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New test for dental implant suitability


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New test for dental implant suitability

           New test for dental implant suitability.

A new test for dental implant suitability is currently being trialled. Biomechanical testing of dental implants and tissue will be able to help analyse the potential implant site. This will, therefore, help to determine whether the implant could be successful or not, and why. This screening could massively increase the success of dental implant fixtures by assessing and analysing the connection between the body and biomaterials. What is more, the testing will help manufacturers develop more innovative and appropriate designs and products while keeping costs down.

A newly derived test will also mimic the environment that the implant would be fitted into. This includes changes in acidity levels, temperature, bacterial presence, and vibrations and movement that simulate chewing. This type of test will see how well the fixture responds to these added pressures and what the hot spot areas are.

Michael Gasik, one of the review authors and researchers at Aalto University Foundation in Finland also added. “This drastically reduces the time and effort required for clinical tests.” Watch this space!


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