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Could men’s worries about ageing lead to more Botox?


Could more men soon be having Botox? More men could soon be tempted to turn toward Botox, if the findings of a new survey are anything to go by.

The poll, carried out by Men's Health magazine and Slendertone Face, discovered that 35 per cent of men say they worry about getting wrinkles and a saggy face, while 41 per cent fear that getting old and wrinkled could spoil their chances of being lucky with the opposite sex.

Meanwhile, a quarter of the guys questioned said they thought appearing old might hold them back at work.

More than half of the respondents said they put pressure on themselves to look young, athough one in ten said they feel their partner wants them to stay youthful.

However, although all of those polled recognised that ageing is inevitable, 67 per cent said they knew they could do something about it, which could include using more moisturiser or having Botox.

Last month, Caci Medi-spas clinical adviser Jackie Smith told the New Zealand Herald she has noticed more and more guys opting to have Botox in a bid to keep their skin looking younger.

Men ‘are increasingly turning to Botox’


More men are now having Botox. More and more men are opting to have Botox in a bid to keep their skin looking younger, according to one clinician.

Caci Medi-spas clinical adviser Jackie Smith, who practises in New Zealand, told the New Zealand Herald she has now treated men from all walks of life, from school teachers to builders.

“Like women, they are usually in the region of 40 years and starting to feel as though their ageing is impacting on their self-confidence,” she explained.

Ms Smith added that although men are now more willing to indulge in Botox, they may not always admit having done so afterwards as they are shy about people knowing they care about their appearance.

Last month, Happy Days actor Henry Winkler told the Express he thinks Botox is a great invention for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

He added that he wishes it could have been around when his mother was still alive, as it could have helped her with the symptoms of a stroke.

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