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Big support for Mouth Cancer Action Month


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Big support for Mouth Cancer Action MonthA Luton dentist is among many professionals offering big support for Mouth Cancer Action Month. Dentists across the country are providing dental check-ups and information on mouth cancer awareness to help patients identify the signs. Mouth cancer can present itself in the form of tumours that develop in the lip, gums, or salivary glands, as well as on the tongue, or the floor of the mouth.

Mouth cancer has increased at an alarming rate and dentists all around the country are urging patients to be vigilant. Luckily, growing public awareness of mouth cancer is helping people to spot the signs sooner and know what to look for. However, there is still work to be done. Early detection can often mean better survival rates. This sentiment was echoed by the MyDentist clinical director, Nyree Whitley. “It’s not all bad news, by making sure patients have regular check-ups we can diagnose more mouth cancers at an early stage. Early treatment drastically increases the chances of beating the disease, as this prevents the cancer from developing.”


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Price of dental treatment in England set to rise


The price of dental treatments in England is set to rise by 5% by the year 2017/18; a routine check-up will cost over twenty pounds and band C treatments, such as dental crowns, will cost over £240.

According to the government, the price changes will only affect ‘those who can afford it’ whilst at the same time ‘protecting the most vulnerable’. However, the British Dental Association does not agree, saying that this price rise could ultimately damage the dental health of the nation, as people avoid going to the dentist for check-ups and treatment.

A written statement to Parliament by Health Minister Alistair Burt said that the decision has been made to implement the 5% price rise, stating that ‘Dental charges remain an important contribution to the overall cost of dental services, first introduced in 1951.’

Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, of the British Dental Association, called the price hike ‘unprecedented’ and argued that this will only ‘discourage the patients that are most in need of care.’ He added that dentists were ‘being asked to play the role of tax collector, while our patients are singled out to subsidise the health service.’ Finally he said that this is likely to ‘undermine’ the relationship between dentists and patients, whilst giving patients ‘another reason to avoid visiting the dentist.’



Dental check-ups ‘can highlight underlying medical conditions’


Avoid emergency dentistry and get a health check with a visit to a dentist.  Not only could regularly visiting a professional help to avoid a need for emergency dentistry, it could also flag up any underlying health issues patients may be suffering from.

This is according to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, which points out that an oral examination can reveal conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis and eating disorders, US Insurance Online reports.

Furthermore, looking after the teeth could also prevent other problems like lung disease, the organisation said.

Solomon Romano said getting used to a proper oral hygiene regime is essential.

“Regardless of age or ethnicity, it’s important to practice good dental care. People should visit the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and check-up,” he added.

This follows advice earlier this week from Mary Hayes, spokesperson for the American Dental Association, who told the Norwich Bulletin that people should view their teeth like they do their cars and book them in for a regular ‘MOT’.


Check-ups for gum disease ‘vital’


Check-ups for gum disease 'vital'People need to be aware that just because their mouths appear healthy does not mean there are not underlying oral health issues, one expert has warned.

Dr John Bridges explained the significance of dental hygiene in maintaining overall wellbeing and not just avoiding the need for emergency dentistry, Black Hills Today reports.

He commented on theories linking heart problems to gum disease stating how they are still in the early stages and as such it is important that people have regular dental check-ups to assess the health of their smiles.

“With studies still surfacing it is hard to know how many people have been affected by poor dental health,” Dr Bridges said.

He added that gum disease can increase the risk of heart attacks as proteins pass into the bloodstream.

Dr Tim Robinson recently told KPLC that people who are scared of visiting a dentist should consider using the sedation techniques available to relax themselves and allow work to be carried out more easily.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19876499-ADNFCR

Dental check-ups ‘can highlight cancer signs’


Head to dentist’s for canacer screening.

Brits worried about their general health have been urged to head to their local dentist’s office to have a check-up.

The Mal Hutton CHANCE (Campaign For Head and Neck Cancer Education) Fund is urging people to visit their dentist regularly, as dental professionals will routinely check for this disease and it can be a good way to spot the early signs of cancer development, Wigan Today reported.

Lynne Hutton has been working with Ashton, Leigh and Wigan Primary Care Trusts to promote awareness and commented: “The message of the campaign is very simple – we just want to encourage people to go to their dentists for regular check-ups.”

Elsewhere, the Westmoreland Gazette recently reported a new scheme has been launched in Kendal, Appleby, Wigton and Brampton and is set to be rolled out across Cumbria to help improve oral health in the region.

The initiative will focus on promoting preventative emergency dentistry treatments for patients.

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