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Models ‘often use botox to get rid of frown lines’


Models 'often use botox to get rid of frown lines'Models looking to freshen up their faces often turn to botox.

This is according to cosmetologist Falguni Shah, who told NDTV Movies that botox helps the stars of the catwalk to wave goodbye to their frown lines.

She explained that the hectic schedules that many models have means they can end up looking very tired.

Bright lights and camera flashbulbs, which are an every day part of many models’ lives, can also have a negative effect on the skin.

Therefore, botox is an easy and simple way for models to look their best at all times, Ms Shah explained.

“Earlier, models used to approach us mostly for hair removals and tummy tucks and liposuctions, but now they go in for a lot more,” the expert commented. “[They] don’t want to look tired in the pictures.”

Cosmetic medicine doctor Catherine Stone recently told New Zealand’s 3News that botox can also make ordinary people look and feel great.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800069974-ADNFCR

Botox ‘can help people look and feel great’


Botox can make people feel better, says one sourceHaving botox injections is one way that people can look and feel wonderful.

This is the view of cosmetic medicine doctor Catherine Stone, who told New Zealand’s 3News that the procedure is increasingly being incorporated into many people’s wellness routines alongside haircuts.

She explained that this is largely due to a shift in perception about botox, which is no longer seen as something that makes people’s faces appear fake.

This, the expert explained, is because many of these types of operation are carried out with a subtle touch, which refreshes rather than totally changes people’s appearance.

“The focus has really come away from instead of being about fixing lines and wrinkles, it’s about how can we get you looking your best,” Dr Stone remarked.

Earlier this month in the UK, the government backed the creation of a register which holds the details of responsible providers of cosmetic surgery such as botox.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800069963-ADNFCR

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