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Brooke Shields posts yet another selfie from the dentist’s chair


She seems to be making a habit of visiting the dentist, having been in the chair several times already this year and admitting to fans that she suffers from bruxism, now Brooke Shields has found a new way to calm her nerves when visiting the clinic – drinking wine. The actress posted a picture of herself this week sitting in the dentist’s chair with a full glass of wine; she can be seen smiling broadly and showing no signs of anxiety at all.

The 49-year-old was visiting the dentist on Thursday but did not specify what she was getting treatment for; it has been suggested that she was getting further repair work following some dental damage due to bruxism – a condition that presents with grinding and clenching of the teeth. She added the caption ‘Back at the dentist but this time prepared!’

Brooke posted a photo of herself about to undergo treatment for the condition back in March, adding the caption ‘More dental surgery! I grind my teeth! D*mn!’ alongside the image of her with a mask over her nose to administer nitrous oxide.

Brooke Shields is back at the dentist for more treatment


Actress Brooke Shields regularly updates her fans on her day-to-day activities and recently she has been spending a lot of time at the dentist’s surgery after she has developed a problem with grinding her teeth. This week, the 49-year-old was back in the dentist’s chair and added more pictures of herself wearing a cheek retractor and a mask to apply laughing gas or dental sedation.

Brooke posted another picture of herself wearing a nitrous oxide mask before her treatment began, and added the caption ‘More dental surgery! I grind my teeth! Damn!’ The selfie was an extreme close-up of the actresses face, showing her modelling the anaesthetic mask and pouting for the camera. Her teeth may have to be repaired after damage from tooth grinding – known in the dental trade as bruxism; this is a condition that tends to be related to stress and many people who suffer with bruxism will grind their teeth at night, making it difficult to treat.

The mother-of-two joked around with followers on Instagram in January, posting a picture of herself wearing a cheek retractor and a bib around her chin; she added the caption ‘My new head shot taken at the dentist!!!!!!’.

Brooke Shields shares scary selfie as she undergoes dental treatment


Brooke Shields has shown her sense of humour to fans and followers of her social networking sites; the actress shared a picture of herself at the dentist wearing a cheek retractor and she grinned, wide-eyed, for the camera. Although her teeth look perfect, Brooke is obviously seen sitting in the dentist’s chair, undergoing what is thought to be a dental exam, and she doesn’t seem to be scared about visiting the dental clinic in New York – or about sharing a picture of herself in a situation that may be slightly unexpected.

The actress can be seen glaring frighteningly at the camera whilst wearing the retraction device and a paper bib around her neck. Her teeth appear to be perfect so it’s hard to imagine that she’s going to need any form of treatment after her dental examination.

Fans were quickly wondering whether the mother-of-two is getting ready for a birthday party, perhaps to celebrate the big 5-0, which is coming up soon. Brooke said that she was ‘so excited’ about her upcoming milestone and she told NBC hosts on the Today show ‘I’m going to be hitting that big, beautiful birthday.’

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