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Danniella Westbrook to sue over botched dental implants


Danniella Westbrook has been in the news over recent weeks, with fears that she had turned to drugs again, after years of battling her addiction. Speculation grew when she was photographed with bandages around the bottom of her nose just a few weeks ago.

It has now emerged that the ex-EastEnders’ star is to sue the Channel Five show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, for providing her with ‘dodgy dental implants.’ Danniella is going after the show for seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds for loss of earnings and damages, due to contracting blood poisoning from the implants. She spoke to the sun about her ordeal, “I’ve had sleepless nights and crying about the state my teeth are in. Sometimes you want to go out for dinner and have a great big bit of steak but I can’t do that – I’ll probably bite in to it and [the implant] will be stuck in the meat.”

Danniella revealed that a previous car crash left her teeth in tatters and eventually she had them removed and replaced with dentures. Following this, the star longed for a more permanent fix and enquired about dental implants. The dentist did warn the star that the degradation of her bone structure may cause problems with the longevity of the implants and her smoking habit could also cause issues. After the procedure Danniella was unhappy with the results and then months later she found herself fighting for her life, due to septicaemia. The legal case is now being compiled.


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