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Chloe Goodman admits she is addicted to lip fillers


Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the Beach star Chloe Goodman recently appeared on the Channel 5 show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, and admitted that she is totally addicted to lip fillers. Speaking candidly on the show, the star revealed that she does not want to ‘grow old gracefully’ and cannot ever see a time where she will not have the procedure as she is completely addicted.

Before Chloe first appeared on the MTV show she says she never really thought about her appearance. However, after seeing herself on camera and reading negative comments from viewers, she became increasingly critical of her looks and turned to cosmetic surgery to boost her self-confidence. “I would look at the show and think I could have looked better… I was so addicted to refreshing my Twitter feed it was a joke. I was so interested in how everyone thought I came across and how I looked.”

Before appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, Chloe had fillers in her lips and cheeks and Botox in her face, which caused a backlash of negative comments. Chloe admits that she regretted having so much work done in such close proximity, but also says that the procedures became ‘addictive from the very first injection.’



Celebrity Big Brothers Chloe Khan has filler injections into her chin


She’s currently garnering much media attention thanks to her antics on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother and Chloe Khan has made sure she is well and truly camera ready, by getting filler injections before entering the house.

The former X-Factor contestant has admitted to having lip fillers in the past and now she has decided to get injections into the dimple on her chin, to try and reduce it. Chloe was taking part in Channel 4’s new reality show Selfie Addicts when she was filmed having the treatment done at a beauty salon. Chloe told the beautician she wanted lip fillers and the chin dimple filling in at the same time.

Chloe explained that she has had several breast augmentations and a nose job, as well as her filler treatment, but aims to have another rhinoplasty because the results weren’t what she was hoping for. She says that looking her best for selfies is what keeps her online business going and she explained that being a ‘selfie addict’ has changed her life for the better after a tough upbringing.


Alicia Douvall warns Chantelle Houghton to lay off lip fillers


She was recently pictured after having filler injections into her already swollen pout, and now Chantelle Houghton’s apparent addiction to the treatment has sparked concern among her fellow reality stars. Known for her own obsession with appearances, TV regular Alicia Douvall has warned the Celebrity Big Brother winner to reduce her lip filler treatment before she goes too far.

Chantelle has made no secret of the fact that she likes dermal lip injections, even posting a video of herself having the treatment done, but fans fear that the mother-of-one has taken it too far and should take a break from the plumping treatment.

Alicia spoke to Closer magazine about plastic surgery and explained that she would talk to Chantelle about the need for cosmetic treatment; she said that she would like to explain to Chantelle that surgery is not necessary to feel good about herself. Alicia added that it can be ‘a dangerous path’ once someone becomes addicted to this type of treatment and they start with smaller procedures before moving onto more extensive work.

An insider close to Chantelle said that the reality star was trying to cope with several ‘broken relationships’ and body issues by turning to cosmetic treatment. They added that Chantelle ‘has convinced herself that it’s the only way to boost her confidence and get her happy every after.’


Chantelle Houghton films lip filler injections and shares on Facebook


Some people might not want to know about cosmetic treatments in so much detail but Chantelle Houghton has decided that her Facebook friends should see the procedure in extreme close-up. The former Celebrity Big Brother star filmed her lip injection treatment, which took place at Amy Childs’ beauty salon in Brentwood, Essex, and posted the video online for all to see.

The video shows a close-up of Chantelle’s lips as the injections are being administered to both sides of her lips and the procedure does not look entirely comfortable, although the mother-of-one did not comment on whether or not it was pain-free.

Chantelle has admitted being a fan of the lip-plumping procedure and she mentions in the clip that she has ‘top-ups’ regularly to keep her lips looking fuller. In the past she has admitted to being ‘addicted’ to lip fillers; in 2012 she told Fabulous magazine that she would return to the surgery every three or four weeks to get more treatment done, claiming she ‘wanted to keep doing it and keep doing it’ to see how far she could take it.


Rylan Clark-Neal describes painful results of overdoing lip fillers


Former X-Factor contestant Rylan Clark-Neal has always been a fan of cosmetic treatments and he has had several rounds of fillers injections as well as dental veneers. However, after overdoing it with lip fillers the TV presenter found himself in a painful situation on live television.

The 27-year-old revealed in his autobiography The Life Of Rylan that after having too much filler injected into his lips he ended up with his lips leaking the solution on live television. In the book Rylan explains that he was looking forward to his appearance on ITV’s This Morning with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby but after they chatted and laughed together, the Celebrity Big Brother winner realised that his lips had actually burst open ‘and collagen filler started to dribble out’.

Rylan admitted that he had overdone it with the lip fillers and described the experience as a ‘horror’ before saying that it ‘wasn’t as awful as it could have been’ and the hosts remained professional as the situation unfolded. At first, Rylan tried to say that he had had an accident that had caused the injury but he later admitted the truth and the mishap didn’t stop him from securing a job as the shows presenter, alongside new husband Dan.


Danniella Westbrook reveals she left the house to get teeth fixed


EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook has revealed that she actually left the Celebrity Big Brother house during her time on the show, in order to get her teeth fixed. Although contestants are supposed to remain in the house day and night, the actress decided she needed to visit the dentist as she was worried that her teeth might fall out on live television.

TV bosses allowed the 42-year-old to slip out of the house unnoticed by viewers in order to get her veneers and denture repaired after she became worried that she might have an infection. The TV actress was explaining why she got so upset about housemate Jeremy McConnell putting a dirty trainer underneath her pillow, when she mentioned that she was concerned about an infection developing right after she had her veneers fitted. She added that viewers did not get to see that and it may have caused her to come across badly.

Danniella had to get a denture fitted as well, to replace her back teeth after they were damaged in a car accident. She admitted that she ‘had sleepless nights’ crying over the condition of her teeth. She even appeared on an episode of Channel 5’s Botched Up Bodies, talking about her dental treatments and painful implant surgery.


Farrah Abraham gifts daughter Sophia with £900 from the tooth fairy


Reality TV regular Farrah Abraham is known for her attention-seeking ways and now she’s got daughter Sophia in on the action; the Teen Mom star posted a picture of the six-year-old flashing the cash she was given as a gift from the tooth fairy when her front tooth fell out recently. Farrah, 24, had only just returned from the UK following a stint on the reality show Celebrity Big Brother but she clearly still loves the limelight.

The photograph, posted on Twitter, showed Sophia with £900 in Sterling – which is a about $1400 –  that was given to her after her baby tooth fell out and the youngster was also keen to show off a new bracelet that her mother had given her under the guise of the tooth fairy. Farrah captioned the pictures ‘ToothFairy presents were epic! Sophia got an amazing ToothFairy bracelet.’ Lucky Sophia has been given even more money than when her last teeth fell out; back in July she only got the equivalent of six hundred pounds.

Farrah recently spoke to UsWeekly about her daughter losing her baby teeth, saying that the little girl had been ‘going through a hard time’ with her front teeth falling out, adding that ‘she’s not really so secure’. The mother-of-one continued ‘She loses her first big tooth and she’s just like ‘Mommy, I want teeth like yours! And I’ve had my teeth cosmetically done, so they’re looking pretty perfect.’

Rylan Clark calls out critics of his dental veneers


Former X-Factor contestant Rylan Clark has spoken to Mirror TV about his new found fame as presenter of Big Brother spin-off Bit On The Side and he seems to be enjoying the confidence it has brought him. The 26-year-old admits that he is not afraid to speak his mind when people criticise him and says that he took a lot of stick from the public after his stint on the X-Factor talent show – particularly for the dazzling veneers that he had put in last year.

Rylan told the publication ‘If anyone abuses me, I’ll have it out. I’m done with all that now. I paid that price when I came off X-Factor, I took, took, took.’ After winning Celebrity Big Brother, Rylan was offered the chance to co-host a spin-off of the reality show and he has chosen to ignore negativity that might reach him via social networking sites like Twitter.

He might get some abuse from Twitter followers about his veneers but Rylan has no regrets, saying ‘I’m glad I did my teeth. I had my teeth done the day I started presenting Big Brother and back then I couldn’t present a show for nothing, but everyone was talking about the teeth so no-one thought I was a crap presenter!’ He also joked that people comment that ‘his new teeth look so much better’ when he hasn’t changed them since they were first placed.


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Celebrity Big Brother contestants clash over Botox


Tension has been rising in the Celebrity Big Brother house between dancer Louie Spence and former-model Sophie Anderton over her ‘lies’ about cosmetic surgery, and the situation finally reached boiling point this week when the latest nominations were revealed to the house. Big Brother screened the nominations to the waiting contestants and the video showed Louie choosing to put Sophie up for eviction, citing her penchant for deliberately creating drama and the fact that, in his opinion, she has lied about having Botox treatment in the past.

Sophie seemed upset about the comments and later spoke to the Pineapple Dance Studios star and asked him ‘Why do you have to be so nasty?’ when the pair were alone in the garden. Louie was not in the mood to apologise and maintained that she has been less than honest with her housemates, saying ‘Stop lying about your Botox! It is obvious you have had it.’ Sophie retorted that she was not lying about her cosmetic surgery use and added ‘you need to see pictures of my mum’ – to tell whether her changing appearance was in fact due to natural aging or Botox injections.

However, Louie was not about to let the model get the last word and yelled abuse at her as she walked back into the house, saying ‘Get over it you Botox trout-faced witch.’

Although all the drama may be for nothing as neither Louie nor Sophie are hot favourites to win the reality show; current front-runner is Geordie Shore regular Charlotte Crosby.

X-Factor star suffers dental problems


Former X-Factor contestant Rylan Clark has been tweeting his fans and followers to let them know how his recent dental treatment has been going; after having some work done on his teeth, it seems that the temporary veneer designed to protect them has fallen out.

When having veneers fitted, it is common practice to fit a temporary resin veneer to protect the teeth while the porcelain veneers are being manufactured – although it is not supposed to come loose before the second appointment is arranged. Rylan even tweeted a picture of the veneer after it came out, with the comment ‘Drama… My temporary teeth have fallen out… NOT a good look.’

He also added ‘I looking like a gummy bear!!!!! #teethdramas!’

It seems that the Essex native is hoping to improve his teeth for his upcoming presenting job with Channel 5; Rylan is replacing former host Emma Willis on Big Brother spin-off Bit On The Side, as she has moved to the main show. Aside from his dental problems, Rylan is feeling positive about the move, saying ‘I have followed the show since the very beginning. It was a dream come true to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house this year, let alone win it. Being offered the job to present Big Brother’s Bit On The Side was amazing.’

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