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Dental implants ‘are a significant advance in cosmetic dentistry’


Dental implants have been lauded by a dentist.Anyone who has been unsure about getting dental implants may be interested in the opinions of a dentist from the US, who said he thinks they are fantastic.

Dr Caseldine from Arizona told that implants are one of the most significant advances in cosmetic dentistry over the last 25 years, such is their impact upon patients.

“Thousands of grateful patients bear witness to the benefits derived from the opportunity to obtain denture stabilisation and replacement for lost teeth that restores their smiles and confidence,” he commented.

Dr Caseldine said he uses them mostly to support crowns and fix bridges and can achieve excellent results with a minimum of invasion.

Last month, an article in the Costa Rica News stated dental implants can make patients look younger because they can help redefine the jawline and prevent bone loss.

The piece said they are much better than traditional yet old-fashioned false teeth.

Dental implants ‘are worth the expense in the long run’


Dental implants may be a better option than dentures.  Although dental implants may cost a little more than traditional dentures, patients should consider getting them if they feel they need them.

According to an article in the Costa Rica News, dental implants can help to maintain the integrity of the jaw bone, because they mimic the stimulation that would normally be caused by chewing.

Furthermore, they can help patients to look younger because they prevent the bone loss that makes facial features look slack.

The article also pointed out that dental implants are better than dentures as they do not impair speech and will not fall out, plus they typically last 20 years or longer.

“While the investment may be slightly higher than that of traditional dental care, dental implants are well worth it in the long run,” it concluded.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that scientists are studying the jaw of the lizard-like tuatara in order to better understand the human biology of the mouth and jaw.

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