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Desmond D’Mello struck off Dental Register due to malpractice.


Desmond D’Mello, a Nottinghamshire based Dentist, has been struck off by the GDC (General Dental Council) due to a string of malpractice claims being proven in a misconduct hearing. Out of the 56 allegations made 55 were proven.


D’Mello’s activities came to light when secret filming took place in 2014 at his Daybrook Dental Practice near Nottingham. The footage showed poor levels of hygiene which prompted a string of allegations, including: using the same gloves for more than one patient, not sterilising equipment after each use, issuing antibiotics for undiagnosed problems and leaving hands unwashed between patients.


Following the footage, the NHS issued a public health warning for low risk of infection to any patients that had received treatment from Mr D’Mello. Some 22,000 patients were recalled, with 4,526 of these being tested for blood-borne viruses to which 5 were found to have Hepatitis C.


D’Mello’s dental nurse, Caroline Surgey, also faced 27 allegations at the hearing which she admitted to. Surgey is still permitted to work as a dental nurse under strict conditions and supervision. During the hearing she stated that Mr D’Mello was cutting costs and that is why he did not like to change gloves between patients.


It emerged that Mr D’Mello did not attend the hearing and did not have legal representation on his behalf. Following the hearing the Daybrook Dental Practice has been renamed and is now under new Management.




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