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Has Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges turned to Botox?


TV trainer Michelle Bridges is well-known in the fitness world as having a slim, youthful appearance, but recent pictures of the 43-year-old seem to suggest that she has had a helping hand with her complexion, in order to reduce the signs of aging. In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, she said that she was not against the use of facial injections if it helps with self-esteem; she told the publication ‘I am a fan of anything that makes a person feel good about themselves and more confident.’

With her remarkably smooth skin and wrinkle-free forehead, it appears that the Biggest Loser fitness trainer has been taking her own advice, although she did not specifically confirm this in the interview. Michelle has said that the best aid to natural youth and beauty is to get a good night’s sleep; she told Body+Soul ‘A good restorative night’s sleep is by far the best, and the most enjoyable beauty treatment on the planet particularly if I’ve been belting myself in the gym that day. I intuitively know that my body heals itself when I sleep.’

Michelle’s publicist declined to comment on the story when contacted by Mailonline there’s no denying that the celebrity looked fantastic when photographed returning from a romantic getaway with her partner and fellow personal trainer Steve Willis last week.

Emergency dentistry news: Gingivitis ‘is common in pregnant women’


Emergency dentistry news: Gingivitis 'is common in pregnant women'People hoping to prevent emergency dentistry could be interested to hear that gingivitis is a common condition in women who have recently given birth.

Inflammation to the gums caused by hormones and an increase in blood volume is fairly common during pregnancy, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The condition, which affects around 50 per cent of pregnant women, usually clears up after childbirth.

However, life coach Sara Stanner advised women to seek treatment from a dental professional if the symptoms continue to reduce the risk of more serious issues.

Women suffering from the condition are urged to consume high levels of vitamins C and D, while avoiding starchy and sugary products.

According to Web MD, signs of gum inflammation usually emerge between the second and eight months of pregnancy, with many women experiencing bleeding gums.

The health website advises women to ensure they maintain effective oral routines throughout their gestation in a bid to combat the disease. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800564476-ADNFCR

Botox at a young age ‘could make people look older’


Botox at a young age 'could make people look older'People contemplating getting Botox treatment should ensure they wait until an appropriate age, an expert has suggested.

Cosmetic specialist Darren McKeown has warned members of the public that the anti-wrinkle injection could make people appear older if performed when wrinkles have not yet formed.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Mr McKeown addressed the fact that there is no scientific proof to suggest the treatment can be used as a preventative measure.

Therefore, undergoing the non-surgical procedure at a young age could rid the face of natural expression, making it difficult to make friends.

Mr McKeown advised people to wait until visible lines have appeared on the face before opting for the treatment, which is effective in reducing the signs of ageing.

Members of the public have also been warned about the possible dangers of receiving Botox injections in a non-medical environment.

Experts recently told the Sun that people should select reputable practitioners when undergoing the procedure, rather than risk potentially dangerous treatment in beauty salons or at home. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800561750-ADNFCR

Arlene Philips stays young with Botox


Arlene Philips is one of the many celebrities to have used BotoxCelebrity choreographer Arlene Philips has revealed she has tried Botox in an attempt to keep the forces of ageing at bay.

The former Strictly Come Dancing judge told New magazine that she has previously used the anti-wrinkle treatment and is keen to try the latest cosmetic procedure known as ‘baby Botox‘.

Philips was controversially dropped from the expert panel on Strictly last year after the BBC show’s producers decided to replace her with a younger judge, Alesha Dixon.

“A lot of my friends are now having baby Botox,” the 67-year-old star told the publication.

“Apparently it doesn’t hurt, so as soon as I get some time, baby Botox here I come.”

Baby Botox uses the same ingredients as the normal treatment, but in smaller quantities.

Cosmetic surgery specialist Dr Michael Prager recently told the Daily Telegraph that women who spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen may require Botox treatment in the future.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800087191-ADNFCR

Thumb sucking ‘can lead to dental problems’


Thumb sucking 'can lead to dental problems'Children who continue to suck their thumbs past the age of six risk suffering from buck teeth and jaw problems, according to one orthodontist.

Dr Neil Counihan has founded London’s first clinic to treat the problem of youngsters who refuse to give up the habit as they age, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Sufferers will be fitted with plastic guards on their thumbs and metal mouth pieces that discourage the practice and replace more traditional deterrent methods such as covering the nails in products that taste bitter.

As teeth develop their alignment and that of the jaw can be affected and in some cases children will require treatment to correct problems if they have continued to suck their thumb, he explained.

Teeth that don’t align correctly can be more prone to damage and can impact on the jaw muscles, causing problems such as headaches and joint problems, the British Dental Health Foundation warns.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19836145-ADNFCR

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