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Is Britney Spears overdoing it with Botox?


Fans were quick to point out that Britney Spears looked suspiciously flawless after her appearance on the red carpet for the Billboard Awards recently and insiders are suggesting that her youthful appearance is anything but natural. A source has supposedly revealed to Now magazine that the singer is ‘addicted’ to Botox and regularly gets the injections to stop any wrinkles from forming.

The insider said that the mother-of-two has gone ‘way overboard’ with Botox and filler injections and informed the magazine that Britney was getting the treatment done ‘every few weeks’ instead of several months apart, as most practitioners would recommend.

The 34-year-old is said to be ‘obsessive’ about her appearance and is determined to look as good as she did when she was a teenager first bursting onto the music scene. The source mentioned that her face is ‘so frozen’ that she has trouble forming expressions and can hardly raise her eyebrows due to the amount of Botox that has been injected.

Britney has admitted in the past that she has had lip fillers but has so far made no mention of whether she has been getting Botox injections to fight lines and wrinkles on her face.


Has Iggy Azalea had cosmetic surgery?


Rapper Iggy Azalea has been more than forthcoming about her cosmetic treatment, talking openly about her breast augmentation last year, but now fans are questioning whether the Australian has had further cosmetic work done to enhance her appearance. The twenty-four year old recently performed with Britney Spears at the Billboard Awards and speculation quickly began that she has gone under the knife again.

Twitter followers suggested that the singer has had a chin implant and she further fuelled the rumours by posting a picture of herself on Instagram, adding the caption ‘Loving my new look.’

Dr Ross Perry, Medical Director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics spoke to Mirror Celebs about the changes in Iggy’s appearance, saying that she may have had either a surgical chin implant or dermal fillers to change her face. He also added that the difference in appearance could be due to ‘Botox to the lower jaw to increase definition in this area.’ The rapper has not made any comment on the rumours so far but was happy to talk about her cosmetic surgery in previous interviews, stating that she had a breast enlargement because she had been thinking about it her ‘entire life.’

Britney Spears denies claims of bad oral health


It’s fair to say that child star Britney Spears has had her fair share of problems in recent years, and just as it looks like she’s put her troubles behind her, US gossip magazine National Enquirer has published a story claiming that the mother-of-two has bad breath, due to her extreme diet. Representatives of Spears have come forward to deny claims that were quoted from an unknown source, saying that ‘Britney’s breath absolutely reeks!’

According to the source, it’s the pop-stars diet that is causing the decline in oral health, as they added that ‘It must be the acids in her tummy or something from this crazy diet she’s on because her breath will start smelling twenty minutes after she brushes her teeth.’ Her meal plan has been described as ‘absolutely brutal’ including egg whites, whey protein shakes and lean meats, as she attempts to keep in shape for her role as X-Factor judge in the US. This combination of foods can apparently cause halitosis by ‘producing breath-affecting by-products or ammonia in the body.’

There doesn’t seem to be any evidence to support this other than rumour and hearsay, and Internet site Gossip Cop has reported that Britney’s people are saying the rumours are ‘not true’; they have also denied that the so-called source is a friend of hers or has ever even met the star. 

Redheads dread going to the dentist


Unfortunately for three per cent of England’s population and thirteen per cent of Scotland’s, it’s not just the sun that can prove troublesome, a new study by Southampton University Hospital has initially shown that pale-skinned redheads in both countries are likely to feel more pain when visiting the dentist, and will require more anaesthetic. Researchers have discovered that the genes that affect the colour of hair and skin are the same as the ones that help produce endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers.

The study of volunteers over the age of thirty involves anaesthetising the subject and then administering a small electrical charge to their thigh, then comparing the reaction with another group of people with brown or black hair. Although the research won’t be complete until September, early evidence suggests that the red-haired volunteers do feel more pain, which concurs with a similar study carried out in the US that revealed that redheads were generally more nervous about receiving dental treatment, and more than twice as likely to avoid it.

Dr Edwin Liem, who led the first study at Louisville University, commented that ‘Redheads experience more pain from a given stimulus and therefore require more anaesthesia to alleviate that pain.’ A second experiment in the same field showed that women with red hair needed nineteen per cent more pain relief to stop them from reacting to negative stimulation, than those with dark hair that were tested in the same way.

Katy Perry OCD over oral hygiene


Everyone knows that brushing your teeth regularly is a must if you want to keep them in good condition and prevent dental problems, but it appears that American singer Katy Perry has taken the advice a step too far, as she admits to taking a supply of new toothbrushes everywhere she goes, to stop her teeth from getting cavities.

A source told the Daily Star that Katy had experienced tooth decay when she was younger and is so determined to avoid the problem that she brushes her teeth up to six times a day. The singer spoke to YouTube this week and revealed that a childhood fascination with the teeth of pop star Britney Spears started her obsession with oral hygiene, saying ‘I wanted them to be like Britney Spears white. I used to grow up seeing her music videos and be like ‘what does she do? Does she get a new set of teeth all the time? They’re so white.’

The 27-year-old divorcee also admitted that suffering with dental caries as a child contributed to the habit, ‘I’ll brush my teeth [after] breakfast, lunch and dinner,’ she says, ‘I did have thirteen cavities at one time, so you can imagine why I’m so freaked out. When I was a kid I didn’t really go to the dentist a lot and when I finally went, they were like, ‘you might as well get a new set of teeth.’


Have Katy Perry and Russell Brand had Botox?


Have Perry and Brand opted for Botox?A news provider has speculated that Katy Perry and Russell Brand's recent fresh-faced look could be down to Botox treatment.

The newlyweds were photographed on the MTV Europe Awards red carpet this week and 2Day's gossip column suggested their appearance was a little too flawless to be entirely natural.

In fact, there was "barely a crease or a wrinkle to be seen", the source said.

Of course, the relaxed look could have been down to a laid-back honeymoon!

Perry and Brand tied the knot in India last month and they showed off their matching diamond wedding rings to the press this week.

Back in August 2010, Perry suggested in a question and answer session for YouTube that she may have teeth whitening treatment in order to get her smile "Britney Spears white".

She said she has always been envious of the singer's dazzling smile and brushes her teeth all the time to make sure they look similar.

Katy Perry – Could teeth whitening be an option ahead of wedding?


Teeth whitening could be an option for Katy Perry. Katy Perry may go for teeth whitening ahead of her forthcoming wedding, if recent suggestions are anything to go by.

The California Gurls singer said in a question and answer session for YouTube that she has always been envious of Britney Spears’ pearly whites since she saw them on TV as an aspiring pop star.

“I brush my teeth all the time. I wanted them to be, like, Britney Spears white,” she revealed, according to MTV News.

Perry joked she used to think perhaps Spears had a new set of teeth for all her public appearances, as they were always so white.

With reports rife that Perry is set to marry Russell Brand next month, she may go for some teeth whitening to rival her idol for gleaming gnashers.

Earlier this month, it was widely suggested that Kelly Brook might have had tooth whitening treatment after she was spotted in Los Angeles with a dazzling smile.

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