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Dental check-ups for children ‘could prevent emergency dentistry’


Dental check-ups for children 'could prevent emergency dentistry'Taking children to the dentist from an early age could prevent emergency dentistry.

Ensuring children maintain healthy teeth and gums could limit the chances of them needing expensive dental procedures such as root canal treatments.

This is supported by website HealthNews18, which advises parents to take their children to dental health appointments to prevent future oral health problems.

The need for regular treatment is also highlighted by the high sugar content in the majority of foods favoured by children.

American dental company Brush Buddies has recently launched a Justin Bieber toothbrush in a bid to make the process more fun for youngsters.

The electric toothbrush plays a choice of songs by the pop sensation to encourage young children to clean their teeth for the recommended two minutes.

Brush Buddies also has plans to release Bieber floss and a dental care travel kit to make the procedures more appealing to the age-group.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800516989-ADNFCR

Justin Bieber toothbrushes ‘ideal for cleaning invisible braces’


A range of new Justin Bieber toothbrushes - for both adults and youngsters - have been launched by Brush BuddiesJustin Bieber must certainly have one of the biggest teen fan bases of any star – and now his most loyal fans can keep their invisible braces clean with a new themed toothbrush.

Toothbrush brand Brush Buddies has released a new line of Justin Bieber toothbrushes, available in both adult and child sizes. One of the toothbrushes in the range even plays a Bieber tune for the two minutes brushing time recommended by dental experts, ensuring children clean their invisible braces for the correct amount of time.

For teeth care and invisible brace cleaning on the go, the Justin Bieber Oral Care Travel Kit could be ideal – this kit contains a brush, a tongue scraper, some Bieber-themed floss and a timer to ensure the optimum two minutes' cleaning is carried out.

Bieber hails from Canada and shot to fame after posting videos of himself singing on the internet. He has previously worked with rapper Ludacris and is currently in Australia on a world tour.

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