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Teen spends £20,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like Beckham


Nottingham’s Jack Johnson has spent a whopping twenty thousand pounds on cosmetic surgery, in an attempt to look more like David Beckham. Jack appeared on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ to discuss the procedures he has had and his motivations for wanting the surgery. In his pursuit to look like his idol, Jack has had a number of cosmetic enhancements. These include, veneers for his teeth, fillers in his lips to plump out his pout, cheek fillers, an eye brow lift and Botox in his forehead. When asked why he wanted to look like Beckham, the teen replied, “I love his lifestyle, I love the way he looks. If I look like him I feel much better about myself inside.”

Viewers of the ITV show were decidedly unimpressed by the teens efforts, and a social media slating ensued. One person wrote, “Nobody has told this youth the truth. He needs a huge dose of reality. Quick. #thismorning.” Another viewer also commented that they could not watch the interview as it was too cringe worthy. Despite this, however, it seems that the issue that has caused the most uproar is that the teen is currently unemployed, with speculation growing that he used benefit money for the supposed transformation.

It was clear from the interview that Jack had pursued this surgery in an attempt to mask his insecurities, with some viewers crying out to the show to help him become truly happy on the inside, as well as with his physical appearance.




David Beckham snaps daughter Harper as she brushes her teeth


He is known to be a doting father and David Beckham is always posting cute pictures of his children on social media sites; his latest snap shows youngest child Harper brushing her teeth while wearing her very own Manchester Utd kit – complete with her own surname written across the back.

The picture shows the adorable 4-year-old leaning over the bathroom sink while standing on her tiptoes to reach the taps, the Man Utd shirt, with Beckhams name and number on the back, is clearly visible. Proud dad David added the caption ‘Teeth time a few hours ago and I walked in to tippy toes and the United strip plus a perfect platt does it get any cuter (sic).’

The cute photo, which was posted on Instagram, received over 565,000 likes and almost three thousand comments in just fourteen hours. The youngster even had the picture added onto her personal Instagram page, which currently has more than seventy thousand followers. Harper’s mother Victoria also regularly posts pictures of her daughter, with her most recent one showing the youngster in a tutu, with the caption ‘Mummy is so proud of her little ballerina.’


Cosmetic dentistry news: Holly Willoughby ‘has best celebrity smile’


Cosmetic dentistry news: Holly Willoughby 'has best celebrity smile'People contemplating getting London cosmetic dentistry could be interested to know TV presenter Holly Willoughby's smile has been named the best in show business.

The This Morning host received a quarter of the votes as part of the survey conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF), reports.

Results also revealed that 18 per cent of people voted stunning model and TV personality Kelly Brook's smile the most attractive, awarding her second place.

Both Prince William and footballer David Beckham topped the poll for men, receiving 11 per cent of the vote each.

However, the Duke of Cambridgeshire's younger brother Harry came in last place with only three per cent of the vote.

Chief Executive of the BDHF Dr Nigel Carter said: "The growing trend towards cosmetic dentistry may be a result of the way celebrities present themselves, but we must not forget the basics of good oral hygiene."

Dental Health Magazine recently named a number of celebrities who had undergone cosmetic dentistry to perfect their Hollywood smiles.

Zac Efron, Kate Beckinsale and Hilary Duff were among those who owe their gleaming teeth to the procedures.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800531418-ADNFCR

Ronnie Wood ‘has had cosmetic dentistry’


Ronnie Wood 'has had cosmetic dentistry'Musician Ronnie Wood has admitted to undergoing cosmetic dentistry to brighten his smile.

The 63-year-old Rolling Stones band member revealed he opted for the treatment to give his teeth a youthful glow, the Guardian reports.

Admitting in an interview that he has had tooth veneers fitted, the bass player revealed the dentists had given him slightly stained fittings to give the teeth a natural look.

He said: "I had them done a few years ago; they trimmed the actual teeth down a bit and put these veneers on top."

The British rocker also revealed his Rolling Stones bandmate Keith Richards had used superglue to attach a veneer back to his tooth – which would not be recommended by dental experts.

An increasing number of men are choosing to undergo cosmetic dentistry to improve their confidence through gaining whiter teeth.

Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise and David Beckham are just some of the celebrities rumoured to have had their teeth professionally whitened to improve their Hollywood smiles.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800512022-ADNFCR

Private emergency dentist for US ski team


The US ski team have been given their own emergency dentist to help in case of an oral crisis, it has been revealed.

Cosmetic Dentistry Guide reported Dr James Harding, of Vail Valley Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, has been offered and accepted the role of being the team’s official dentist.

Dr Harding will be providing dental assistance to all members of the country’s Alpine, Snowboard, Nordic and Ski and Snowboard Cross teams.

He commented "a small advantage could be the difference between a gold and a silver medal" and added that "hundredths of a second can make the difference to world-class athletes".

Elsewhere, Sky Sports recently revealed that when David Beckham played for AC Milan during the second half of last season, the club’s dentist worked to straighten a crooked tooth which the player had as he felt it was putting off his balance.

Beckham recently announced he will be returning to the club this season when the American league ends.

Cheryl Cole ‘had veneers as part of makeover’


It is believed that X Factor judge and Girls Aloud popstar Cheryl Cole spends in excess of £200,000 per year on her appearance and, as part of her makeover, she has had up to eight dental veneers.

According to the Daily Mail, she wears Invisalign braces to help keep her teeth in perfect alignment and recently underwent professional teeth whitening.

She commented: "I wake up and think, ‘Oh never mind, I’ll put it on again tomorrow night’, but then I forget. I hope my dentist’s not reading this."

The newspaper estimated that Cole spends approximately £8,000 a year keeping her smile in the perfect condition.

Elsewhere, England and soon-to-be AC Milan footballer David Beckham recently claimed to have had some dental work carried out after dental professionals at the Italian club felt a gap in his teeth was putting off his balance and affecting his overall fitness.

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