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British Orthodontic Society’s warning over DIY braces


Do it yourself braces have grown in popularity over recent years, with many online shops offering appliances and accessories much cheaper than the cost of formal orthodontics. The BOS, a registered charity, have issued a warning to people to avoid this kind of product, as the possible risks to health are high.

Teeth straightening is a complex orthodontic process that requires thorough assessment and diagnosis of an individual’s personal circumstances. What may seem like a simple process requires specialist assessment of the mouth, with factors to be taken into consideration, such as, facial harmony, a person’s bite, overcrowding of teeth etc. The director of the charity’s external relations, Richard George, has issued a statement about the growing issue, “When it comes to the health of your teeth, cutting corners is a really bad idea. Buying aligners online to straighten your teeth without a clinical examination and then embarking on unsupervised treatment is risky and could cause permanent damage.”

The charity currently has a remit for providing patients with support and information on the best care and has expressed concerns over new developments in DIY braces. Worryingly, there are currently no regulations surrounding the websites that are selling these products and they are not run by dental professionals.


Ugly Betty star says goodbye to her braces


Actress America Ferrera removed those colourful train track braces for the last time as filming for the fourth and final season of Ugly Betty wrapped last year, but the 27-year-old has admitted that she’s not quite ready to let go of her clumsy alter-ego just yet. America has held onto the frizzy wig, the thick-rimmed glasses and the huge metal brackets that were Betty’s trademarks, keeping them safe in memory of the character that made her famous.

‘I don’t suppose I will ever wear them again, even though there is talk of making an Ugly Betty movie,’ She said, ‘but it is nice to keep them because we defied the old show business belief that looks are everything, by proving that they aren’t.’

However, the British Orthodontic Society doesn’t remember the braces quite as fondly, questioning why the character was still wearing the ‘over-exaggerated’ appliance after three years. Spokesperson for the society Tracey Posner said ‘This is not a true reflection of orthodontic practice. It is highly unlikely an adult would wear braces beyond two years.’

She also hit out about the stereotype that braces were thought of as damaging to the characters appearance, saying ‘It is irresponsible of the programme makers to portray Betty as ‘ugly’ because she wears prominent braces. People who wear braces are not ugly. People considering treatment should not be put off by such a stereotype.’

Lego could encourage people to have invisible braces


Would Lego encourage you to have invisible braces?Lego could encourage people to have invisible braces fitted during February half-term.

Two life-size Lego heads are to go on display at the V&A Museum of Childhood in London between February 22nd and 28th 2011, reports.

Part of the British Orthodontic Society's second National Orthodontic Week, they will illustrate how mouths can be altered before being treated with orthodontics and afterwards.

A competition will also be held to guess the number of bricks each one took, while visitors will be able to meet an orthodontist to ask any questions they may have.

It is hoped that the initiative could encourage people who may have been putting off getting invisible braces for themselves or their children to change their minds.

In October 2010, a survey carried out by Disney voted Lego the nation's favourite toy to pass down to future generations, beating the teddy bear into second place and the Rubik's cube into third.

Girl wins award after extensive cosmetic dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry was worth the time and effort for one teenager.A young girl who underwent extensive cosmetic dentistry to alter the appearance of her teeth has won an award to illustrate how it can change lives.

Eva Hulme, now 16, suffered from bullying at school because her upper teeth protruded noticeably. The problem was made worse when her adult teeth emerged and grew at a 44 degree angle.

She visited a dentist at the age of three and her present orthodontist began treating her in 2005, using a combination of braces to press her teeth back into a more normal position.

Dr Jonty Meisner explained: “It was important not only to improve her appearance, but also to reduce the risk of further trauma to her upper incisors.”

Eva now has straight teeth and has been given the Against All Odds prize by the British Orthodontic Society for her bravery.

Last week, it was reported that a new generation of Invisalign braces has been developed in order to improve the technology still further.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800038020-ADNFCR

Brits ‘having cosmetic dentistry treatments’


Britons are undergoing cosmetic dentistry treatments throughout their lives to keep their smiles in the best possible shape, it has been claimed.

Dr Anoop Maini of Aqua Dental Spa said people can undergo many cosmetic dentistry treatments nowadays to keep their teeth looking young and healthy.

He noted that staining in particular can be easily treated with an air spray.

Dr Maini commented: "You can also get porcelain veneers which are used in situations where the teeth themselves are worn out structurally, to give the teeth a more youthful shape."

According to the British Orthodontic Society, with longer life expectancies than previous generations – and a greater awareness that teeth can last a lifetime – today’s adults are taking better care of their teeth and are prepared to invest in the long-term appearance of their mouths.

The organisation concluded that orthodontic treatment is no long the preserve of the young, with people being treated well into their 60s.

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