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Silhouette Lift gains momentum


A relatively new procedure, the Silhouette Lift, is gaining credibility on the cosmetic surgery scene. The treatment is performed by the insertion of threads under the jaw line that are woven through and tightened to achieve a lift in the skin. Some positives of the Silhouette Lift are that there is no risk of nerve damage, it is less invasive and the recovery time is minimal compared to a full face or neck lift.

Gill Baird, a business consultant from Glasgow, spoke to the Daily Record about her experience with the procedure. “I didn’t want to go down the traditional neck lift route, because I’d be off work for weeks. Then I heard about this procedure and I only had to take a few days off.” Gill spoke of her insecurities before the procedure, saying that she felt unattractive and would be unhappy about having photographs taken due to her double chin.

The procedure costs around £1600, which is generally cheaper than a neck lift, however will only last around eighteen months. The Silhouette Lift is a good option for anyone who is unsure about a surgical neck lift and the recovery time is less limiting and less painful. Gill has raved about the procedure and says that it has changed her life.



Scottish couple buy each other Botox as anniversary present


A couple from Scotland have decided that Botox would be the perfect gift for their first anniversary and purchased the his & hers treatments for each other to celebrate the milestone. According to the Daily Record, Tracey Alexander and Stephen Halleran visited the clinic for the Botox injections in order to give themselves a fresher, more youthful appearance; Tracey has just turned 40 and Stephen is 47 – both felt that frown lines on their foreheads made them look angry.

As well as Botox, Tracey opted for filler injections into her lips and she could not be happier with the results, she told the paper; ‘Stephen thinks my lips are brilliant – much more kissable, which has now committed me to having them done every year as I don’t want to go back to skinny lips.

Explaining their unusual choice for an anniversary present, Tracey said that they couldn’t think of anything conventional that they might want and so decided that Botox would be a good choice; she said ‘I’m always on a diet so I didn’t want chocolates. I’m not that keen on the smell of flowers. I’m probably non-traditional and awkward to get presents for anyway.’ She added that the couple feel they now have ‘a new beginning in an older body.’

Scottish woman wins smile makeover


For most of her adult life, Donna Morrison was so ashamed of her rotten teeth that she wouldn’t smile or even speak in public if she could help it, but now the mother-of-two is proud to show off her pearly whites after winning a smile makeover in a competition run by the Daily Record and Glasgow Smile Gallery.

Donna, 38, said that she felt embarrassed by the condition of her teeth and was constantly uncomfortable as they were falling apart. She also suffered with bleeding gums, explaining that ‘Simple things like eating food became awkward and every time I brushed my teeth my gums would be left feeling sore and raw.’

After spotting the competition in the Daily Record, Donna jumped at the chance to undo a lifetime of poor dental hygiene and couldn’t believe it when she was told she had won the grand prize; ‘It was the best news I’ve ever received,’ she says, ‘I knew it was time to tackle my teeth head-on and, although I was a bit nervous, I knew the end results would be worthwhile.’

Director of Glasgow Smile Gallery, Dr Andrew Bruce, carried out the treatment, using dental veneers and implants to replace Donna’s crumbling teeth. After years of covering her mouth and avoiding cameras, Donna is now proud to show off her teeth, saying ‘I’ve gone from being someone who was too ashamed to laugh to someone who can’t stop smiling.’

Emmerdale actress can’t bear to watch herself on screen


Fans of ITV soap Emmerdale will recognise cast regular Lucy Pargeter as lovelorn Chastity Dingle, who has had more than her fair share of on-screen flings, but it might surprise viewers to learn that the 35-year-old actress is, like a lot of women, unhappy with her appearance – and she’s not likely to be catching an episode of Emmerdale anytime soon.

‘The arrival of high definition hasn’t helped,’ Lucy told the Daily Record, ‘I can’t bear to watch myself in HD. You can see every line and wrinkle. That isn’t something any woman would enjoy.’ Lucy has been part of the ITV soap for almost ten years now, and in that time she hasn’t been shy about undergoing  cosmetic surgery, openly discussing her two breast augmentations, liposuction, and Botox injections, she commented that ‘it used to be a real taboo admitting you’d had things done but I never felt that. I’ve always been very open about what I’ve had done and why I’ve done it. The way I see it… it’s no one else’s business really.’

’Like most actors,’ she says, ‘I spend most of my time going through extreme emotions and all that drama plays havoc with your face.’ Lucy also went on to talk about how the treatments have given her more confidence and conceded that ‘it’s worth it’ if it can change the way a person feels about themselves for the better.

Cosmetic dentistry gives cancer victim a new smile


Cosmetic dentistry has given a man with cancer a reason to smile again. Cosmetic dentistry has helped to give a cancer victim in the US a brand new smile.

Andre Fredricks from Texas developed leukaemia that ravaged his immune system, made him deaf and seriously damaged his teeth, reports.

The patient's teeth began to crumble and bridge work that he had already had done also fell out.

After hearing of the man's plight, Dr John Moore from the Donated Dental Services initiative volunteered to help him and he now has new teeth after beginning cosmetic dentistry treatment in July 2010.

Mr Fredricks' wife commented: "Dr Moore did an awesome job with my husband's teeth."

Last month, a prize including teeth whitening treatment was awarded to two sisters from Glasgow who had been affected by cystic fibrosis.

Kirsty Geddes and her sister Julie were invited to the SECC centre to have their smiles brightened after winning the Inspirational Woman award, the Daily Record reported.


Sisters win teeth whitening treatment after battling killer disease


A prize including teeth whitening treatment has been given to a cystic fibrosis sufferer and her sister.Two sisters have been honoured with a prize package including teeth whitening treatment after battling together to beat a killer disease.

Cystic fibrosis sufferer Kirsty Geddes received a lung transplant to save her life a year ago and her older sister Julie took leave from her army career to nurse her back to health and ensure she did not fall victim to infections, the Daily Record reports.

She made a full recovery, but Kirsty said she felt indebted to her older sibling, insisting she could not have made such a speedy recovery without her.

Consequently, she nominated her for the annual Inspirational Woman award organised by the Daily Record and the Girls' Day Out show – and judges were so impressed they decided both girls should win.

They were rewarded with a £2,000 pamper package including teeth whitening, hairstyling and nail extensions at Glasgow's SECC.

Last month, an unnamed author at The Paper magazine recommended that people not lucky enough to win teeth whitening treatment should get a professional to do it instead of attempting it themselves.


Recession ‘keeps people away from the dentist’


Recession 'keeps people away from the dentist'Oral health care has become less of a priority, according to one organisation, which has found that a large number of people failed to visit the dentist due to fear about costs.

Half of those asked why they would avoid regular check-ups, said concerns over treatment expenses would keep them away from the dental surgery.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, which carried out the survey said: “Members of the public have had to sacrifice good oral healthcare to get by financially and that is not right. People need to have access to a dentist.”

The economic downturn came out on top as the commonest reason why people in the UK failed to have treatment, which Dr Carter believes reflects how people are unaware of the importance of seeking regular treatment in order to maintain a good standard of oral health and catch any potential problems before they develop.

A recent study reported in the Daily Record showed that dental phobia stopped seven per cent of Scots from having their teeth checked for a period of five years.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19819935-ADNFCR

‘Scared’ Scots avoid the dentist


'Scared' Scots avoid the dentistMore than a third of people in Scotland failed to get their teeth checked in five years due to a fear of the dentist, new research has revealed.

Concern over potential problems accounted for why 8 per cent of Scots avoided visiting the dentist, while the same number were concerned over the cost of treatments, the Daily Record reports.

Of the 2,048 adults interviewed by the Implantium Network, 7 per cent said that a fear of the dentist was the sole reason why they had not had their teeth checked more often.

The company’s managing director Jason Buglass said: “There are courses available to help Britons overcome their fear of the dentist and many practitioners are compassionate to nervous patients and will take extra time to reassure them.”

He explained that by failing to have regular check-ups people could end up with extensive problems and require costly and invasive treatments.

The Daily Mail recently reported that American neuroscientists had unveiled new sound technology that claims to relax nervous patients by slowing the brain waves in to a state associated with meditation and sleep.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19811450-ADNFCR

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