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Jennifer Anniston knows how to use cosmetic dentistry to her advantage


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Jennifer Anniston knows how to use cosmetic dentistry to her advantageFriends’ star Jennifer Anniston knows how to use cosmetic dentistry to her advantage by having small tweaks here and there. The phenomenon has been labelled ‘tweakments’ by leading experts and is fast becoming the preferred look for celebrities because of their desire to stay natural. This could mean a slight change in lip size, or subtle Botox to soften lines and wrinkles.

Over one hundred doctors, surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and dermatologists have praised certain celebs for having subtle changes, with Anniston coming top of the list. Dr. Michael Prager, a leading cosmetic surgeon spoke to The Telegraph. “She hasn’t overdone the Botox and still has very slight crow’s feet and the horizontal forehead lines are visible. You can also see at the bottom lip in the middle there are some fine lumps as well as on the right upper lip overall.” Due to this, experts say that she has struck the right balance between fighting the ageing process and still appearing natural and remaining true to her original look. Other celebrities on the list included Cheryl Cole, Kylie Minogue, and Jennifer Lopez.


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Cheryl Cole talks about wrinkles and aging


Despite the fact she has had dental veneers, hair extensions, and wears lashing of make-up, former X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole has vowed to embrace the ‘natural’ aging process and avoid facial injections, insisting that wrinkles are to be worn as a badge of honour.

The Girls Aloud singer told Notebook magazine that her family do not approve of plastic surgery so she would try to avoid Botox and dermal fillers, for now at least, if only to escape the wrath of her mother Joan – who has always been close to Cheryl throughout her rise to fame. Cheryl told the publication ‘We earn our wrinkles. It’s character; it’s the map of your life… I have great role models in my mum and family. The whole Botoxing and surgery this is like, what? They don’t get it, they don’t like it. [My Mum] would go crazy.’

The media darling turns thirty later this month, but rather than being daunted by the milestone, Cheryl is looking forward to her birthday on June 13th, saying ‘I always used to look up to women in their 30’s and think, ‘This is when women are at their most beautiful, sexy and their most confident.’ That’s what I was aspiring to be and now I’m here too, I feel like ‘Cool, I can relax now.’

Duchess of Cambridge earns title of ‘most enviable teeth’


Boy band singer Harry Styles has already been identified as having the best male teeth in show business, and now it’s the turn of the women; a survey carried out by a teeth whitening company has revealed that in the ladies poll Kate Middleton earned the title of ‘most enviable teeth’.

The 31-year-old Duchess of Cambridge triumphed over stiff competition from former X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole and her replacement Tulisa Contostavlos. Founder of Pearly’s, Liz Ridly, said that Kate’s teeth were popular because they are natural and make her look more youthful, she said ‘White teeth tend to give a much younger appearance because they look fresh and smart.’

Liz added that ‘a person with a dazzling smile is sure to look more confident and full of life, than somebody with yellow, damaged teeth that look dull and unkempt.’

Artificial teeth did not fare well in the poll, as reality stars Chloe Simms and Joey Essex found themselves at the bottom of the list of enviable teeth.

This is the second survey that the Duchess has topped in a matter of weeks; she recently made number one in a poll carried out by cosmetic surgery provider Transform because of her ‘straight, cute nose.’ The company also added that the number of people requesting a similar nose has trebled since 2011.


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Women requesting foot fillers to wear high heels


With the likes of Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cheryl Cole tottering around in giant heels, it was only a matter to time before British women started to follow the trend, and just like their celebrity idols, they are investing in foot fillers – or ‘toe jobs’ – to make the experience more comfortable. Operations to inject dermal fillers into the toes, heels, and balls of the feet have doubled over the last year, according to leading surgeons in the UK.

It’s no coincidence that the rise in popularity comes as sales of six inch heels have quadrupled over the same twelve months, and designers are now considering adding another inch to their towering shoes to further improve sales. The treatment, which costs about £380, is thought to make wearing heels for long periods of time more bearable and should remain effective for up to six months.

Cosmetic surgery group Transform have seen the number of procedures increase by a fifth in the last month alone, and a spokesperson for the company commented that it was all due to women following celebrity fads, she said ‘With the likes of Victoria Beckham stepping out in towering stilettos, British women are emulating the look.’ The long term effects are yet to be confirmed, but as most types of dermal filler are made using hyaluronic acid, the chances of side-effects are minimal as the acid is absorbed and disperses into the body.

Cheryl Cole has the perfect smile


She hasn’t had a lot to smile about in the past few months, but Cheryl Cole can feel better knowing that when she does flash those pearly whites, she’ll be the envy of the show-biz world. According to a study carried out by Manchester Metropolitan University, the former X-Factor judge has all the ingredients needed for a perfect smile.

Dr David Holmes revealed that it wasn’t just to do with the colour and shape of the teeth, the shape of the face and smile ‘technique’ were also contributing factors. ‘Cheryl Cole is a great example of the perfect smile.’ He said ‘It’s no coincidence that she has been such a success and become the nation’s sweetheart, her smile helps her come over as genuine, attractive, and engaging.’

The perfect smile is thought to be a combination of face shape, lip and tooth health, and confidence. Dr Holmes added ‘A major factor is how well you can produce a full ‘arch-bow’ smile; a wide, deep crescent revealing teeth but not gums, and reaching up to the eyes.’

The research also revealed that smiling with confidence could have considerable effect on our social standing, even help with our love lives. Dr Holmes noted ‘Smiling not only makes us feel good, it is also fundamental to human attachment, helps strengthen relationships and bonds people together.’

Cosmetic dentistry ‘is now more accessible’


Cosmetic dentistry 'is now more accessible'More people are choosing to undergo cosmetic dentistry as a result of the procedures becoming more accessible to members of the public, it has been suggested.

Dr Pravesh Solanki from claimed the increasing popularity of the treatment may have emerged due to a reduction in prices.

The expert's comments were made after a high number of well known celebrities received cosmetic dentistry in a bid to improve their appearance and correct oral issues.

High profile figures including Kerry Katona, Tulisa Contostavlos, Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell and Ronnie Wood have undergone the procedures to create a Hollywood smile.

Dr Solanki also suggested that the increased media attention to looking good and feeling better could have had a significant impact on the popularity of teeth whitening.

"Reality makeover shows are highlighting cosmetic dentistry procedures and the drop in price for these treatments has made them more accessible to everyone and not just celebrities," he added.  ADNFCR-2621-ID-800722747-ADNFCR

Has Tulisa Contostavlos had cosmetic dentistry?


Has Tulisa Contostavlos had cosmetic dentistry?Image-conscious individuals looking to achieve a smile makeover using cosmetic dentistry could be encouraged after hearing rumours about Tulisa Contostavlos.

According to the Sun, the stunning 23-year-old has spent £12,000 to improve her pearly whites ahead of the launch of the new series of The X Factor.

The newly appointed judge, who replaced Cheryl Cole on the panel, is said to have received dental veneers after previously expressing she was self-conscious about her smile.

A source told the newspaper: "Since she became famous she has become aware they are not perfectly aligned, so she decided to pay for a bit of help."

The N-Dubz band member is one in a long line of X Factor presenters to have work done to improve the appearance of their smiles under the glare of the studio lights.

She recently showed off her stunning figure in a black bikini while on holiday with friends in Ibiza.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800701343-ADNFCR

Girls Aloud star ‘spent £13,000 on cosmetic dentistry’


Girls Aloud star 'spent £13,000 on cosmetic dentistry'Pop star Nicola Roberts has reportedly spent £13,000 on improving her smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

The Girls Aloud singer took advice from bandmate Cheryl Cole and invested in a full set of dental caps after previously being unhappy with her teeth, the Sun reports.

Roberts recently stepped back into the spotlight with the release of her debut solo single Beat of My Drum, which was widely praised by critics.

Her new teeth may help the performer to feel more confident when she hits the promotional trail for her forthcoming solo album Cinderella's Eyes.

According to the newspaper, her bandmates have jokingly nicknamed the 25-year-old "Gnashers" due to her striking pearly whites.

A source told the publication that Roberts "now feels completely comfortable with her teeth".

The insider added: "As the youngest in the band, all the other girls are really happy that she has finally grown into herself."ADNFCR-2621-ID-800607542-ADNFCR

Has Simon Cowell had too much Botox?


Has Simon Cowell had too much Botox?The lighting team on Britain's Got Talent reportedly had to act quickly on Monday (May 30th) to combat signs of Simon Cowell's Botox use.

A source told the Daily Mail that the talent show judge and media mogul visibly showed symptoms associated with excessive treatment.

Cowell's eye was wilting a little and a small bruise above his cheekbone could be seen by the live audience, with producers rushing to alter the lighting during the first advertising break.

"Simon has overdone things a little with the Botox and it soon showed up on camera – especially as we film in high definition, which is particularly unforgiving," the anonymous source explained to the publication.

It came to light at the live semi-final of the talent contest created by Cowell, who recently hit the news after firing pop star Cheryl Cole from The X-Factor.

She and Cowell both left the British version of the show to take the format to the US, but the arrangement did not go as planned.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800564259-ADNFCR

Paula Abdul ‘receiving Botox treatment in preparation for the X Factor’


Paula Abdul 'receiving Botox treatment in preparation for the X Factor'Former American Idol judge Paula Abdul has reportedly received regular Botox treatment in a bid to improve her appearance for her stint on the US X Factor.

According to Now Magazine, the 48-year-old has adopted a strict beauty regime to ensure she looks her best on the judging panel.

With Nicole Scherzinger announced as Cheryl Cole's replacement on the programme, rumours are circulating that Abdul feels extra pressure to look her best.

A source told the magazine: "Paula has the best beauty team money can buy.

"She loves to hog the camera and she's tough to work with."

The insider claims the former chart topper has also been taking part in rigorous workouts and dance sessions every day in order to maintain her youthful figure.

Abdul has reportedly received anti-wrinkle Botox injections and derma fillers, as well as weekly oxygen facials to give her a glowing complexion.

Controversy has surrounded the set of the America X Factor from the offset, with British judge Cheryl Cole recently axed due to reports audiences were unable to understand her Newcastle accent.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800561439-ADNFCR

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