants’


Maintaining healthy gums 'limits need for dental implants'People who take time to ensure their gums are healthy could limit the risk of needing dental implants, experts believe.

With previous research identifying a link between gum disease and wider health problems, it is vital to ensure teeth and gums are in good condition.

Gums that appear red and swollen may need expert attention and could lead to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, health website Care2 has advised.

People with pink and firm gums should ensure they remain in the best condition possible to avoid developing problems in future.

The website also urged people to take part in regular dental care, as it can limit the chances of contracting kidney disease.

Researchers have suggested that inflammation caused by gum disease and tooth loss could be a causal factor for the condition.

Meanwhile, Colgate has advised people to be aware of the symptoms of gum disease in a bid to reduce the risk of contracting it.

Bleeding gums, bad breath and gum recession are among the telltale signs for the problem and those experiencing the issues should speak to a dental professional immediately.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800529139-ADNFCR

DIY teeth whitening kits ‘should not be overused’


Professional teeth whitening is best, a dental expert has said.Anyone hoping to get brighter teeth should visit a dental professional instead of continually relying on at-home teeth whitening kits.

This is the advice of New York-based orthodontist Dr Jacqueline Fulop Goodling, who told that DIY kits can be useful when people are in a rush or for special occasions.

However, she pointed out that professional treatments are regulated and so safer, as well as being more high-quality.

"The results don't last as long as professional treatments and what we don't like to see is patients over-using them," she commented.

Instead, Dr Goodling recommended visiting a professional to get a proper teeth whitening session like those provided by Zoom.

Last month, an unnamed expert writing for The Paper magazine pointed out that dentists will have access to better teeth whitening solutions than those available over the counter, as well as being able to apply them more safely and effectively.

Older people urged ‘take care of teeth’


Older people should take care of their teeth.

Older people have been advised they need to take greater care of their teeth and gums than people who are younger.

Dr Lawrence Singer of the Connecticut State Dental Association said once a person reaches 65 they enter a higher risk category for a range of oral illnesses and they should therefore have a regular health routine in place to combat this.

He stated that older people should look to see a dental professional at least once a year and that they should ensure they brush twice a day and use both floss and mouthwash to remove as much plaque and food debris from their mouth as possible.

Elsewhere, the Grand Forks Herald recently reported the number of men and women over 40 and looking for work who plan to have teeth whitening treatments has increased sharply since the onset of the economic downturn.

Brits advised on teeth whitening


People have been advised on the best teeth whitening products. has highlighted the range of teeth whitening treatments that are presently available to consumers and has stated that the best options depend upon the results that people wish to achieve.

It noted that in cases where discolouration is not overly pronounced then over-the-counter products can be the best choice, as they are often inexpensive yet successful.

For more severe cases, individuals are advised to seek out a dental professional to carry out the treatments, as they have access to stronger whitening gels and are trained in getting the best results.

Elsewhere, a blogger on Truth In Aging recently stated that people can effectively whiten their teeth simply through managing their oral health routine more effectively.

The unnamed individual stated that using teeth whitening toothpaste – and teeth whitening strips for problem areas – are effective when used daily.

Dental implants explained


Dental implants have been explained for those considering the treatment.

People undergoing dental implant procedures due to tooth loss may not fully understand what the device actually is and therefore the Baltic Times has handily offered an explanation.

Indeed, the publication noted that a dental implant is a titanium screw which is used to replace the tooth root and provides a foundation for the attachment of further aesthetic dental devices.

The fitting procedure works, whereby, a dental professional will first take X-rays to ensure there is adequate room and jaw strength to have the device fitted, before making a small incision in the gum and fixing the implant in place.

All in all, the procedure can be carried out relatively easily and offers individuals who have lost teeth a chance to regain their smile.

Meanwhile, Dentium USA – the maker of a range of dental implant devices – recently announced that its new SuperLine dental implant system is now available and is perfectly suited to help patients who have bone density issues.

The product is equipped with a true single platform and only one abutment connection is used for implants.

Teeth whitening truths for Brits


Myths surrounding teeth whitening have been exploded.

A number of myths have been exposed surrounding teeth whitening treatments.

According to Cosmetic News Portal, while many people believe that getting the strongest products possible will deliver the best results, this is definitely not the case.

The website argued that patients could actually by harming their teeth by doing this and should only use treatments that are safe.

Indeed, it also advised that for the safest and often most effective treatments, it can be better to have a dental professional carry out the procedure rather than to carry out a DIY effort at home.

Another fallacy highlighted by the site was that people who have had dental veneers or crowns will see the same results in these as their natural teeth, but this is certainly not the case.

Elsewhere, star of last year’s X Factor Stacey Solomon recently revealed she has had teeth whitening treatments carried out at a dentist’s office in Dublin.

Dental veneers ‘boost a smile’s impact’


People’s smiles could be improved with dental veneers.

Individuals looking for a smile that has impact might like to invest in dental veneers, one dental professional has argued.

Dentistry IQ reported that Dr Philip Friel has said dental veneers help create an even, bright smile for patients, but they can invasive and take time to complete correctly.

However, the benefits they provide over other solutions are that they are permanent and a person simply looks after them as they would their own teeth.

In addition, dental veneers can be used to mask gaps in teeth or imperfections, he added.

Dr Friel stated: “Depending on the aesthetic requirements, the gap can be closed using shaded porcelain onlays which can be bonded to the adjacent teeth. Both of the above can take place over two visits.”

Elsewhere, Dental Plans recently reported that many children could benefit from having braces fitted and this, in turn, could help to boost their confidence as an adult.

The publication noted children should have their teeth looked at when they are relatively young in order to head-off any problems that might develop for them as they get older.

Patients should ‘seek help for fractured teeth’


Anyone with broken teeth should organise a trip to see the dentist.

Individuals who have chipped, broken or fractured teeth have been urged to contact a dental professional to get these problems fixed.

According to the Hattiesburg American, a dentist’s evaluation of broken teeth is critical, even if a person does suffer from pain or bleeding.

The publication stated that sharp teeth can damage the lips and cheeks, as well having the possibility of harbouring excessive amounts of bacteria that could lead to tooth decay in the future.

As a result, people should seek advice as soon as a problem occurs, as failing to seek treatment could be extremely detrimental in the long term and could adversely impact on their overall – not just oral – health.

Elsewhere, the Tennessean recently reported more dentists are seeing patients who have damaged their oral health through excessive teeth grinding.

Research from the Chicago Dental Society showed that workplace stresses and financial worries are leading to more people grinding their teeth.

Mouth breathing ‘a problem for sufferers’


Many people could suffer from problems with mouth breathing.

A new study has shown that a condition known as mouth breathing could be harmful to the oral health of sufferers.

Carried out by researchers in the US, the study showed the problem can result in crooked tooth development in children, as their bite can become misaligned by having their mouth open all the time while they sleep.

In addition, gingivitis, high blood pressure and a number of other ailments are associated with the illness, something that can only be treated through surgery.

“Allergies can cause upper airway obstruction, or mouth breathing, in patients. Almost every family has someone with mouth breathing problems,” commented Dr Yosh Jefferson, a dental professional from New Jersey.

Meanwhile, it has recently been reported that a former dentist is continuing to campaign against jaw surgery for children.

John Mew, an 81-year-old former dental professional, has said he will continue to lobby the industry to stop resorting to unnecessary surgery for young people with jaw problems.

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