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Big Brother Botox mystery could lead to legal action


Model Sophie Anderton has suffered her fair share of jibes about Botox treatment after entering the Celebrity Big Brother house last month and if rumours are to be believed, the argument could end up in court if self-appointed Dr Botox, Danielle Meagher, is not careful. The beautician suggested on CBB sister show Bit On The Side that Sophie had come to see her about having some work done – which flies in the face of all the models previous denials.

Danielle told presenters Rylan and AJ ‘About four or five years ago a certain person came into my clinic and had a treatment worth about four or five hundred euros (£341 to £426). It was a free treatment in exchange for a testimonial.’ Sources close to the model have said that Sophie will be extremely angry about the revelation and will probably sue the Irish reality star when she leaves the house. An insider told the Daily Star Sunday ‘When she comes out of the house and hears what Danielle has said on TV, she will be fuming. Sophie will take this to court if she has to. There is absolutely no doubt she will sue over this.’

Another source added that ‘as a professional’ Danielle should not be discussing her clients either on or off TV, saying ‘It’s not fair to those involved. It should be kept private.’ However, a spokesperson for Danielle said that legal action was not likely to materialise because the clinic owner had not broken any laws; ‘Sophie was given a free treatment for what she did – a testimonial. Danielle has not broken any patient confidentiality.’

X-Factor contestant discusses cosmetic treatment in Big Brother house


Former X-Factor contestant Rylan Clark set tongues wagging when he entered the singing competition and admitted that he was ‘obsessed’ with his looks; now he’s proving to be anything but shy in the Celebrity Big Brother house as he talks about his quest for perfection with the other housemates.

The 24-year-old admitted he spends a large chunk of his income on cosmetics and other facial treatments, saying ‘I’ve had Botox and had my lips done. I am really obsessed with my image.’ He also added that he has had dental veneers fitted and filler injections after suffering bullying when he was growing up that caused him to develop low self-esteem.

According to media sources, Rylan is set to earn £250,000 over the next year, so he should have plenty of spare change to spend on his surgical treatment. He even told fellow CBB contestant Claire Richards – of Steps fame – that he was thinking about getting abs surgically created on his stomach, after seeing the results on another Big Brother contestant, photographer and tabloid journalist Darryn Lyons. He also spoke to Now magazine about his intentions, saying ‘I’ve got a little belly and I really want to tone up, but I don’t want to be one of those skinny people. I might have some pecs put in, like Darryn’s.’

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