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Teeth whitening may be in demand after pout survey


Could teeth whitening help to make that pout look even better?   Demand for teeth whitening could go up after a survey found that men are drawn more to the mouth than any other facial feature on a woman.

According to scientists at the University of Manchester, ten seconds after meeting a lady for the first time, a man will spend more than half of the encounter looking at her mouth.

Furthermore, if she is wearing lipstick, the subject is likely to be unable to look away.

This effect was enhanced when the woman in question was sporting red lipstick.

However, given that red makeup can draw attention to discolouration, teeth whitening treatment could be a good idea when trying to attract a date using this tactic.

The celebrities said to have the best pouts in showbiz were found to be Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Cheryl Cole, Jessica Alba and Beyonce Knowles.

In September 2010, the Daily Rosetta recommended Zoom teeth whitening as a great way of getting a Hollywood smile.

Teeth whitening may be quicker than you think


Patients can get whiter teeth in a lot less than a month.A dental expert has said that patients may be able to get whiter teeth more quickly than they think.

Martin G Goebbel, a dentist in the US, wrote an article in response to a reader query submitted to KRQE News, which asked if it is possible to achieve brighter-looking teeth in a month.

“You can have whiter teeth in about two hours with a chairside teeth whitening procedure if your teeth are in good shape,” he commented.

Dr Goebbel added that if they are not, patients could still get a better smile by having dental veneers fitted.

Patients may also be able to have teeth whitening treatment in less than two hours if they opt for a Zoom procedure.

Dentist Dr Sherzoy told the Daily Rosetta last month that Zoom teeth whitening is safe, gentle and quick, often taking less than one hour.

The process uses a special gel and a light to get the teeth looking a few shades brighter.

Zoom teeth whitening ‘is an amazing treatment’


People wanting brighter teeth could try Zoom teeth whitening.Zoom teeth whitening could be a great solution for people who have been experiencing problems with yellowing and discolouration.

This is the advice of the Daily Rosetta, which highlighted the treatment as being a quick, effective and more gentle form of whitening than dentists have been able to achieve in the past.

Dentist Dr Sherzoy told the publication: “[This] is a safe, fast solution to those who want to achieve that sparkling white smile.”

During Zoom whitening, your dentist will apply a gel to the teeth and use a Zoom light to brighten your smile in less than an hour.

Earlier this month, Perfect Wedding magazine suggested teeth whitening treatments should be an investment women make ahead of their wedding day so they can look their best in the photographs.

The article added that it was as important as looking after skincare, getting into shape and having bridal hair done.

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