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Teen has jaw rebuilt from his own leg bone


Sixteen-year-old, Adam McCalmont, has undergone a nineteen-hour reconstructive surgery after discovering that the ache in his jaw was in fact Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. A tumour had developed on the side of his face that grew to around the size of an orange.

The surgery was so risky that his family were told there was a significant chance Adam could be left paralysed, or worse, that he might not even survive it. In order to give Adam the best chance of a positive outcome, the tumour was subjected to two intensive rounds of chemotherapy until it had shrunk enough to avoid his major artery in surgery. The operation consisted of removing half the boy’s jaw along with glands, and then transplanting bone and arteries from his leg into his face.

Following the surgery complications meant that he now has a large hole behind his ear due to infection, which is being closely monitored. Despite this Adam is currently recovering well, and is being fed a liquid diet to build his strength. Adam’s family are optimistic about the success of the surgery and are keen to raise awareness of the disease on behalf of the Boom Foundation.



Benidorm star is delighted with new teeth


Comedienne and actress Crissy Rock has had more than her fair share of drama where dental surgery is concerned, but it looks like the fifty-three year old has finally had her smile permanently restored after losing her implants during treatment for cancer. She has spent £20,000 on what she describes as ‘Rolls-Royce’ of new teeth, and now the Benidorm star is only too happy to show them off.

Crissy was diagnosed with cancer back in 2003 and the chemotherapy caused each of her dental implants to fail, until her dentist was left with no choice but to pull them all out. ‘The experts realised that my jawbone had also started to deteriorate,’ she told the Mirror, ‘so they had to scrape a lot of the bone and gum away too. It meant that my dentures never stayed in because there was no gum to actually attach them to, they just rested at the bottom of my mouth.’

After spending £10,000 on botched treatment with a Spanish dentist, Crissy was determined not to go through the trauma a second time, and thankfully she can smile again with the help of magnetic teeth. She says ‘My bottom teeth click right in and they stay in place with magnets, which react to the metal screws that were inserted in the side of my face and up my nose. My upper plate stays in place thanks to the magnetic force; however, each individual tooth can be pulled out for hygienic cleaning.’


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Dental care ‘essential for chemotherapy patients’


Chemotherapy patients must look after their oral health.

People undergoing chemotherapy treatments must ensure they maintain a good oral health routine in order to avoid their teeth becoming a problem for them, it has been claimed.

Dental Plans reported US dental professional Dr Steven McConnell said that teeth can become weaker due to the treatment and be more susceptible to decay as a result. Therefore, it is important to brush them regularly and visit a dental professional for regular check-ups to ensure no problems are going undiagnosed.

He commented: “Establishing optimum oral health is important for everyone at any age. After cancer treatment it is imperative.”

Elsewhere, Dr James McAnally, director of the Healthy Heart Dental Program, recently published new evidence highlighting the importance of good oral health in maintaining physical wellbeing.

He noted that taking the time to get regular check-ups from the dentist could dramatically improve a person’s health and increase their lifespan in the process.

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