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Stem cell research could benefit dental implant procedures


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Stem cell research could benefit dental implant proceduresNew studies show stem cell research could benefit dental implant procedures. The research looked at the benefits of using stem cells that derive from periodontal ligament. These ligaments are connective tissues in the gum. Their function is to connect the tooth to the bone. They help to ensure the teeth remain in place firmly and safely.

During the research, the periodontal ligaments were used to create a cell sheet that was then attached to a titanium dental implant screw. The then implanted screw, combined with the cells, showed a promotion of the growth of the surrounding tissues. Therefore, the feasibility and success of the implant could be improved. This may also work to complement bone grafting procedures in the future. Better still it could, potentially, eradicate the need for the process altogether.

Professor John Fisher (Ph.D.) of the University of Maryland expressed his excitement at the research findings. “This truly innovative work combines traditional dental implants with stem cell sheet technology, thus creating a particularly relevant solution to a widespread problem in dental health care.”


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Hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory


Latest News

Hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory

Hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory. Latest news from Pearl Dental Clinic.

A story featuring on a popular internet website, Enlightened Consciousness, has shared details of hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory. The study, which was originally published in the Journal of Dental Research, gave details of the hybrid teeth being grown and developed.

The study combined cells from a human gum with the stems cells from a mouse tooth. These were then incubated. The scientists observed that the cells multiplied to, in effect, grow a brand new tooth from scratch. The new teeth also have roots and an enamel coating to ensure they are well protected. Furthermore, it seems it is near impossible to tell them apart from a natural tooth.

Stem cell research is a major breakthrough for the dental and medical world. Due to these findings, it is now possible to regrow many different cells in the body. They can also repair damaged tissue, red blood cells, skin, and muscle. This discovery could well change the way we replace missing teeth. Meaning dental implants, dentures, and bridges could become a thing of the past. However, for now, dental implants will still remain one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth.


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Army veteran gets a new smile


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Army veteran gets a new smileA U.S. army veteran gets a new smile after years of discomfort and pain. Leah Townsend, a former helicopter mechanic, has struggled for many years due to her tooth loss. Sadly for Ms. Townsend dentures were not suitable because of extensive bone loss. In the end, this left her without any teeth at all. She was told that the only way this could be fixed was to have a set of dental implants. Unfortunately, she was not able to afford the treatment. This meant her daily diet consisted of blended foods and mashed up vegetables.

Luckily, world-renowned oral surgeon Dr. David Alfi, and the highly skilled prosthodontist Dr. Sergio Ortegon have come to Ms. Townsend’s rescue and agreed to do the implant surgery for free. This is all due to the Spencer Solves It program who offer help to a variety of people in need.

The introduction of dental implants has really changed the way teeth are restored. Instead of uncomfortable dentures or damaging dental bridges patients can have a fixed smile that functions exactly like natural teeth do.


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3D printed teeth become a reality


3D printed teeth become a reality

Thanks to a collaboration between Dubai’s Middle East Dental Laboratory and Sinterex, 3D printed teeth become a reality. The process uses a 3D printer to achieve natural looking dental implant bridges. The printed teeth are stunningly realistic, making it near impossible to tell the difference. The new technology will also speed up the process of creating dental bridges.

The 3D printing process starts by distributing thin layers of metal powder across a platform. This is then selectively melted by a laser. The use of the laser gives the implants their shape and definition. The implants then have metal parts added to them. These are used to attach it to the patient’s bone. Finally, ceramic is applied. The ceramic gives the implants an even and natural finish which replicates the look of tooth enamel.

Managing Director of Sinterex, Julian Callanan, has been quoted in the media saying, “Using our state of the art 3D printing technology we have been able to produce a highly accurate metal framework in only 4 hours.” This breakthrough is huge in terms of production within the dental industry. 3D printing will increase the speed in which dentists can produce moulds, therefore keeping the patient happy and increasing profits at the same time.


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Irish man’s amazing teeth transformation


Irish man’s amazing teeth transformation

Irish man’s amazing teeth transformation: Fifty-five-year-old Patrick Naughton has undergone an amazing smile transformation thanks to 3Dental in Dublin.

As a child, Patrick had all his milk teeth removed. This left him with severe complications due to there being no structure to guide his growing adult teeth. Therefore, when they erupted, they grew at angles and caused a very unsightly smile.

Patrick decided to get professional help for his teeth after his son had finished his education, and contacted the team at 3Dental. The fifty-five-year-old joked to the Independent Ireland, “I think my teeth frightened the guys when I met with them at first.” Initially, they extracted some of his teeth, then for the first three months, he had to wear wires. Following that, he had an array of dental work, and now has crowns, dental implants and some of his own teeth in place. The process took a year to complete.

Patrick remained positive throughout the process and says that since the work has been finished his confidence has ‘soared’. The treatment has changed his life, and he no longer avoids parties and celebrations through fear of smiling.


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Woman to have her jaw rebuilt using cow bones


A 25-year-old woman who was involved in a bike accident is set to have her jaw rebuilt with cow bones. Zsuzsa Goodyer collided with her boyfriend during a bike ride in December last year and damaged her teeth and her jaw very badly; she is currently wearing dentures before she undergoes the operation to repair her jaw, followed by dental implants.

Zsuzsa said that the pair was cycling home and the front wheels struck each other, causing her to be thrown from the bike; she landed face first on the pavement and lost her teeth. She revealed that she doesn’t remember ‘a great deal’ but recalls holding her teeth after they were knocked out. She said to The Sun ‘I didn’t realise how bad it was at first. I think the adrenaline was just carrying me through.’

The treatment will involve placing cow bones into the jaw to rebuild it so that it is strong enough to hold the dental implants in place, Zsuzsa jokes that she will ‘be part cow’ after the operation to repair her jaw and give her back her smile. She even managed to raise most of the money to pay for her operation by setting up a GoFundMe page, where the public generously helped her out to get the treatment.


Jungle star opens denture clinic in the Midlands


‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ contestant Crissy Rock has attended the opening night of a new denture clinic, called The Smile Centre, in Lichfield, in the Midlands, and she also encouraged many people across the country to consider their provider carefully if they, like her, require dentures. The actress and comedienne noted that ‘your smile is the first thing that people notice and the confidence great teeth can give you cannot be underestimated.’

The 53-year-old Benidorm star was joined by local MP Michael Fabricant and eighty guests for the grand opening this week. Director Matt Burnell was also in attendance, and only too happy to discuss the venture, saying ‘We are hugely excited about opening in the Midlands, and the response we have had already indicates that there is a lot of demand for the range of services we can offer from our state-of-the-art clinic.’ As well as providing dentures for thousands of patients in the area, the clinic will also offer dental implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics, veneers and various other cosmetic dental procedures.

Crissy – who had to wear dentures herself after losing her tooth implants during treatment for cancer – said that ‘The Smile Centre is one of the leading clinics in the UK and it is really important that patients do their homework and ensure they choose the best possible denturist to look after their treatment.’

I’m A Celebrity contestant booked in for dental surgery


ITV show ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ is known for putting its contestants through their paces, but comedienne Crissy Rock has an even bigger trial to face when she leaves the jungle; dental surgery. The cheeky Liverpudlian made viewers chuckle as she announced her ‘choppers’ had their own chopper, while her dentures were being flown back to her after she pulled out of a sky dive, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Crissy in the past few years.

Known for her scouse humour, the 55-year-old has kept her chin up while battling cancer for the second time, beating it shortly before signing up for the jungle reality show. Crissy had previously had several missing teeth replaced with dental implants, but when the cancer struck again, her jaw bone deteriorated to the point where it could no longer support them and they started to fall out.

Her friend, Margi Jones, said that it was loss of bone density that caused the dental implants to fall out, saying; ‘Crissy went through a bad time last year. That’s why she’s got the fake gnashers.’ But it seems the Benidorm star is anxious to have her old smile back, Margi went on to say that she was a ‘brave old bird to have the implants done again.’, pointing out that it wasn’t vanity, ‘she just hates the fact that she’s got false teeth.’

Steve Tyler rocks on after dental implants


Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler has had two dental implants fitted after knocking his teeth out falling out of the shower. The bands Paraguay tour date had to be rescheduled as Tyler recovered from his accident in hospital. According to Bourbon hotel bellboy, Gustavo Perez, the singer slipped whilst stepping out the shower and had ‘a nasty fall’.

The 63-year-old rocker has a Paraguayan dentist to thank for replacing his broken teeth and is thought to be recovering well after staying at the La Costa medical centre for nearly four hours. He received stitches to his face and emergency dental treatment from Maria Bastos, a local dentist.

Organisers of the Paraguay concert were quick to point out that Tyler was unwell before the fall, due to a bout of food poisoning which may have caused him to become dehydrated. Spokesperson Marcelo Antunez was left to make the announcement, describing Tyler’s fall as a ‘small accident’ and adding that he was doing ‘fine’.

If his appearance at a concert in Bogota is anything to go by, he looks to be on the mend. Just a week or so after his accident only a small bruise remained, and his teeth looked to be in tip-top condition. He and his family were very appreciative of all the support he received during his treatment, thanking the fans and local medical services via the media and social networking sites.

Dental implant course sees registration numbers treble


Dental implant provider Dentale has reported a significant rise in the number of people applying for a place on one of their courses. The company provides training for dentists and dental students in clinics throughout the South West of England and the West Midlands.
Implantology is a skilled and technical process that rebuilds a natural looking tooth from a titanium dental implant that is fixed into the jawbone. As this treatment has taken off in the dental world, it seems there are more healthcare professional looking to become an expert in the field. The number of dentists who have registered for a course at Dentale has risen by a staggering 257% from last year, boosting the firm’s turnover by an impressive 115%.

The most popular course is the five-day Introduction to Implant Dentistry, followed closely by the interactive ten-day Advanced Practical Implantology. Dentale provide numerous other dentistry courses, focusing on a variety of techniques and treatments, they also offer training for dental nurses in basic and advanced implantology.

Dentale group Manger, Debbie Snelson, commented that the courses were very hands-on and gave practicing dentists a chance to get experience of new surgical procedures, she said ‘Unlike other implantology training courses, dentists are guaranteed to work on patients from initial diagnosis, right through to implant placement and restoration. For concise, relevant professional instruction and the invaluable hands-on surgical experience which this course gives, it really is a must for any dentist wishing to start placing implants successfully and safely.’

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