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Benidorm star is delighted with new teeth


Comedienne and actress Crissy Rock has had more than her fair share of drama where dental surgery is concerned, but it looks like the fifty-three year old has finally had her smile permanently restored after losing her implants during treatment for cancer. She has spent £20,000 on what she describes as ‘Rolls-Royce’ of new teeth, and now the Benidorm star is only too happy to show them off.

Crissy was diagnosed with cancer back in 2003 and the chemotherapy caused each of her dental implants to fail, until her dentist was left with no choice but to pull them all out. ‘The experts realised that my jawbone had also started to deteriorate,’ she told the Mirror, ‘so they had to scrape a lot of the bone and gum away too. It meant that my dentures never stayed in because there was no gum to actually attach them to, they just rested at the bottom of my mouth.’

After spending £10,000 on botched treatment with a Spanish dentist, Crissy was determined not to go through the trauma a second time, and thankfully she can smile again with the help of magnetic teeth. She says ‘My bottom teeth click right in and they stay in place with magnets, which react to the metal screws that were inserted in the side of my face and up my nose. My upper plate stays in place thanks to the magnetic force; however, each individual tooth can be pulled out for hygienic cleaning.’


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Jungle star opens denture clinic in the Midlands


‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ contestant Crissy Rock has attended the opening night of a new denture clinic, called The Smile Centre, in Lichfield, in the Midlands, and she also encouraged many people across the country to consider their provider carefully if they, like her, require dentures. The actress and comedienne noted that ‘your smile is the first thing that people notice and the confidence great teeth can give you cannot be underestimated.’

The 53-year-old Benidorm star was joined by local MP Michael Fabricant and eighty guests for the grand opening this week. Director Matt Burnell was also in attendance, and only too happy to discuss the venture, saying ‘We are hugely excited about opening in the Midlands, and the response we have had already indicates that there is a lot of demand for the range of services we can offer from our state-of-the-art clinic.’ As well as providing dentures for thousands of patients in the area, the clinic will also offer dental implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics, veneers and various other cosmetic dental procedures.

Crissy – who had to wear dentures herself after losing her tooth implants during treatment for cancer – said that ‘The Smile Centre is one of the leading clinics in the UK and it is really important that patients do their homework and ensure they choose the best possible denturist to look after their treatment.’

I’m A Celebrity contestant gets offers for new dental implants


Liverpudlian joker Crissy Rock caused a stir in the jungle when she had her dentures flown in by helicopter, noting that she ‘had a chopper for her choppers’. Now that she’s out of the jungle, the 53-year-old is itching to finish the cosmetic dental treatment that saw her spending thousands of pounds over the past few months, and the offers have been flooding in.

Speaking to Inside magazine, Crissy revealed she had been receiving correspondence from some of the country’s top dentists – including the one that gave Simon Cowell his pearly whites. ‘I’m definitely going to get them down,’ She said, adding that she had already handed over £12,500 to have her bottom jaw fitted with dental implants, and saying that she was definitely going to have the procedure repeated on her top jaw.

Despite her recent health problems, the scouse comedienne hasn’t lost her sense of humour, even joking that she was ‘going to look like Hannibal Lector!’ following her extensive pre-op treatment, which may include a bone graft to rebuild her jaw. Crissy admitted that it wasn’t going to be a quick process, saying ‘It’s going to be a big job though, because when I had the first lot done, they warned me they’d have to take bone from my hip and do a graft.’ It’s often the case with missing teeth that the jaw starts to deteriorate and isn’t always thick enough to house the implants on its own.

I’m A Celebrity contestant booked in for dental surgery


ITV show ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ is known for putting its contestants through their paces, but comedienne Crissy Rock has an even bigger trial to face when she leaves the jungle; dental surgery. The cheeky Liverpudlian made viewers chuckle as she announced her ‘choppers’ had their own chopper, while her dentures were being flown back to her after she pulled out of a sky dive, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Crissy in the past few years.

Known for her scouse humour, the 55-year-old has kept her chin up while battling cancer for the second time, beating it shortly before signing up for the jungle reality show. Crissy had previously had several missing teeth replaced with dental implants, but when the cancer struck again, her jaw bone deteriorated to the point where it could no longer support them and they started to fall out.

Her friend, Margi Jones, said that it was loss of bone density that caused the dental implants to fall out, saying; ‘Crissy went through a bad time last year. That’s why she’s got the fake gnashers.’ But it seems the Benidorm star is anxious to have her old smile back, Margi went on to say that she was a ‘brave old bird to have the implants done again.’, pointing out that it wasn’t vanity, ‘she just hates the fact that she’s got false teeth.’

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