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Dental patient wins compensation for a year of pain


A man who was left in severe pain for a year following poor dental treatment has been awarded £7,000 in compensation in an out-of-court settlement. Chris Potts, 30, from Urmston, said that he felt a ‘crunch and snap’ as his dentist tried to extract a tooth and he was left in excruciating pain after the botched extraction.

Chris visited Dr Atif Shamas-Ud-Din, who worked at the Gary Knowles Dental Practice, in Partington, to have a tooth treated back in 2013, after it started to decay. Dr Shamas-Ud-Din decided to place a filling rather than attempt a root canal filling. However, Chris was still experiencing pain from the rotten tooth and it was agreed that an extraction was necessary later on.

During what he described as a ‘horrendous’ experience, Chris said that he was ‘in absolute agony’ as the dentist attempted to extract the molar. He explained ‘I asked the dentist to stop. I was left with the roots of the tooth left in my gum which was so excruciatingly painful that, ever since, I’ve needed heavy painkillers, prescribed by my GP, to cope with the pain.’ He is still waiting for the roots to be removed so that the pain can be relieved permanently and he can start dental implant treatment.

Dr Shamas-Ud-Din declined to comment on the case in order to protect patient confidentiality, but he did say that he will ‘always strive to provide the best possible care’ for all his patients.

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