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Expert warns that tongue piercings could ruin your teeth


According to one dental expert, tongue bars and studs are causing serious dental problems among young people, including cracks in the teeth, receding gums, and bone loss. A dentist from Canada has carried out extensive research into this problem and he doesn’t recommend getting a tongue piercing as it could cause serious conditions that may lead to tooth loss.

Dr Liran Levin, of the University of Alberta, says that playing with a tongue piercing in the mouth can cause irritation that could lead to recession of the gum tissue, which will eventually cause bone loss around the sockets. That’s not the worst of the problems though, Dr Levin warns that nerve damage, haemorrhaging, swelling, and infection could all flare up due to piercings in the mouth; he adds ‘When you’re sleeping and you clench your teeth, the piercing can break and be swallowed or inhaled as well. I see patients who have cracked teeth or receded gums and end up requiring a lot of dental treatment as a result.’

Over half of the young people questioned as part of the research complained of swelling in their mouth, while just under half said that bleeding was a problem due to their piercing. After examination, 14% were found to have fractured teeth and 26% had receding gums. Dr Levin says the risk of disease should not be ignored either and ‘proper sterilisation and infection control are also important when choosing a piercer. If you insist on getting an oral piercing, don’t play with it.’

Teeth grinding ‘linked to stress’


People are grinding their teethmore.

More dentists are seeing patients who have damaged their oral health through excessive teeth grinding, it has been revealed.

The Tennessean reported that workplace stresses and financial worries are leading to more people grinding their teeth and pointed to research from the Chicago Dental Society that showed 65 per cent of dentists have claimed an increase in treating this condition.

“I’ve seen more cracked teeth in the last six months than I have ever seen – and I have been practising for 40 years,” said Dan Hixon, a dentist in Hermitage.

Elsewhere, Divine Caroline – an online health and wellbeing publication – recently reported that investing in a night guard could be a solution to this problem for many, as the majority of people grind their teeth during their sleep and are unaware they are doing it until damage has been caused.

The publication stated that for the best results sufferers should consult a dental professional.

Dental veneers ‘help fix problems’


Dental veneers could be the perfect solution for individuals who have misaligned or imperfect teeth, it has been claimed.

The procedure can be used to fix a range of problems, according to Arizona cosmetic dentists Dr Scott LeSueur and Dr Charles Dodaro, ranging from chipped or cracked teeth, through to severe discolouration which cannot be treated by teeth whitening.

"Many people have minor issues about their teeth that reduce their self-confidence. Discoloration, chips, cracks, gaps between the teeth or slight misalignment can make you uncomfortable enough to keep you from smiling," Dr LeSeur noted.

Dental veneers are made from thin porcelain and attach to the existing teeth.

Elsewhere, KHLS TV recently reported similar advice when it noted that dental veneers can help relieve overcrowding in the mouth, with dentists able to remove old teeth and replace them with porcelain replicas.

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