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Dental implant dilemma for dentists


Dental implant dilemma for dentistsDental implants are an effective method of replacing missing teeth but dentists in Canada are uncertain about performing the procedure on young people.

In an article for Canada's Oral Health Journal, Dr Todd Welch has conveyed uncertainty in performing dental implants on teenagers due to the fact that facial and jaw development may not be complete.

However, Dr Welch acknowledged the loss of confidence a young person would feel after losing a tooth and suggested dentists across the world are faced with a dilemma.

Dental implant surgery has proven to be a hugely successful method of tooth repair in adults, he stated. The procedure includes the use of a fake root which is placed within the bone to give the appearance of a real tooth.

Dr Welch added: "This issue has been studied in giant literature and also proven in clinical practice."

"Sometimes, placing implants too early can be remedied by changing the crowns which attach to them."ADNFCR-2621-ID-800482021-ADNFCR

Writer is delighted by dental implant


A writer has praised his dental implant.A writer has said that he has been delighted by how his dental implant treatment has turned out.

Tim Jepson of the Telegraph said he opted to have one fitted after losing a molar when he bit into a prune.

He explained that he went for this kind of treatment over a bridge because dental implants are strong, reliable and durable and do not compromise any surrounding teeth.

The fitting of the titanium equipment and the mock tooth took around 40 minutes and Mr Jepson insisted that he didn't feel a thing.

"I am delighted with my implant. I can't feel it, it's rock solid and the crown is better-looking than the tooth that was there before," he concluded, urging anyone who has been wondering about whether or not to have implants to "bite the bullet". – the website of Dental Health magazine – recently said that people who are struggling as a result of age-related tooth loss could benefit from having dental implants.

Reasons for putting off dental implants may be unfounded


Some of the reasons people have for putting off having dental implants could be unfounded, an oral health magazine has suggested.Many of the reasons people put off having dental implants fitted may well be unfounded, according to one oral health magazine.

World Dental claimed there is no reason to distrust the procedure, as the surgery has a history stretching back more than 50 years.

With many people believing undergoing dental implant surgery could be painful, time-consuming and expensive, the publication explained that those who opt for the procedure will always be put under a local anaesthetic to ease the pain.

The surgery will only take up to 30 minutes and although not cheap, the implants can last up to ten years if properly looked after.

In addition, the publication said a mere two per cent of patients reject dental implants and this usually occurs only when they have a pre-existing metal allergy.

It added: "Modern skilled professionals can provide almost 100 per cent guarantee on the result."

Dr Amarik Singh, a dental implant doctor, recently told Health News that sophisticated tools and state-of-the-art computer imaging techniques mean the procedure can now be undertaken without the gums having to be cut open.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800417873-ADNFCR

Could super metal be future of dental implants?


Nanotiatium has been developed for dental implants.Scientists have developed a new type of "super metal" that can be used for dental implants.

Nanotitanium, engineered by former US and Russian weapons experts, is a stronger alloy that enables dental implants to bond more rapidly to human bone.

The metal is known as "titanium on steroids" and is part of the National Nuclear Security Administration's Global Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention programme.

The implant material, which has been created under a three-year partnership between Los Alamos National Laboratory, the New Mexico-based Manhattan Scientifics and a number of Russian institutes, expedites post-surgery healing and is long-lasting.

This is the first time that nanotitanium has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as a dental implant.

According to Caseldine Dental, mini dental implants have improved considerably over the past few years thanks to advances in technology and dental implantology. These improvements mean that dental implants can now be carried out with no cutting.


Dental implant ‘not needed’ for rugby player


A rugby player had his own tooth reinserted after a violent game.Cosmetic dentistry was not necessary for an Australian rugby player who lost a tooth in a particularly vicious game this weekend.

Nathan Sharpe, who plays for the Wallabies, had the tooth knocked out by centre Jaque Fourie as he made a tackle at the game in Brisbane.

The South African, who has been playing for seven years, kicked his opponent in the mouth with the back of his boot, but Sharpe continued to play, even with the gap in his mouth., part of sports media company ESPN, has described Sharpe as “outstanding” and “consistently excellent”.

Six ground staff members searched the field after full-time and were able to find the missing molar, allowing the Australian player to take it to his dentist and have it reinserted, which may have saved him the need for cosmetic dentistry such as tooth implants.

The Australian team went on to win the match 30-13, despite their captain’s injury.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19906779-ADNFCR

Dental implants and new face for gunshot victim


An American mother has had dental implants and other surgery to repair the damage from a gunshot wound.Dental implants are part of a range of surgeries that are helping an American mother get over an accident.

Chrissy Steltz was shot in the face aged 16 and lost her eyes, nose and part of her skull.

Now 27, she has a baby son and used to wear a sleeping mask to hide her injuries because she did not want him to be scared of her appearance.

But she was able to take the mask off recently after a pioneering team of surgeons gave her dental implants, bone and skin grafts and a new prosthetic face.

The first near-total face transplant in America was performed in 2008 in Cleveland, but Ms Steltz’s doctors decided against this procedure because she had lost around two-thirds of her face.

She was in a coma for six weeks after the attack and said she wanted the prosthesis and implants so her son could “grow to know his mum looking like a regular person versus a sleep shade”.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19895842-ADNFCR

Dental implants market ‘worth billions’


The dental implant industry is set to grow over the next five years, according to an American research company.Dental implants are rising in popularity, a new report has revealed.

Tooth implants will be worth around $4.2 billion [£2.7 billion] by 2015, up from this year’s value of $3.2 billion, the survey by research company MarketsandMarkets estimated.

Over 40 per cent of dental implant customers will be based in Europe and around 30 per cent are expected to be from North America, with expectations coming from current figures showing that Europeans have the largest market in cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry’s increasing popularity and the emergence of new technology are the reasons behind the rise, noted the organisation.

The US-based company estimates that between two and three per cent of the global population have already had the dental implants, describing them as the “most comprehensive and long-term solutions” for replacing missing teeth.

A single implant can be placed in half an hour, the Association of Dental Implantology claims, although the healing process can take several months.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19894828-ADNFCR

Dental implants ‘give a long-lasting effect’


Dental implants 'give a long-lasting effect'Dental implants are a safer and more natural way to get a long-lasting perfect smile.

This is the opinion of experts at WorlDental, who recommended the procedure as better than the traditional bridges and caps, which can often cause irritation to gums and teeth.

Despite the higher costs, dental implants are worth it in the long run as they can last a lifetime, the news portal noted.

The information provider stated that having the technology fitted can help to correct damaged or missing teeth and markedly improve their appearance.

“A high-tech dental implant … causes no long or short-term damage and doesn’t depend on support from neighbouring teeth,” it explained.

The website described how the surgery requires patients to have the implant embedded in the jawbone and then an artificial tooth is fitted where the missing original should be.

Dr Alex Farnoosh recently encouraged patients to look after their teeth in order to avoid needing emergency dentistry and maintain overall health.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19888118-ADNFCR

Alex Higgins ‘needs emergency dentistry’


Snooker legend Alex Higgins requires dental implants.

Snooker legend, 61-year-old Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins is in need of dental implants.

The two-time Snooker World Champion – he won the title in 1972 and 1982 – has been battling throat cancer and has now lost so many teeth due to the radiotherapy that he is forced to live on baby food.

As a result, his friends have come together to raise awareness of his plight and hope to raise a significant amount to help him have dental implants fitted.

His former PA Will Robinson said: “We are desperately trying to raise £20,000 for teeth implants, which his dentist insists will help him eat properly again.

“He’s still loved by many and we’re hoping people will remember what he brought to the sport.”

Meanwhile, WorlDental recently highlighted the top reasons for dental implant rejections. It noted that in the majority of cases this does not happen, but occasionally it can and that infection is normally the number one cause.

Dental implants explained


Dental implants have been explained for those considering the treatment.

People undergoing dental implant procedures due to tooth loss may not fully understand what the device actually is and therefore the Baltic Times has handily offered an explanation.

Indeed, the publication noted that a dental implant is a titanium screw which is used to replace the tooth root and provides a foundation for the attachment of further aesthetic dental devices.

The fitting procedure works, whereby, a dental professional will first take X-rays to ensure there is adequate room and jaw strength to have the device fitted, before making a small incision in the gum and fixing the implant in place.

All in all, the procedure can be carried out relatively easily and offers individuals who have lost teeth a chance to regain their smile.

Meanwhile, Dentium USA – the maker of a range of dental implant devices – recently announced that its new SuperLine dental implant system is now available and is perfectly suited to help patients who have bone density issues.

The product is equipped with a true single platform and only one abutment connection is used for implants.

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