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Teeth grinding ‘could lead to emergency dentistry’


Teeth grinding 'could lead to emergency dentistry'People who grind their teeth during the night could be more likely to need emergency dentistry such as root canal treatment.

Although many may be unaware they are committing the act while they sleep, people who grind their teeth could face a number of oral health problems.

Experts have advised the public to be aware of telltale signs of teeth grinding in a bid to monitor the effects it could have on dental condition.

For instance, Dental Health Magazine says chipped front teeth, sore gums and the appearance of flattened teeth are all found to be symptoms of the problem.

People who grind their teeth are often found to suffer from a sore jaw in the morning due to clenching during the night.

Teeth Grinding Cure recommends that those who grind their teeth should seek help from a dental professional.

The website suggests people wear a personalised mouth guard during the night in a bid to combat the problem and prevent future health problems. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800531431-ADNFCR

Celebrities ‘maintain Hollywood smiles with cosmetic dentistry’


Celebrities 'maintain Hollywood smiles with cosmetic dentistry'An increase in the popularity of cosmetic dentistry could be due to the high number of celebrities opting for the treatment.

Singers and actors with dazzling white teeth seem to be encouraging regular people to aspire for the same thing, Dental Health Magazine suggested.

While various celebrities will pay thousands of pounds to maintain their perfect smiles, experts have revealed there are cheaper options that could have the same effect.

Cheryl Cole, who has recently been announced as a judge on the American version of The X Factor, was transformed after receiving dental veneers and teeth whitening in the early stages of her career.

Other celebrities who have sought cosmetic dentistry include singer Hilary Duff and Cole's fellow X Factor judge Simon Cowell.

Meanwhile, the General Dental Council has urged the government to take action to create tougher controls for cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening and ensure they can only be conducted in a safe and hygienic environment.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800527209-ADNFCR

Teeth clenching ‘may lead to emergency dentistry’


Teeth clenching 'may lead to emergency dentistry'People who clench their teeth during the night are more likely to need emergency dentistry, an expert has claimed.

Waking up with headaches or ringing in the ears is a sign people have been biting their teeth together when they are asleep, Dental Health Magazine reports.

Experts have advised people displaying these symptoms to rub a finger along the upper and lower edges of their teeth to examine any damage caused by the problem.

Teeth grinding could potentially lead to chipped or broken teeth, as well as cause them to become loose and misaligned.

The magazine recommended people with the problem seek advice from their oral hygienist in a bid to avoid emergency dentistry.

A number of cases of teeth grinding in America have been treated using Botox procedures to decrease the strength of muscle contractions in the mouth.

The procedure has also been used to relieve pain in patients suffering with various dental health issues.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800523240-ADNFCR

Tongue cleaning ‘reduces risk of emergency dentistry’


Tongue cleaning 'reduces risk of emergency dentistry'People who clean their tongues are less likely to need emergency dental procedures such as root canal treatment.

Removing bacteria from the muscle by brushing it will improve overall oral health and limit the chances of developing tooth decay.

Dental Health Magazine recommends people should purchase a toothbrush that includes a specialised tongue cleanser to make it easier to carry out the act.

As well as ridding the mouth of dangerous bacteria, ensuring the tongue is clean will also give a fresh and clean feeling.

Bad Breath Killer advises people to go as far back as possible while brushing the tongue to ensure all potentially harmful germs are removed.

The website suggests people clean the muscle regularly in order to rid the mouth of bacteria accumulated during mealtimes.

Bacteria between the teeth should also be removed by flossing which will contribute to making sure people have good overall oral hygiene.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800521839-ADNFCR

‘Nearly everyone’ can benefit from teeth whitening


Teeth whitening could be an option for many people“Nearly everyone” could benefit from a teeth whitening procedure, it has been claimed.

Dental Health Magazine reports that there are many reasons why teeth can become discoloured, including smoking, ageing and drinking red wine or coffee.

Similarly, nerve degeneration can also cause the colour to change.

However, a teeth whitening treatment may help to alleviate the problem, the publication notes.

The procedure takes about 90 minutes and a whitening gel is used to release oxygen that lightens the dentine and enamel of the teeth, without altering their structure.

Although people with veneers, porcelains or old fillings may not respond to the treatment in the same way, the news provider points out that they can visit a cosmetic dentist who will be able to advise them on the best course of action.

Last week, Boulis Sami wrote for Lon’s Article Directory that laser teeth whitening is ideal for people who want quick results.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19916850-ADNFCR

Kids’ dental care ‘should begin after birth’


Kids' dental care 'should begin after birth'Parents are being told that it is a good idea to start looking after a child’s oral hygiene at birth, thus lessening the risk of needing emergency dentistry later in life.

Dental Health Magazine reports that mothers and fathers should take care of a baby’s mouth before their first tooth emerges by cleaning gums with a damp washcloth to avoid infection.

Once a youngster has their first tooth, parents are advised to use a soft, age appropriate toothbrush and water and only when a child is capable of spitting should they introduce a small amount of fluoridated toothpaste, the publication continues.

“Their most vulnerable time for infection is between 6 and 31 months. Therefore, an important part of taking care of a baby’s teeth is to take care of your own,” the news provider states.

Dr Tom Hall suggested that kids should be taken for check-ups as early as possible as it introduces them to the idea or looking after their teeth and allays worries about visiting the dentist, reported.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19899717-ADNFCR

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