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Judy Murray talks Botox use as she stars in Strictly Come Dancing


Judy Murray, mother of Wimbledon star Andy Murray, has spent over a decade cheering on her son from the side-lines and tennis fans have become accustomed to her animated support at Andy’s games. Now Mrs Murray, 55, reveals her new found lust for life in an interview with the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine.

Judy told the publication that she has ‘always been seen as the mum who sits on the side-lines, pulls faces, waves her fist and looks like some kind of scary monster.’ After she found herself with more time on her hands as her sons began to establish their own lives and relationships, Judy decided to get Botox treatment to improve her complexion.

The mother-of-three has been single for two years after splitting from her long-term partner, badminton player Phil Reid, and finds that she enjoys shopping, lunch dates, and going to the spa with friends. She added ‘I’ve had a bit of Botox because I always had very deep lines’.

Judy is currently enjoying attention of her own as part of the line-up for BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing, where she is partnered with Anton du Beke.

Prince William’s dental mishap revealed


According to a Daily Mail reporter, Prince Williams pearly whites may be the work of a dentist after the 32-year-old royal suffered dental trauma partying a bit too hard at a high society wedding. A source close to the royals has revealed that the Prince lost part of his front tooth while fooling around with his friend Tom Inskip at the event in June last year.

The source said that William was ‘tearing up the dance floor’ after the ceremony and was accidentally hit in the face by Inskip, breaking off most of his front tooth. The royal was rushed to an emergency dentist to repair the damage before returning to London. Another guest told the paper that ‘William was dancing into the small hours when Tom knocked the tooth out on the dance floor.’ His wife Kate was pregnant with their son George at the time and William was said to have joked that ‘he’d have to smile for the cameras with a missing tooth’ if his child was born that night.

Another guest added that William was determined to get the tooth repaired so that his wife didn’t ‘go completely spare’. Now that Kate is pregnant for the second time, the reporter hears that friends are joking with the prince about the accident and hoping that history doesn’t repeat itself.


Woman facing £12,000 dental bill after cycling accident


After suffering serious injuries following a cycling accident, Alex Kerr was stunned to find out that she would have to foot the bill to replace six of her front teeth that had been smashed to bits. The 20-year-old underwent treatment for a broken pelvis, jaw, knee, and wrist, but surgeons told her that replacing teeth counts as cosmetic care and so she would have to pay for that herself, at a cost of around £12,000.

Alex was left in a coma after the accident last November and since she recovered from her injuries she has been facing an anxious wait to find out whether the NHS will approve payment for further restoration. Alex commented to the Daily Mail that she has read about people who have had other cosmetic treatments, such as breast augmentations and nose jobs, paid for by the NHS because of low confidence. She added ‘nobody seems to understand how awful it is to have no front teeth at my age, I didn’t mean this to happen and I didn’t just go to the doctor and say I had a lack of self-confidence and so needed some teeth. I had been in an accident and you would think it would be a priority for them to help me. I don’t want to be keeping my teeth in a glass next to the sink when I’m only 20.’

A spokesman for Northampton General Hospital said that Alex ‘has not been abandoned by the NHS. We saw Alex in out maxillofacial department in January and referred her to our consultant in surgery to assess what can be done for her in the long term from a restorative perspective. Unfortunately there is a waiting list for these appointments but we can assure Alex that the wheels are in motion.’’

Australian Big Brother winner attempts to sell wisdom teeth online


A reality star who is making a name for himself with online blunders has put his foot in it again after eBay asked him to remove a listing for his recently removed wisdom teeth; Big Brother Australia winner Tim Dormer, 29, had two wisdom teeth removed and listed them on the auction site after a fan suggested it would be a good idea.

This is not the first time Dormer has fallen foul of social networking; last year he posted a picture of his bank account after scooping the $250,000 Big Brother prize, but failed to remove his bank details from the screen shot.

After having the teeth removed, Dormer posted an advert on Twitter, saying ‘While I lay there in pain thought it would be funny to put my removed wisdom teeth on eBay. Bid away weirdos. [Sic]’ According to the Daily Mail, the teeth attracted 109 bids with one fan offering $100,000. The 2013 reality show winner appeared to be unaware that selling human organs, tissue, and bone on the site is prohibited under eBay’s Human Body Parts and Remains policy. He later removed the teeth and added ‘Whoops. Apparently you’re not allowed to sell body parts on eBay. Shame, my wisdoms went for nearly $100k, sheesh imagine what I could get for a kidney!’

The Australian apparently underwent the extraction procedure on Thursday in order to start orthodontic treatment with Invisalign braces.

Cameron Diaz talks about Botox use in interview


Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has discussed her complexion and previous Botox use with Entertainment tonight, and according to a report by The Daily Mail, she is not a fan of the anti-wrinkle treatment.

The 41-year-old said she would prefer to age without cosmetic procedures to make her look younger; she spoke about her experiences with Botox injections, saying ‘I’ve tried [Botox] before, where it was like [a] little tiny touch of something. It changed my face in such a weird way.’ Cameron admitted that she would rather see her own aging face than feel like she has overdone it to the point where she no longer looks like herself any more.

When asked about her wrinkles, the actress said ‘I love [them], I don’t mind. It’s like ‘Guess what this means, I’ve smiled my whole life.’ I love life, I’m happy; I don’t have a problem with that. I love getting older. It’s a part of life. If you’re not ageing, you’re dead!’

Cameron also gave some advice to her fans about how to improve their own complexions, saying ‘If you understand how your body works you can make the right choices. I used to have bad acne and little white bumps. I cut out dairy and my skin changed completely.’

Mother speaks of shock after baby is born with two teeth


A new mother has spoken of her shock after her baby daughter was found to have two fully formed teeth straight after she was born. Vicki Griffiths was astounded to see that baby Eva Faith already had two front teeth when she was born at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough on September 8th, weighing 7lbs 4oz.

Vicki, 26, told the Daily Mail that her partner Steven informed her that the baby already had teeth and the pair ‘burst out laughing’; she added ‘we were in shock, and so were the midwives. She had her mouth closed to begin with, so we didn’t notice. It was quite bizarre to see them’ The new mum also said that she had been planning to breastfeed but was put off when she saw Eva’s teeth, saying ‘I don’t think anybody could blame me!’

Midwives and doctors at the hospital struggled to give the parents information about how to care for Eva properly because the occurrence is so rare – appearing once in every 2,000 to 3,000 babies. Vicki said ‘I kept asking the midwives and nurses what I could give Eva if she was in pain, but nobody was able to answer me. They just kept going away and then coming back with more people to look at Eva’s teeth. Nobody could believe it. When we came out of the hospital I went to see my GP and he said that he had never heard of this happening before.’

Consultant neonatologist at James Cook said ‘It probably happens about three times every two years here and we deliver 4,000 babies a year. Babies are born with one or two teeth and it’s usually in the lower gum.’

Arlene Phillips talks anti-aging techniques


Admittedly, former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips might look like she’s had more than a little help from her cosmetic surgeon, but most people would still be surprised to learn that the mother of two is approaching her seventies. Speaking to the Daily Mail about her career and family life, Arlene also discussed how she keeps looking young.

‘I’ve had Botox in the past,’ she admits, ‘I’ve had Botox and I’ve had fillers of some sort, but I’m not very good with needles. I have to have pain-free treatment.’ Arlene goes on to describe her latest anti-aging technique, called Indiba, which she describes as ‘a type of electrode treatment. It’s fantastic – when you’ve had it done you can really see a difference. But in terms of how long it lasts, I wasn’t really sure.’

Arlene’s fuller cheeks and impossibly smooth complexion were the subject of much controversy following her dismissal from the judging panel on Strictly, during which time the weight dropped off her. Now she’s feeling more confident with her size and puts the changes down to weight gain, not cosmetic enhancement. ‘When I left Strictly, I lost a lot of weight. My long-term manager, who I was very close to, died around that time and I was grieving. I’ve recently put on well over a stone; my face is definitely much fuller. The weight always goes to my face and to my hips. I’m back to a size 12 to 14, which is quite a lot for my height – 5ft 3in. A few years ago I was a size 8 to 10.’

Dental makeovers soar in popularity


Most people would probably associate going to the dentist with painful surgery, but that’s all changed over the past few years; more and more patients are opting for cosmetic treatments to improve their teeth and get that perfect smile. The ‘dental makeover’ has soared in popularity recently, as Dr Ekta Chadha or Max hospital and Smile studio explains; ‘The number of people flocking to us for cosmetic procedures has increased by fifty per cent in the past five years’ – proving  it’s not just root canals that dentists can be useful for.

As well as teeth whitening and dental veneers, there are new trends that involve decorating the teeth with crystals and diamonds, for patients looking for that extra bit of bling in their smile. Fashion designer Nidhi Mahajan decided to add some precious gems to her teeth to make them stand out more; ‘I was bored of body tattoos and wanted to try something different.’ She told the Daily Mail, adding; ‘This is a great addition and makes my smile dazzling.’

In the same way as tattooing the skin, patients can also get their teeth inked with patterns and other designs, Dr Vishal Gupta of Fortis Escorts and Medanta Medicity hospital said that ‘youngsters getting cartoon characters and names inscribed on their teeth are a huge draw’ as part of cosmetic dentistry at the clinic.

‘Five a day’ could damage children’s teeth


Health-conscious parents will be disappointed to learn that encouraging their children to drink fruit juice and smoothies every day could be doing more harm than good, according to the Royal College of Surgeons. Half of five-year-olds in the UK showed signs of enamel erosion during a recent study, because the acid in fruit juice attacks the porous shell of the teeth as it releases sugars.

Kathy Harley, Dean of the dental faculty at the College has suggested that schools should provide an alternative to juice during the lunch hour, such as water or milk. She also said that it would be a good idea to limit the intake of smoothies and juice drinks to once a week, as a weekend treat perhaps. The NHS doesn’t go that far, but dentists are in agreement that the amount children drink on a daily basis has to be monitored carefully, otherwise their teeth could become severely eroded, and they advise parents to offer fruit juice during mealtimes, as this is thought to do less damage to the enamel.

Damien Walmsley of the British Dental Association spoke to the Daily Mail, saying that juice drinks should be kept to meal times, ‘That [may] go against the [recommendation of] five portions of fruit and vegetables a day,’ he says, ‘but it is not a good idea snacking on it because of the continual drip, drip, on to the tooth.’

New ‘gas drill’ could replace traditional methods


The drill is probably the most feared of all the dental tools, and with good reason, the vibrations are not only mind-numbing, they are also capable of causing considerable discomfort as they jolt the nerve endings in the teeth. Well now the millions of dental-phobic people all over the world have one less thing to worry about; a new ‘gas-firing’ drill has been developed as a pain free alternative, it can also make the process faster and more hard-wearing for the future.

Researchers at the University of Missouri are taking credit for the revolutionary idea, and they are confident that their new product will allow more patients to undergo filling treatment with a less painful outcome. Tooth decay is the most common dental problem in the world, and cavities currently have to be treated by drilling away the decayed area and then replacing it with fillings made of amalgam or composite bonding material. The ‘non-thermal argon plasma brush’ will remove the uncomfortable drilling stage; it works by firing out tiny electrically charged particles that are powerful enough to cut through the enamel, killing bacteria as they go – which means it is also a more sanitary process.

Head of prosthodontics at King’s College London Dental Institute spoke to the Daily Mail earlier today, saying that ‘in principle, it sounds like a good idea. If this mixture of gas and liquid can be shown to remove enamel, it would be a big step forward for dentistry.’

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