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Woman spends £20,000 to look like a Barbie Doll


In search of her very own Ken, Rachel Evans has shelled out £20,000 on cosmetic surgery to emulate the look of a Barbie Doll. Appearing on the Channel 5 show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, the forty-five-year-old single mum has said she will not stop until she looks exactly like her plastic idol.

Rachel’s obsession started in childhood where, even at school, she was called ‘the doll’ by her peers. Through her twenties she adopted a goth image, but is now very keen to move away from this by creating the look of a smooth, plastic like doll. “When I was 30, the reason why I started the quest to look like Barbie was I needed to kill off the gothic image, the old image. And I had this idea to look like a completely different person.”

In pursuit of her ideal image, Rachel turned to cosmetic surgery to change her look. She started off with Botox, and was so pleased with her wrinkleless face that she went all out, admitting that she has had every non-surgical procedure available. “I’m redesigning my face and I love that power and the control. I am 100 percent happily addicted to cosmetic procedures.”




Woman in pursuit of the ‘perfect look’


Twenty-four-year-old Chloe Munnings is in pursuit of, what she envisages as, the ‘perfect look’ and has currently spend £27,000 trying to achieve this. Ever since Chloe lost over four stone she has been on a mission to change her appearance. After losing the weight she started receiving more attention from men which set off the chain of events leading to her surgeries.

Since the dramatic weight loss, Chloe has undergone an array of procedures, from breast augmentation to a rhinoplasty. She then had a further boob job to take her breasts from an already ample 34D, from the first surgery, to a whopping 34FF. She has also shelled out for Botox, lip filler, cheek fillers and a set of dental veneers, and apparently she is nowhere near done yet.

Chloe admits that she does enjoy getting cosmetic surgery because it gives her a real ‘buzz’ and she has gained an abundance of adoring fans on social media, the mirror has reported. She also spoke of her childhood and the bullying she endured over her weight, which left her feeling insecure, “Growing up, I was a bullied for being overweight and I felt ugly.” Chloe’s search for perfection continues.





Man spends £130,000 to look like Kim Kardashian


Twenty-four-year-old Salford man, Jordan Parkes, has been nicknamed the ‘male Kim Kardashian.’ Jordan has spent a whopping £130,000 on cosmetic surgery, with the sole aim of replicating the look of his US icon. In continuing pursuit of his goal he is scheduled for a third nose job in Istanbul. Jordan expects it to take around a year for the swelling to subside after the procedure, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Jordan has admitted that he frequently gets offered free or discounted surgery now, as his fame is good publicity for cosmetic companies. He is also planning on also having upper eyelid surgery within the next month. He has been open about his insecurities and is self-conscious that his Instagram photos show his eyelids to be sagging.

However, Jordan’s attempts to transform his looks have not ran entirely smoothly. He previously appeared on the series ‘Botched’ to discuss his lip filler hell, after injecting unknown chemicals into his lips. Unfortunately for Jordan, his lips started leaking and he had to have treatment to remove the mysterious substance. Jordan spoke about his nightmare to the Manchester Evening News, “My lips are amazing now thanks to cosmetic couture in Manchester; they reduced them for me a few months back. I still have filler, but I no longer self-inject, I leave it to the professionals.”



New cosmetic surgery check list for patients


A new online checklist has been devised by The Royal College of Surgeons for patients wanting to undergo cosmetic surgery. The check list offers help with choosing the right clinic or hospital and also gives practical advice on recognising, and avoiding, rogue traders with supposed deals that really are too good to be true. The resource also advises people looking to get a procedure done not to rush into it or feel pressured to give consent, and gives a list of questions to ask to ensure patients are getting the right information.

The resource has been created on the back of the 2012 breast implant scandal that saw thousands of women suffer after being given silicone implants that were dangerously prone to leaking and splitting. Currently, the news headlines are awash with tales of botched procedures and surgeries gone wrong, so the arrival of the new resource is a step in the right direction for the industry.

Vice president of The Royal College of Surgeons, Stephen Cannon, has advised the public to ensure they do thorough research before even thinking about getting a procedure. Mr Cannon was quoted in the BBC News, giving advice to people thinking about cosmetic surgery, “Our advice is that if you are thinking of having some kind of work done, make sure you consult a surgeon who is trained and experienced in the procedure you are considering… look them up on the General Medical Council’s register.” Shockingly, any doctor or surgeon can offer cosmetic surgery without having to go through any additional training, so it is important to do the research first.




Fan’s concern over Charlotte Crosby’s recent Instagram photo



Ex Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby, has stirred up growing concern from her fan with her recent Instagram post. The celebrity posted an early morning selfie which has got everyone talking, not because of her lack of make-up, but for the size of her lips. It is clear from the photo that Charlotte has had extensive fillers in her lips, as they are more than double the size they used to be.

Fans have shared growing concern for their idol, and have urged Charlotte to revert back to a more natural pout. One fan’s comment read, “Please stop with the lips, you’re ruining yourself and your starting to look absolutely ridiculous!” another read, “Your lips would make a fish jealous. Think you should leave it there.” However, not everyone had negative things to say, as some fans commented on how great she looked.

Previously this year, Charlotte openly discussed her cosmetic surgery habits and admitted that she had lip fillers every five months. She also made a bold statement to the Daily Mail Australia that she does not consider lip fillers to be the ‘Kylie Jenner effect’ as she was getting them done way before Kylie was.



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Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott get cosmetic surgery together


Love Island couple, Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott, met and fell in love on the ITV 2 show, and have been inseparable ever since. The pair were firm favourites in the show and viewers have been intrigued to see how their romance has developed since they featured on series. Life after the show has seen them making public appearances together, and the couple have even launched and promoted their own YouTube channel.

The relationship has now elevated to new heights, with the couple going to get Botox and dermal fillers together. Scott took to Instagram with snaps of him visiting Mac Aesthetics, to receive Botox injections in his arm pits, to curtail his excessive sweating. The Love Island star was jubilant that his perspiration would be under control and commented “Lads you may laugh but if you wanna wear a naughty baby blue shirt or a spicy pink number on a night out without looking like you’ve had shaggy wet dog in a head lock then give them a shout.”


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Amy Childs shows off her lip fillers at the Hang Dr launch party



Amy Childs has come under fire over recent days for her involvement in the 3D Lipo ad campaign, Dying To Be Beautiful.’ The twenty six year old ex T.O.W.I.E. star has defended her decision to appear in the ad and has hit out at the negative media attention that she has received. In response, Amy has defied her critics by attending the Hang Dr launch party, confidently showing off her full lips and ample cleavage.

Earlier on this week, Amy admitted that she felt cosmetic surgery had destroyed her confidence and she was unhappy with her sagging breast augmentation. In an interview with Star Magazine she was quoted as saying, “I used to look in the mirror and think, Oh my God, I don’t even look like myself anymore.” She has also made no secret that she has been addicted to plastic surgery in the past.

However, it is no wonder that Amy has indulged in cosmetic surgery, as she admits that when she first made it big she was offered an abundance of procedures free of charge to modify her looks, and still gets asked now. It is clear to see that the star has toned down her look; however, she is still fashioning a very ample pout.



Why Jane Seymour has said no to cosmetic surgery


Sixty four year old actress, Jane Seymour, appeared on last week’s ITV show, Lorraine, looking absolutely fantastic for her age. Her hair and dress were elegant and really showed off her great figure and radiant complexion. On the show she spoke openly about her youthful appearance and made a point of saying, “My skin is a little bigger. I’m all about ageing naturally, I still have my own face.”  Her reason for not wanting to have cosmetic work is that she thinks it is important, as an actress, that all her muscles move as they should to allow her to play her roles expressively.

The actress did admit that she does work on maintaining her appearance, but she is not obsessed with it, and has not had any surgery or cosmetic procedures. Lorraine also voiced her concerns over celebrities having too much surgery, saying that there is a danger that everyone will look the same.

Jane is best known for her part as the Bond Girl in Live and Let Die, where there was immense pressure to look good; However, this has not been a mantra that she has felt pressured by in her personal life and maintains her youthfulness by taking care of herself, rather than going under the knife.




Pete Burns talks candidly about his cosmetic surgery


Pete Burns, originally known for his vocals in the band Dead Or Alive, has spoken out about his array of cosmetic surgery procedures. The star was featured on this week’s episode of the Channel 5 show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, where he spoke openly about the three hundred plus surgeries he has had on his face to rectify previous mistakes. One of his reconstructive surgeries very nearly claimed his life, and according to the show the horrific ordeal is not yet over.

Viewers where left sickened and horrified by images of the celebrity’s open wounds and erupting yellow puss, following botched surgery. Viewers took to twitter to voice their opinions, with one person tweeting, “Wished I hadn’t left the telly on Channel 5. I can never undo what I just witnessed. Ever. #PeteBurns #CelebrityBotchedBodies.” Fans of the star have spoken out about their concerns for Pete’s welfare, with the hope that he learns from his near death experience and stops with the surgery. One fan addressed a tweet directly to the Channel 5 show, saying, “Pete please stop now”

Pete joked on the show that when he’s 80 and gets to meet God, he hopes that the deity does not recognise him. Despite Pete’s drastically changing face he says he loves his look; however, many others think he is a perfect example of how cosmetic surgery can go too far.






T.O.W.I.E. favourites in disturbing cosmetic surgery awareness campaign  



The Only Way Is Essex stars, Danielle Armstrong and Amy Childs, have created a stir over their involvement in a new, hard hitting campaign, highlighting the risks of cosmetic surgery. The campaign, ‘Dying to be Beautiful’, is hoping to draw attention to the dangers of invasive cosmetic surgery and bring to the forefront of people’s minds the risks they are taking when undergoing such procedures.

The campaign, developed by 3D Lipo, features the two T.O.W.I.E stars dressed in hospital gowns, emulating lifeless bodies in coffins. To add to the effect, bloodied surgical equipment has been laid in trays on the star’s stomachs and surgeon’s hands are pictured imitating surgery. 3D Lipo Managing Director, Roy Cowley, was quoted in The Mirror Online, “The message of our Dying To Be Beautiful Campaign is very simple, exactly that; You don’t need to die to look great.” As well as highlighting the risks of cosmetic surgery, it also draws attention to the fact that non-invasive cosmetic surgery can also give people good results. The campaign uses the clever caption, ‘The Only Way is Non Surgical’

After their ‘Dying to be Beautiful’ shoot, the pair are featured alive and well in their promotional shots, showing the stark contrast between life and death.





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