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Welsh baby born with two teeth


A new mum was surprised to find that her baby was born with two teeth on the bottom jaw, and she tells Walesonline that she was worried about being bitten while feeding the new-born. Chloe Pullen, of Patmawr in Wales, gave birth to baby Rose Esme on August 22nd and the two teeth immediately drew some attention from hospital staff.

Chloe told the paper that the midwives all came to have a look at the teeth and admitted that she was ‘in shock’ by their appearance. The 25-year-old, also mum to Daniel, 2, added that family and friends could not believe it when they were sent a picture of baby Rose. Chloe said that she was worried about breastfeeding her daughter but said she ‘could not actually feel her teeth.’

Apparently the rarity is a family trait, as Chloe’s mother was also born with one front tooth; she said ‘My mum didn’t realise she had been born with teeth until her sister told her after Rose was born.’

The teeth were removed three days after Rose was born but doctors say she should not have any trouble growing a full set of milk teeth. Chloe has stored the early teeth in a jar and expressed her surprise that she was saving teeth so soon after Rose’s birth, saying ‘I also never expected that she would get a visit from the tooth fairy before her brother’.

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