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 Madonna lookalike gets dental treatment to look even more like the superstar



A Madonna lookalike who can charge up to £24000 for an appearance has completed her transformation into the superstar by drilling a space between her front teeth. Chris America has been impersonating the singer for over 33 years and sticks to a strict diet and exercise regime in order to maintain her startling similarity to Madonna.

Chris, who has been married for 14 years and lives in Washington DC, explained that she naturally had a space between her front teeth as a child but that her mother arranged orthodontic treatment to close it up and give her perfect teeth. Talking to MailOnline, the impersonator said that ten years after her orthodontic treatment, she used to put black enamel onto her teeth to create the illusion of a space between the two front teeth, in order to look as much like her idol as possible. However, when she received a call from a dentist who was putting together a book of celebrity smiles she was asked if she would like a gap in her teeth, so she went for it.

Chris told the publication ‘I like Madonna’s tooth gap. It’s very endearing and a staple of her look.’

As well as impersonating the hitmaker, she even managed to meet her long-time manager Guy Oseary and he told her that she really looked like Madonna which she described as ‘a great compliment.’


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