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Khloe Kardashian dances before going to the dentist


Being scared of the dentist is a fairly common problem among adults but it doesn’t appear to have affected reality star Khloe Kardashian as the 32-year-old posted a video of herself on Snapchat dancing cheerfully right before going to visit the dentist on Thursday.

Khloe shared the videos of herself wearing a white bodysuit and denim shorts; looking glamorous with gold jewellery on, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian Star decided to strut her stuff to illustrate her lack of nerves before her dental appointment. Her next pictures were posted very soon after the video and appeared to show Khloe sitting in the dentist’s chair with a dental professional applying a curing light to her teeth – possibly to whiten them. Khloe can be seen wearing protective red glasses while the procedure is being carried out.

Referring to her dentist, Khloe captioned the photo ‘Dr Sands in the building.’ Dr Sands has also done work for Khloe’s sisters Kendall and Kylie, and singer Miley Cyrus. Khloe didn’t post any further updates after that and didn’t show off the results for fans to see, although she certainly appeared to be in good spirits generally as she was seen out and about later in the week.


Woman tells of tooth loss ordeal after illegal whitening treatment


A mum has lost her two front teeth after illegal dental whitening – a treatment that should only be carried out by a dental professional – was performed on her teeth. Kellie Taylor, 43, is left wearing a denture after her teeth became weakened by the procedure and she had to have them removed. Kellie is now planning legal action against the beautician who whitened her teeth.

Natalie Kowalczyk was prosecuted by the dental regulator for carrying out teeth whitening illegally at a Lancaster salon. Kowalczyk was given a twelve month conditional discharge and ordered to pay Kelli £250 compensation for her pain and suffering, as well as £65 as a refund for the cost of treatment. However, Kellie does not feel this is enough, given the extent of her injuries. She said ‘it really annoyed me’, adding that she was glad about the outcome but it didn’t help her in the short-term.

Kellie describes her teeth feeling painful during the treatment but Natalie told her this was normal; however, her teeth were still ‘sore and sensitive’ afterwards for two weeks, forcing the mother to go to the dentist and find out what was wrong. The dentist told her that the bleaching product that had been used had penetrated the gums and weakened the teeth, leaving them beyond repair. Kellie now has to wear a denture to replace the two front teeth after they were extracted.

Man is left with throat injury after reaction to whitening strips


A man from Northamptonshire has been left with a hole in this throat after suffering a severe reaction to Crest Express whitening strips. Jake Barrett, a sales assistant from Rushton, developed a painful cyst under his tongue after he used the £65 product and finally admitted himself to A&E after six days of discomfort.

The 22-year-old had to endure three hours of treatment to drain the cyst through an incision in his throat, which has left a large hole. Jake said that the sac was about ‘the size of a grape’ and could have burst at any point, leaking poisonous hydrogen peroxide down his throat and into his stomach. He added ‘I wasn’t sure what the liquid was or why it had formed, but I assumed I would be ok and that the penicillin I was taking for something else would treat that too.’ However, it reached the point where he could ‘barely swallow’ and eventually he decided to go to hospital.

According to Jake, he was ‘so focused on getting a Hollywood smile’ that he didn’t stop to consider the damage or the risks of such a procedure. After recovering from his ordeal, he has recently had his teeth whitened by a dental professional at a cost of £100. Joking afterwards, Jake said that all he needs now to look like his idol Channing Tatum is a six-pack.

Survey reveals that 96% of patients are happy with their dental care


According to new research, 96% of people who visit their dentist at least once a year are happy with the treatment they receive. The study, commissioned by the General Dental Council (GDC) included more than 1,600 patients and member of the public who were questioned by independent research company Ipsos MORI.

The results showed that confidence in regulation and overall satisfaction is high, although patients are not as happy about how complaints and poor treatment is being dealt with. Tim Whitaker, director of policy and communications at the GDC, said that ‘The findings of the research will help to inform and influence our work in protecting patients.’

78% of patients asked said that their dental team gave them enough information about their treatment options when they last visited the dentist, but some focus groups showed that not all patients found it easy to judge the quality of treatment because they did not have a good understanding of it to begin with. Only 39% of respondents felt confident that the right action would be taken if they were overcharged or poor care was delivered.

Mr Whitaker addressed this concern, saying, ‘We take very seriously the concerns of patients who feel that appropriate action will not be taken when things go wrong. The GDC takes all complaints of poor standards very seriously and has robust procedures in place to deal with any dental professional who is not putting patients’ interests first.’

General Dental Council advises against non-professionals whitening teeth


In the world of cosmetic dentistry, it is advisable to have a dental professional assess your teeth before going ahead with a whitening treatment – this is something the General Dental Council have been forced to reiterate after more people have had problems with procedures carried out by unqualified individuals. The GDC has issued a reminder to the public that it’s not a good idea to have their teeth bleached without a professional advising them on suitability first.

Only dentists, hygienists, and dental therapists working to a prescription are allowed to offer the treatment, but it seems there are still some people who are willing to provide it without registering first – the GDC has successfully prosecuted two such practitioners in the last year. To help consumers understand what the pitfalls could be, a guidance leaflet has been made available online and providers are being reminded of their responsibility with regards to proper, legal use of whitening products.

Although dental whitening is a relatively safe procedure, there can be complications if the teeth undergoing treatment are in an unhealthy state to begin with, and there is the possibility of injury if the provider does not have the necessary training. A statement from the GDC said that they ‘will continue to prosecute these cases’, whilst reminding the public to make them aware of ‘any concerns they may have that tooth whitening is being undertaken unlawfully.’

Heart your smile says the dental community


The BDA Dental Showcase in Birmingham has launched a campaign to boost confidence amongst UK dentists. The Heart Your Smile initiative was created by several industry professionals who were concerned about the lack of confidence dentists were reportedly experiencing countrywide. Its founders are hoping to inspire dentists in their everyday practice by implementing nine core values to boost their drive and performance, labeled the ‘Nine habits of a happy dental professional.’

Managing director of the dental division of Henry Schein UK, Simon Gambold, said ‘It’s about stimulating positive conversations in the profession, about the profession.’ Showcase attendees were invited to sign the manifesto and show their support by wearing a Heart Your Smile badge. Dental professionals were also encouraged to share their stories at a film studio that was set up at the event, designed to lift other workers with interesting and entertaining tales from the world of dentistry. Marketing guru Chris Barrow said ‘Over the past few weeks we have ‘planted’ some posts on social media about what would inspire confidence in the dental profession and the answers have been very revealing.’

BDA’s Linda Stranks was hopeful that ‘A patient-facing campaign will also emerge from this which dental professionals can use to promote positive messages about overall healthcare and regular visits to the dentist.’

Emergency dentists ‘could identify undiagnosed diabetes’


Emergency dentists 'could identify undiagnosed diabetes'Patients who attend regular appointments with an emergency dentist could be interested in the results of a recent study.

Researchers from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine suggested that visits to a dental professional could be useful for the diagnoses of diabetes.

With 70 per cent of the US population receiving check-ups on a regular basis, scientists claim the illness could be highlighted in its earliest stages.

Published in the Journal of Dental Research, the study examined high-risk patients – with a history of diabetes in their family – by utilising a plasma glucose test.

Lead author Dr Evanthia Lalla said: "Relatively simple lifestyle changes in pre-diabetic individuals can prevent progression to frank diabetes, so identifying this group of individuals is also important."

According to, the primary symptoms of the type-two form of the illness are excessive thirst, itchy skin, leg pain and frequent urination.

These telltale signs differ from those of the type-one form, which include loss of weight, blurred vision and weakness. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800622923-ADNFCR

Jennifer Aniston: My dentist plays the guitar


Jennifer Aniston: My dentist plays the guitarPeople considering dental implants or other treatments may be interested to hear about Jennifer Aniston's unusual trips to the dentist.

The 42-year-old Hollywood star, who plays a dental professional in her new film Horrible Bosses, said her dentist usually entertains her with live music when she goes in for treatment.

Speaking to TV host Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, Aniston revealed: "My dentist plays the guitar for me when I have moulds in my mouth."

"It's odd, but it's the truth."

Asked by Stewart why the dentist does not concern himself solely with her teeth, she replied: "Don't ask, it's Hollywood."

The former Friends actress said she has been going to the same dentist for the past 15 years and described his musical skills as "lovely".

Aniston can be seen starring alongside Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell and Jason Bateman in Horrible Bosses, which is due to hit cinema screens next month.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800608036-ADNFCR

Emergency dentistry news: Gingivitis ‘is common in pregnant women’


Emergency dentistry news: Gingivitis 'is common in pregnant women'People hoping to prevent emergency dentistry could be interested to hear that gingivitis is a common condition in women who have recently given birth.

Inflammation to the gums caused by hormones and an increase in blood volume is fairly common during pregnancy, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The condition, which affects around 50 per cent of pregnant women, usually clears up after childbirth.

However, life coach Sara Stanner advised women to seek treatment from a dental professional if the symptoms continue to reduce the risk of more serious issues.

Women suffering from the condition are urged to consume high levels of vitamins C and D, while avoiding starchy and sugary products.

According to Web MD, signs of gum inflammation usually emerge between the second and eight months of pregnancy, with many women experiencing bleeding gums.

The health website advises women to ensure they maintain effective oral routines throughout their gestation in a bid to combat the disease. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800564476-ADNFCR

Emergency dentistry news: Children taught to brush teeth as part of National Smile Month


Emergency dentistry news: Children taught to brush teeth as part of National Smile MonthChildren in the Isle of Man will be shown how to brush their teeth in a bid to avoid emergency dentistry and improve oral hygiene.

The scheme, launched as part of National Smile Month, will be aimed at pre-school youngsters to increase their awareness about teeth brushing, reports.

Combined efforts of The Children's Centre and the Department of Health will allow experts to visit nurseries across the island throughout the month-long campaign.

Experts plan to explain the benefits of healthy teeth and gums to the children as well as inform them of the importance of calcium consumption.

Community dental nurse Patrician Newson said: "We realise how important it is for all sectors of our community to work together to improve dental health and the contribution being made by The Children's Centre is extremely valuable."

Kids Health recommends parents take their child to a specialised pediatric dentist upon the age they start receiving treatment.

The advise website states that this type of dental professional will have a clearer idea of when to refer children to a different type of practitioner.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800533190-ADNFCR

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