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Cancer patient has jaw rebuilt with 3D restoration


A cancer patient from India who lost a section of his upper jaw due to mouth cancer has had the damage repaired using a 3D printer that built him new teeth and jaw bone out of strong wax.

The 41-year-old patient, from Bangalore, India, was left unable to eat or talk properly after having a large portion of his upper jaw removed when he was diagnosed with mouth cancer. His condition has improved considerably since he sought treatment from dentists and new teeth were fashioned using revolutionary 3D printing technology. A local company became involved in treatment of the patient and a CT scan enabled the team at Osteo3D to create a 3D reconstruction of his face and then print a model that could simulate the movement of the mouth.

Using the model as a template, a wax restoration was made and adjusted to fit perfectly into the space left by the mouth surgery. The 3D model allowed workers to easily adjust the restoration without having to see the patient regularly. When the wax hardened fake teeth were added and the appliance was fitted into the patient’s mouth. He is now able to eat and speak with much less discomfort and his smile has been restored also.

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