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New dental laser developments


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New dental laser developmentsNew dental laser developments are showing possible additional benefits, with the potential strengthening of tooth enamel. The invention of the laser in the sixties has helped to advance dental treatment dramatically. Although the initial lasers were unable to be of any benefit, developments in the technology made them more user-friendly for dental professionals. Lasers are often used for removing soft tissue in the mouth. It now seems that there is another possible use for the humble laser.

Researcher, Peter Rechmann, a professor at UCSF School of Dentistry believes that they are on the brink of making a revolutionary breakthrough. Professor Rechmann (PhD) and his team have spent many years researching and developing laser dentistry with the ultimate goal of stopping cavities before they occur.

The laser is also a great alternative to the drill. The dental drill is a terrifying prospect for some dental patients. Therefore, this new laser development could make dental treatment much more accessible and also very beneficial. Professor Rechmann believes that laser dentistry will soon be more commercially available. Watch this space!


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