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Hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory


Latest News

Hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory

Hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory. Latest news from Pearl Dental Clinic.

A story featuring on a popular internet website, Enlightened Consciousness, has shared details of hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory. The study, which was originally published in the Journal of Dental Research, gave details of the hybrid teeth being grown and developed.

The study combined cells from a human gum with the stems cells from a mouse tooth. These were then incubated. The scientists observed that the cells multiplied to, in effect, grow a brand new tooth from scratch. The new teeth also have roots and an enamel coating to ensure they are well protected. Furthermore, it seems it is near impossible to tell them apart from a natural tooth.

Stem cell research is a major breakthrough for the dental and medical world. Due to these findings, it is now possible to regrow many different cells in the body. They can also repair damaged tissue, red blood cells, skin, and muscle. This discovery could well change the way we replace missing teeth. Meaning dental implants, dentures, and bridges could become a thing of the past. However, for now, dental implants will still remain one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth.


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New test for dental implant suitability


Latest News

New test for dental implant suitability

           New test for dental implant suitability.

A new test for dental implant suitability is currently being trialled. Biomechanical testing of dental implants and tissue will be able to help analyse the potential implant site. This will, therefore, help to determine whether the implant could be successful or not, and why. This screening could massively increase the success of dental implant fixtures by assessing and analysing the connection between the body and biomaterials. What is more, the testing will help manufacturers develop more innovative and appropriate designs and products while keeping costs down.

A newly derived test will also mimic the environment that the implant would be fitted into. This includes changes in acidity levels, temperature, bacterial presence, and vibrations and movement that simulate chewing. This type of test will see how well the fixture responds to these added pressures and what the hot spot areas are.

Michael Gasik, one of the review authors and researchers at Aalto University Foundation in Finland also added. “This drastically reduces the time and effort required for clinical tests.” Watch this space!


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New nano technology for dental implants


Latest News

A group of UK researchers and scientists have developed a new nano technology for dental implants. The new nano coating is said to reduce the risk of peri-implantitis developing. Peri-implantitis is inflammation around the implant and is the main cause of their failure.

The nano-coating is made up of titanium oxide, silver, and hydroxyapatite. In the trials these helped to stop the growth of bacteria and also bacteria biofilm by nearly ninety-eight percent. Therefore, a significant breakthrough in fighting implant failure. As well as fighting bacteria the nano coating helped the implants successfully attach to the bone.

Professor Chris Tredwin is part of the scientific research team. He is also Head of Plymouth University’s Dentistry School. Professor Tredwin had this to say about their findings. “We have identified the means to protect dental implants against the most common cause of their failure. The potential of our work for increased patient comfort and satisfaction, and reduced costs is great and we look forward to translating our findings into clinical practice.” Therefore, the new discovery could mean that dental implant failure could soon be a thing of the past.


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Shane MacGowan gets new teeth; including a gold incisor


He has been living with tooth loss for decades, but now the Pogues front man Shane MacGowan has finally had restorative dental work done to replace his lost teeth; the singer destroyed his front teeth with drugs and alcohol over the years and had to get dental implants to replace them.

Shane, who celebrates his 58th birthday on Christmas day, has been able to eat an apple for the first time in three decades after undergoing six operations to repair the damage over the course of six months. Despite living without his teeth for many years, the singer did not think about doing anything drastic about the condition until his girlfriend of thirty years, Victoria Mary Clarke, suggested dental implants as a solution.

Rather than having a set of entirely white teeth, the singer has a single gold tooth over one incisor; as part of an overall design that has apparently been based on the teeth of actor Michael Fassbender. In order to get through the procedure, Shane hired a pranic healer, who provided a form of alternative medicine that was ‘better than any drug’ the singer has ever taken.

Shane’s journey to rebuild his broken smile will be chronicled in a new documentary entitled; Shane MacGowan; A Wreck Reborn, which airs on Sky Arts this week.


Dental patient wins compensation for a year of pain


A man who was left in severe pain for a year following poor dental treatment has been awarded £7,000 in compensation in an out-of-court settlement. Chris Potts, 30, from Urmston, said that he felt a ‘crunch and snap’ as his dentist tried to extract a tooth and he was left in excruciating pain after the botched extraction.

Chris visited Dr Atif Shamas-Ud-Din, who worked at the Gary Knowles Dental Practice, in Partington, to have a tooth treated back in 2013, after it started to decay. Dr Shamas-Ud-Din decided to place a filling rather than attempt a root canal filling. However, Chris was still experiencing pain from the rotten tooth and it was agreed that an extraction was necessary later on.

During what he described as a ‘horrendous’ experience, Chris said that he was ‘in absolute agony’ as the dentist attempted to extract the molar. He explained ‘I asked the dentist to stop. I was left with the roots of the tooth left in my gum which was so excruciatingly painful that, ever since, I’ve needed heavy painkillers, prescribed by my GP, to cope with the pain.’ He is still waiting for the roots to be removed so that the pain can be relieved permanently and he can start dental implant treatment.

Dr Shamas-Ud-Din declined to comment on the case in order to protect patient confidentiality, but he did say that he will ‘always strive to provide the best possible care’ for all his patients.

Sharon Osbourne says that British people have ‘fugly’ teeth


TV presenter Sharon Osbourne has spoken about the state of British teeth on her daytime show The Talk, blaming the problems on a lack of dentists in the country. The reality star called British teeth ‘fugly’ meaning they are extremely unappealing to look at.

Sharon joked that ‘there is only one dentist in England’ and no one can find him, so everyone in the country has ‘fugly teeth’. The 62-year-old made the comments as she discussed her own dental condition, recalling how her dental implant came out on live television last year – she blamed the dental damage on poor restorative work. Sharon tried to stick the tooth back in with superglue during a commercial break for the show but it didn’t work and the presenter was left without a tooth for the remainder of the broadcast. She joked ‘as if nobody my age has a tooth that doesn’t come out?’

The dental problem surfaced after only a few weeks with the implant, and Sharon explained ‘I am sat there two weeks later on the show and I can feel grit in my mouth, and I thought what had I eaten. And then I realised it was big bits of grit and then the tooth is waggling, and I am like ‘oh my Lord – right on air.’

Patients need to be warned of dental implant risks, says King’s College study


According to new research undertaken by the King’s College London Dental Institute, many surgeries in the UK are failing to properly inform their patients of the risks associated with dental implants; more specifically the possibility of nerve damage. The results of the study suggest that because the number of implant procedures has risen in recent years, so too have the number of patients suffering nerve injuries; around one per cent of treatments result in nerve damage, out of approximately 10,000 carried out across the country.

Of the thirty people with nerve problems tested, over half of them suffered constant pain after surgery, and forty percent complained of numbness in the jaw. More worryingly, a third of participants reported experiencing feelings of depression and other psychological problems.

Study leader Professor Tara Renton says that patients are not being given the correct information or care before and after the treatment; ‘In our study of a collection of implant patients with injuries we discovered that pre-operative consent, planning and follow-up after surgery was inadequate.’ She says, ‘Clinicians must be vigilant about potential nerve damage when carrying out these surgical procedures.’

Professor Damien Walmsley, of the British Dental Association, comments that no surgery is entirely risk-free and patients should be made aware of the possible side effects beforehand, he also points out that ‘the risk of nerve damage will vary according to where an implant is inserted in the mouth, but dentists take the precautions necessary to minimise this risk and achieve a successful outcome.’

Wrestling star suffers dental complications


Wrestler-turned-actor Hulk Hogan is bringing in the New Year with a few changes to his public image; he’s shaving his head and removing the iconic moustache in preparation for some new acting opportunities. The 58-year-old is getting ready for some auditions, after only recently recovering from dental complications that left him in agony.

Hulk was undergoing dental implant surgery in October last year, in order to replace some missing teeth and improve his chances of rebuilding his acting career. The wrestler admitted that losing the teeth was his own fault, after neglecting to clean them properly, ‘After many years of not taking care of teeth correctly, I had to finally have surgery,’ he said. Unfortunately, according to the wresting star, his dentist accidentally left a metal tack in his mouth after fitting him for a mould, which developed into a nasty infection that wouldn’t shift for several weeks.

The treatment that followed involved drilling a hole in the side of Hogan’s jaw, in order to remove the infected tissue, then cleaning the area thoroughly. ‘I’m good to go.’ He said today, but added ‘It feels like somebody punched me in the face.’ He also had a few words of advice for his young fans regarding dental care, saying ‘The theme for today is ‘kids, take care of your teeth’, because if you stuff candy in your mouth, you’re going to rot your teeth out.

Dentistry LIVE 2012


The 2012 Dentistry LIVE symposium promises to be bigger and better than any other dentistry convention held across the nation, when it arrives at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London on the 25th of May next year. 

The 48-session event will span two days and cover all areas of dentistry, including dental implants, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, hands-on demonstrations, dental hygiene, and much more. Hosted by Independent Seminars, the symposium also incorporates the World Aesthetic Congress into one weekend of comprehensive, cosmetic dentistry. There will be events taking place all day, with plenty on offer for attendees of all different levels of skill. Sixteen verifiable CPD hours are up for grabs if dental teams are present on both days.

The convention has already garnered a lot of buzz within the industry, attracting some of the top professionals in the business to speak on various aspects of dentistry. Several of the star guests have been named as; Trent Smallwood, Simon Cunnington, Bob Khanna, Ashok Sethi, Jo Anne Jones and Eric Van Dooren.

Not only that, but many innovative dental companies will be a traveling from across the globe to put in an appearance at the two-day exhibition. There are also numerous products on offer, services to sample, and techniques to try out, it’s the most inclusive event on the dentistry calendar, something no one in the industry should miss out on.

Dental implants ‘provide alternative to dentures’


Dental implants 'provide alternative to dentures'Older people contemplating getting dentures could consider dental implants as an alternative.

With an increase in the number of people opting to get dental implants in recent years, the benefits of the procedure have been highlighted.

The process allows people to have the look and feel of natural teeth, without damaging the surrounding area.

Colgate Oral and Dental Health Resource Center revealed the two types of dental implant procedure most commonly used with patients.

Endosteal implants are fitted through the jawbone in two surgical procedures. A second operation is needed to connect a post to the original implant.

Subperiosteal implants consist of a metal frame fitted onto the jawbone.

Dental implants can replace a single tooth that has been knocked or fallen out or an entire set of teeth which has become damaged over time.

If the replacement teeth are treated with the appropriate care and regular professional check-ups, they are likely to last a lifetime.

Colgate advises people to ensure their gums are healthy before choosing to get implants fitted.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800510075-ADNFCR

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