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Teeth whitening ‘helps a person be more confident’


People who are worried about the appearance of their teeth could increase their confidence by undergoing a teeth whitening treatment, it has been claimed.

The American Dentists Association noted people can be happier about themselves when they are not worried about their smile and there are presently a number of ways to achieve this.

It noted there are a number of take-home kits that are now available which enable people to whiten their teeth themselves, although these are often not as effective as having a dental professional carry out the procedure.

The organisation noted that in many cases, store bought kits will not give as long-lasting results or make teeth as bright.

Elsewhere, Colonial Dental Group recently noted more people are becoming interested in teeth whitening.

However, the fact that the active ingredient in many kits is hydrogen peroxide means those looking for dazzling pearly whites might be better advised to see a professional rather than carry out the procedure themselves.

Teeth whitening ‘all the rage’


Teeth whitening has become all the rage for people looking to make their smile as dazzling as possible, it has been claimed.

According to Colonial Dental Group, there are now a number of teeth whitening treatments that people can use to increase the sparkle of their smile, ranging from home kits through to professional teeth whitening by a dentist.

The company noted, however, that as the active ingredient in the majority of these treatments is hydrogen peroxide, it is important those undergoing the procedure are in safe hands.

In addition, the firm stated there has been an increase in the number of people considering dental veneers as a way to brighten up their smile and straighten any crooked teeth.

Elsewhere, research carried out by recently showed that up to a third of Brits would consider giving a cosmetic dentistry treatment as a gift this Christmas.

While more than half (54 per cent) of people would be happy to receive such a present.

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