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TOWIE regular splashes £19,000 on new veneers


It’s only been a few years since The Only Way Is Essex cast member Chloe Sims underwent dental treatment costing £19,000 but now the 31-year-old has been back to the dentist to have her veneers redone after giving in to some of the negative comments about her previous dental work. Some members of the TOWIE cast nicknamed her ‘horse-teeth’ and Chloe has decided to spend a further £19,000 getting the veneers replaced with ones that look more natural.

Chloe told The Sun newspaper that her fellow cast members said her teeth looked ‘ridiculous’ and she described her previous set of veneers as ‘absolutely awful’, saying ‘they were really big, all the same length and didn’t fit my mouth properly.’ After her dental treatment at Smile Studio Richmond, she seemed to be feeling more positive about her appearance, saying ‘Now I’ve got the perfect smile and I’m over the moon with them. Everybody loves them. I’ve had loads and loads of good feedback about them.’

The mother-of-one went on to describe the veneers in a bit more detail in the video interview, saying ‘As you can see, they’re all different shapes, they’ve even got ridges and they’re a little bit more see-through at the bottom so they look more natural.’

Chloe also added a personal message at the end of the clip, thanking the dentist for ‘rescuing’ her smile.

Rylan Clark shows off new veneers on BB sideshow


Former X-factor contestant Rylan Clark has revealed his new dental veneers on Big Brother spin-off show Big Brother’s Bit On The Side which is on Channel 5 daily. The Essex native showed-off his blindingly white teeth as he began his new job presenting the programme, which follows reality show Big Brother, now in its fourteenth series.

Not long ago, Rylan was tweeting fans about his dental treatment and kept followers informed about the progress with his veneers, and viewers were online within seconds of his presenting debut, to talk about the bright shade of tooth he has gone for – even comparing him to TOWIE star Chloe Sims, who is notorious for her blinding veneers. Ross from American sitcom Friends was also mentioned; in reference to the episode where he gets his teeth bleached and the results are unexpected.

Despite people poking fun at his new appearance, Rylan took the jokes in good humour, tweeting ‘When your teeth have their own twitter accounts, you know you’ve made it’ and ‘Newsflash! My teeth will be fronting new BB show ‘Bit On The Big Side’ coming soon… #onlyjoking.’ He later posted a picture of himself gesturing to the camera and added the caption ‘Such an amazing night! And for those piping up about my teeth, this ones for you, enjoy! X.’

Jeremy Clarkson tops list of worst celebrity teeth in the UK


Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been voted number one in the list of the UK’s worth celebrity teeth, close behind him was BBC presenter Andrew Marr, with actor Stephen Fry coming in third. According to the women polled in the study, brown or yellow teeth are the biggest turn off when it comes to first date impressions, and more than half of those asked said they would decline a second date with someone who had discoloured teeth.

Co-owner of LoveLite, Donnamarie McBride, who conducted the survey explained that ‘If you want to make a good impression there’s nothing better than a winning smile and you can’t have that if you’ve got badly discoloured teeth. Clearly that counts for celebrities just as much as everyone else.’ She also added that it wasn’t surprising to find Jeremy Clarkson at the top of the poll, given that he smokes heavily and isn’t interested in the so-called ‘Hollywood Smile’.

Although dental stains aren’t desirable, it seems that those at the opposite end of the spectrum haven’t fared any better; stars like Simon Cowell and TOWIE regulars Joey Essex and Chloe Sims were in the top five for worst cosmetically enhanced smile. Even after spending thousands of pounds on their teeth, it seems overly white, perfectly straight teeth are almost as unattractive as stained or discoloured teeth.

TOWIE regular talks to Reveal about her cosmetic surgery


Although you might think reality star Chloe Sims has everything going for her, the 30-year-old has spoken to Reveal magazine about her looks and admitted that her self-esteem has suffered at the hands of internet trolls. The mother of one revealed that she has undergone various cosmetic procedures in an effort to improve her appearance, including a breast augmentation, Botox injections and dental veneers.

Chloe told the magazine ‘I’ve always been insecure about my face but reading that you’re ugly just makes it worse.’ She also added that the recent abuse she received on social networking site Twitter made her question herself, ‘Am I unattractive? It’s hard not to believe things like that when so many people say the same thing.’

After one particular criticism the aspiring model started getting Botox injections into her jaw line to make it seem less square, commenting ‘when I watch myself on the telly or see pictures, the first thing I notice is my square jaw.’ Chloe also has confidence issues surrounding her teeth, even after getting porcelain veneers last year. ‘I’m still getting stick and people still hate my teeth’ she says, ‘I get called a horse and sometimes drunken people shout ‘sort your teeth out!’ And to be honest, I now think my teeth are too long and too square.’

The single mum has not been without her supporters though, as many of her Twitter followers and the TOWIE fan base have rallied around to try and boost her confidence, with one fan posting ‘Chloe you look great, ignore the haters.’

Best celebrity smiles are revealed


Last year it was Cheryl Cole who had the nation’s favourite smile, but the Geordie has been usurped by singer Tulisa Contostavlos, who also took her place on the X-Factor panel as a judge. A survey carried out by the Harley Street Clinic revealed that Tulisa’s teeth are top of the list when it comes to the UK’s ideal smile. Tulisa spent thousands making sure her teeth were perfectly straight and white before she made her X-Factor debut last series, and it seems the improvement hasn’t gone unnoticed among viewers. Third place was taken by Kate Middleton, while her sister Pippa found herself down in tenth, and Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan also managed to make the top ten.

Olympic diver Tom Daley topped the list for the men, with his pearly whites beating away rivals David Beckham and TOWIE’s Mark Wright. Russell Brand also made a surprise appearance on the list, as his teeth have been whitened since he moved to the US. The Royal family were found to be popular with men too, with Prince Harry coming in at the number eight spot – just behind rapper Prof. Green, who has spent a reported £12,000 on a complete smile makeover.

The obvious ‘Hollywood smile’ has fallen in popularity slightly this year, as the blinding white teeth of Nicola Roberts, Chloe Sims, and Simon Cowell failed to make the top ten; most people who were asked felt their teeth were too large and too bright to look natural.

TOWIE’s Chloe to release biography detailing her surgical enhancements


To the viewers, it may seem that Chloe Sims is all make-up and blindingly white veneers, but according to a source close to the reality star, she is much more than that, and her new biography is going to reveal all about her struggle with self-esteem and being a single mother. The thirty-year-old is going to release her first book in November and fans are expected to be shocked by her life before she found fame on The Only Way Is Essex.

A source told The Daily Mail; ‘There is a lot more to Chloe than meets the eye and she is hoping this is her way of showing that the only way is up. People just assume she goes to a nightclub with a bit of lip gloss on or goes to the surgeons to get a bit more Botox but in reality that isn’t her real life.’

Since joining the case of TOWIE, Chloe has had multiple surgical procedures and undergone several operations to fix her teeth, using veneers. As well as talking about her various enhancements, the book is going to mention her eating disorder, her troubled childhood, her relationship with her daughter’s father, and how she was bullied for her looks when she was at school. Her friend added that she ‘has not held back,’ and that Chloe’s life has been something of a ‘roller coaster’ up to this point.

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