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Fans shocked by photo of Charlotte Crosby before cosmetic surgery


Zoella, the popular YouTube beauty guru, has shocked fans by tweeting an old photo of her and Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby. Both celebrities look completely different, however, the most dramatic transformation can be seen in Charlotte. The most obvious difference is her nose, as the star underwent a rhinoplasty back in February of this year. One tweeter scathingly commented, “She was so much better before, natural, if you put her face next to a radiator it would melt.”

Charlotte has been very open to her fans about her surgery. In the days that followed her nose job she was posting two hundred plus selfies a day on popular social media sites, showing her jubilation over the results and revealing her bruised and blackened eyes.

Another obvious difference from Zoella’s photo is Charlotte’s lips. They are visibly much smaller, especially her top lip. It is clear the impact that lip fillers have had on her appearance, and she is not afraid to shout about it, posting pictures on Instagram again of bruising caused by the procedure. Charlotte’s boasting did not go unchallenged however, with an array of people posting negative comments, such as, “This is way too much” and “You can see the inject hole wow ouch.”


Love Island’s Malin Andersson admits to spending thousands on lip fillers


Love Island’s Malin Andersson is making a name for herself online with her glamourous pictures but she has now admitted that her exotic looks are not all natural; the 23-year-old has admitted that she spend as much as thirty thousand pounds on lip fillers to plump up her pout. Malin, a make-up artist from Milton Keynes, says she has had the filler treatment done on thirty occasions.

Malin is currently on the latest series of the ITV show Love Island and has become a particular favourite with fans due to her blossoming romance with another contestant, but fans might not be aware that the beauty has turned to fillers to enhance her look.

Although she says she is a fan of lip fillers, Malin is not considering Botox treatment, bucking the trend when it comes to reality stars these days; as her fellow reality regulars Charlotte Crosby and Holly Hagan would agree. Many of the women in the reality sphere seem to be fans of cosmetic injections and they feature heavily on Instagram, showing off their new looks, as well as heavy make-up and the results of their Botox treatment and even cosmetic surgery.


Geordie Shores Chantelle says she wants to improve her teeth



Geordie Shore cast mates are well known for their love of cosmetic treatments and other physical enhancements, now the latest addition to the raucous reality show, Chantelle Connolly, has admitted splashing out £21,000 to improve her appearance, and now she has decided to get a nose job as well as getting dental veneers.

Speaking to The Sun, Chantelle said that this is something she ‘has always wanted’ ever since she was a child and she has always felt self-conscious about her nose, adding a lot of contouring make up to try and alter its appearance.

This interview comes as the youngest member of the cast, Chloe, 21, said that she will ‘never stop’ with cosmetic treatment as she attempts to perfect her appearance. Chloe added that she may be a surgery addict and explained that she would like to have ‘chin fillers and more fillers in [her] cheeks’ as she would like people to look at her face and ‘be like ‘woah’’.

Chantelle’s other cast mates are also fans of surgical enhancements, with Charlotte Crosby recently revealing her nose job and her increased use of Botox and dermal fillers.


Holly Hagan explains why she gets Botox injections



Her followers on Twitter were not shy when it came to asking Geordie Shore starlet Holly Hagan whether she has had any cosmetic work done, and the 23-year-old was equally outspoken when she posted a video online about her recent Botox injections. Holly has always been happy to talk about her breast augmentation and recently she decided to get lip fillers and Botox injections to complete her image overhaul after she lost weight.

In the clip advertising the MTV reality show, Holly says that ‘the whole surgery thing really irritates’ her because she has only gone under the knife to enlarge her bust, whereas every other type of treatment she has had is non-surgical, namely Botox and fillers.

She added that she had Botox on top of her head as well as on her face because she didn’t like the way she looked when she was crying during filming for the latest season of the Newcastle-based TV series. She went on to say ‘I also had lip fillers over a year ago now.’ Despite some negative comments from people online, Holly insists that the treatments have made her feel more confident and she is even considering a nose job after seeing the results of cast mate Charlotte Crosby’s cosmetic surgery a few months ago.


TV’s Charlotte Crosby reveals dramatically different appearance at clothing launch


She has made it known that she is a big fan of cosmetic injections and Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby is certainly showing off the extent of her dermal filler use; the 25-year-old was posing up a storm for photographers at The Style clothing launch in London this week.

Charlotte, who is best known for her raucous behaviour on the MTV reality show, has previously admitted that she has been having the filler injections into her lips for some time and even joked that Kylie Jenner copied off her when she spoke about her own cosmetic treatment recently. The MTV star was happy to show off the results of her treatment as she poses for photographers, revealing very plump lips compared to her natural appearance.

The Sunderland native was joined at the event by other reality stars that have joined The Style with their own clothing lines; Charlottes own collection is called Nostalgia, whilst TOWIE regular Billy Faiers and Made In Chelsea cast member Binky Felstead also have their own ranges launching this week. The ladies were happy to pose for photographers and Charlotte was also supported by her Geordie Shore cast mate Holly Hagan.


Geordie Shore’s Charlotte says she was having lip fillers long before Kylie Jenner


Reality star Charlotte Crosby recently debuted her brand new nose on social media and the Geordie Shore regular has now decided to share all of her cosmetic surgery secrets with the world, by claiming in an interview with Daily Mail Australia that she was having filler injections into her lips long before starlet Kylie Jenner made the procedure famous.

Charlotte said that the 18-year-old sister of Kim Kardashian may have brought the surgery into the limelight but she was having it done years ago, in order to keep her lips looking plump. The 25-year-old told the publication that she goes back to have further filler injections every five months to make sure the effects don’t wear off. She explained ‘I’ve been getting my lips done for about two years now’, mainly because she felt that her top lip was too thin and she wanted to have a better pout. She joked that this wasn’t the ‘Kylie Jenner effect’ as she was already a fan of the treatment before the young reality star ‘got trendy’.

Charlotte has undergone quite the transformation in the past year; as well as filler injections, she has had Botox treatment, a rhino-plasty, and dropped four dress sizes in order to film her best-selling fitness DVD’s.


Celebrity Big Brother contestants clash over Botox


Tension has been rising in the Celebrity Big Brother house between dancer Louie Spence and former-model Sophie Anderton over her ‘lies’ about cosmetic surgery, and the situation finally reached boiling point this week when the latest nominations were revealed to the house. Big Brother screened the nominations to the waiting contestants and the video showed Louie choosing to put Sophie up for eviction, citing her penchant for deliberately creating drama and the fact that, in his opinion, she has lied about having Botox treatment in the past.

Sophie seemed upset about the comments and later spoke to the Pineapple Dance Studios star and asked him ‘Why do you have to be so nasty?’ when the pair were alone in the garden. Louie was not in the mood to apologise and maintained that she has been less than honest with her housemates, saying ‘Stop lying about your Botox! It is obvious you have had it.’ Sophie retorted that she was not lying about her cosmetic surgery use and added ‘you need to see pictures of my mum’ – to tell whether her changing appearance was in fact due to natural aging or Botox injections.

However, Louie was not about to let the model get the last word and yelled abuse at her as she walked back into the house, saying ‘Get over it you Botox trout-faced witch.’

Although all the drama may be for nothing as neither Louie nor Sophie are hot favourites to win the reality show; current front-runner is Geordie Shore regular Charlotte Crosby.

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